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  1. Thanks Contra, very generous.
  2. Have you tried the "Stick Texture" Tag on the object? When you right click on the object with the texture on Object Manager, select the menu "Cinema 4D Tags" and from there the tag "Fix Texture". I think that might help you.
  3. Very generous. I have just subscribed. Thanks
  4. Two years ago I received a fishy e-mail saying that my credit card had been blocked because misuse had been detected. As my complete name was in the email (which I don't use to write anywhere) I decided to call, but not the number on the e-mail, but the number on my credit card. They told me to call that number, as it was a real email. As I travel quite a lot and have to pay at hotels with the card, someone had got the data of my credit card. First they did a 1 $ payment to paypal, and after that it was about € 700 on different e-shops. Luckily the bank blocked the card. But I had to report the theft to the police to reclaim back my money. In the end of the € 700 only about € 150 made it to my account, but that was a scary experience, as I was abroad when I was notified. Anyway, as for today I block the card for usage in any country that is not where I am, and get e-mail and message notifications for every payment I do with the card. You can never be careful enough. Although I never enter my credit card details in any e-shop which does not use encryption, and don't save my credit card in any e-shop to "pay quicker" the next time, I got hacked.
  5. Hey @jed, very interesting idea. I suppose that making the circles in 3D, instead of 2D, and letting the 4th circle pass through the 3 points would be so crazy, that the effect you got there would not be so smooth. I like it. The concept of an arc/circle passing through three points is similar to the one that says that through 2 points can only pass a line, but with a twist @Eterea, you gave me the idea of building this one. Thanks for using it in your clip, it was probably for much less than a second, but the result was very good. I loved that video.
  6. A good while back, a member of the Cafe asked for a solution to have an arc always pass through three points. At the time I wrote a COFFEE script, which was quite hairy, but did the job (in most cases ) After the release of C4D R20 COFFEE did not work anymore and decided to give a go to that script using Python. To get better equations on how to locate the arc, I got to this page, which had the math to get it always working. So I coded the script, and today as a gift for the C4D community, I want to make it available for you all. Just open the file and move the points A, B and C around. The arc will follow the points. Point B is always the middle point. Have fun with it. If you find the script useful, please let me know. ThreePointArc_R20_python.c4d
  7. A vectors is a collection of values, which together define something. In space it can be a position, or a direction with a set of three values representing x, y, and z In colors it can be an R,G,B value. in this case it the three values (red, green and blue) are going to define a color As they are a set of values they are not limited to 3 dimensions. You can, e.g. define a car by its fuel consumption, weight, power, acceleration rate, price, model, year when it was built. To your question, the 2D vector (with only x and y dimensions) defines a position on the UV where something has to happen. If you read the last lines of your screen shot, there is explained what this 2D vector values can represent.
  8. I got it today. The only thing I find a little bit weird is the "Quickstart Cinema 4D 20" document. I believe MAXON should be thinking in phasing it out. Its content has practically not changed in the last three versions. I find the public tutorials in Cineversity more valuable than that. It is rather a kind of long marketing brochure but not a "Quickstart" guide. BTW I received at the start of the year a communication from MAXON indicating that, if I would like to receive an download copy of the next release I had to sign up to the ePorfolio. If I would not register they would send me the USB key, but at an additional cost. (25€ if I recall correctly). So I got to download R20 today.
  9. I still have a render on my gallery with the outcome of your building tutorial Link to building. I learnt a lot of interesting things following that one. I'm not so active these days either. Work is more demanding than a while back and it leaves less time for hobbies.
  10. Hey Wolfgang!!! you're still around. He, he, I remember those and your building tutorial. Very Nice learning experience.
  11. My "Old timer title" withdrawn. After nearly 12 years at the cafe I'm a "Noble Beginner", the badges of the challenges I participated gone MIA .....

    Hmmm, is someone showing me the door? ::): 

    Just tell me, you can be direct to me. :cowboypistol:

  12. LOL. After more than 10 years at the Cafe I got the title of Noble Beginner.

    That fits to my signature. I love it.

  13. Thanks for your tuts @ renderready. I found them interesting

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