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  1. And further confirmed by trying to send the file to a 3D printer. The file only contains a basic overall material where there should have been eight. One texture existed and was not included in the file, even though it was supposedly embedded in it.
  2. Hello! I am wondering if I am doing something wrong, here...I export a model from C4D R12 as VRML, but the texture does not view in Cortona. I have tried exporting the jpg texture "With File" or "Referenced", but neither works. Texture renders great in C4D, but not in Cortona plug for IE. :(
  3. Ohhh, that's right! Seems like a convoluted way to do it, but I see no reason why it would not work. Thank you, sir! p.s. Yah...R12 is old. :)
  4. Oops. I got the above to work, but now there is no way to numerically enter how much I want to scale in the x and y directions on the keyboard. You can only move the axis band tool which is not precise.
  5. OK, I figured it out, but it involves two sets of attributes to get it to work in R12: 1. Select only the polys you want the axes to snap to the centroid of. 2. Make sure that the current camera is looking down perpendicular to the object you want to transform. 3. Double-click the Live Selection tool to bring up its Attributes panel. 4. Attributes > Modeling Axis tab: 5. Axis: Object 6. Orientation: Camera 7. Structure Menu > Axis Center > Axis Center... : 8. "Center" button checked. 9. Action: Axis to 10. Center: Selected Polygons 11. Click "Execute"
  6. The problem I have is that my objects are imported wavefront obj's, so they have no defined axis systems...C4D sees only polys without any understanding of what the polys represent. So my only option would be the axis bands, but that means moving the axis manually which is a lot less accurate than C4D finding the center of a selection. Slower too in that it seems C4D should just be able to snap to the center of the object based on finding the centroid of the points in the selection. Seems like Python can do it, but I do not know Python.
  7. Hi! Say I have a cylindrical tube inside the hole of another cylindrical tube. I want to scale the inner tube down, but only diameter-wise...I do not want to change the length of the tube, nor scale the tube in such a way that the tubes' centerlines are no longer coincident. I can create a camera to look straight down the tube's centerline, but cannot find tools that allow me to do the above. It is like C4D cannot figure out that I want the tube to scale about its center, as seen in the camera view. Anything I try scales the tube but then the inner tube is no longer centered in the outer tube.
  8. Hello. Is there a way to use, say, the selection rectangle to "deep" select all polys in the current view within the rectangle? In other words, ALL polys, not just the visible ones. NEVER MIND!!! I FOUND IT, in the selection pane > uncheck "Only Visible Elements".
  9. Thanks DeCarlo for your reply. The Phing tag was good, but apparently my imported .obj from PTC Creo was not. Found that the problem originates there, and finally found a fix as described in my response to CBR.
  10. Thanks Bezo, for responding. Tried that, yes, to no avail. But found a solution in my native modeler as described in the thread above.
  11. Thank you for your reply, CBR. I discovered that it is indeed what was coming out of my modeler, which is PTC Creo solid modeler. I went back there and discovered that if the object(s) is just a quilt (mesh), that this problem apparently can happen on occasion. But if I make sure that I convert the mesh to a solid, then the problem goes away. It is easier if I do that rather than build the model in C4D, because of the flexibility I have in Creo, and it keeps my pipeline straight forward. In Maxwell Render, it has a feature that allows you to recalculate normals which was a handy feature. I wish C4D had a simple fixer like this to repair misbehaving meshes.
  12. Hello. I cannot seem to fix a problem as shown in the image. Hopefully someone here can help. In the image, you see some hoses. All of the hoses render properly except the indicated one. I imported this obj file into C4D using the same pipeline as I always do, yet this happened. It is as if the normals are all messed up for the one hose. I can delete the normal tag and that kind of fixes the problem, but not completely, and causes artifacts to appear in the good hoses. Doing a Re-Align Normals does not repair the problem and the normals are all pointing in the correct direction, anyway. Could this be caused by a missing triangle somewhere in the mesh (not watertight)?
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