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  1. rorylowe

    Navie Effex Gone?

    Very Sad news indeed. I hope you're ok Samir! We've used Navie / DPIT for a while, it is great software and very good value for money. It also looked and sounded like it had some great updates and developments coming. If Samir can't do any more with it I hope MAXON do buy it and take on its development but somehow I doubt that will happen. It would certainly take C4D a big step up in the VFX world. Rory
  2. Please Please Please, someone make this for C4D, we'd definitely use it.
  3. Adios Dan! Always a pleasure to work with and amazing tools. I too hope someone picks them up, maybe MAXON could integrate them into their tool set? Safe journey my friend. Rory.



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