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  1. It worked! Thank you so much!! I have exactly what I needed. The only problem I have is the clones didn't disappear when the animation restarted until they were birthed from the emitter but, I wanted the animation to start during the fall anyway so I just cut the for 20 or so frames and i have what I need. (thousands of clones in a null) Thanks again, Eric
  2. I really appreciate your guidance! and yes I am not on R16 anymore, I should update that. I'm going to give this a shot and I will report back!
  3. Great idea! Here's a basic setup of what Im trying to do. I want to be able to hit C on the cloner to get the individual clones but not lose the emitter simulation. Hope I'm describing all this ok. Again, I appreciate any help! Tiles.c4d
  4. Hello Cafe, Hoping to get some help... The short: How do I collapse a mograph cached cloner and keep the dynamics / simulation? The long: I have cloner using an emitter as the object with dynamics on the clones. I have everything the way I want it but want to collapse the cloner so I can texture all the clones individually. When I hit C to collapse, the simulation is gone and the particles sit at the state/ frame I hit C. I'm trying to use this GSG technique to camera map over the clones which is why I need to collapse the cloner so I can generate the UV's https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=1752&v=LiPwtWHbVNc&feature=emb_logo Thanks, Eric
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