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  1. Lego Technic Motorcycle

    It looks like you are having fun building those. They are really nicely done. Out of curiosity: do you own the real models, or are you just working with the building instructions?
  2. New Female Character

    Cerbera is right. I believe I have a page of the Grimoire, which I got a long time ago showing the face loop possibilities. I'm afraid I don't have the name of the page author to credit him. In all "good reference" wires I have the 5 point poles appear where the mouth/nose loops meet the eye loops and where the mouth loops meet the eye loops at about the cheekbones.
  3. CD IK Tools and Cinema 4D 19

    Today I received Cinema 4D rel 19. This is the time, when I would contact Cactus Dan to request a new license for his IK Tools. This year I'll spend a some time thinking about him and his willingness to help, and hope he is having a good ride wherever he is now. Dan, we are not going to forget ya!
  4. After seeing the short it kind of brings to my mind a mix between WarCraft and StarCraft cinematics. I have never played Diablo, but this short might be more in that direction. Are you working for a gaming company doing this kind of job? This one is excellent, and I can imagine it as being part of a commercial product.
  5. I had seen the old version of you web site, but this one tops it. The FAQ section, Artist and the comic one were hilarious. This is the first web site that I would completely examine, just for the shake of seeing what is going to happen. Good stickiness.
  6. Why do you think that's a helix? It could be bended circles, which are much more easy to model than a single helix.
  7. Forum suggestion

    ^^ Same here. In any case, the chances for me to answer another question from someone who did not previously sent a feedback were lower. Giving feedback is a matter of courtesy to someone who has taken some time to answer your question(s).
  8. My film being shown and Emmy nomination

    Congrats. I saw it on your Vimeo channel when I watched "The Pickman's model" The link to his video should be this one. I think something went wrong with the other link.
  9. surreal image

    That's a very good start. Last week I was in a museum admiring some Dalis. He seems to have a tick in hiding people within the global picture. But I think that kind of things are very complicated in 3D. In this case 2D is easier to cheat with perspectives.
  10. Crow, new character test

    I have a very valuable resource for timing walk cycles. It is Richard William's "The Animators Survival Kit" In his book he explains timing, based on 24 frames per second dope sheets. Here are the different walk speeds, as he understands them, and how many frames per a walk cycle they require: 4 frames: Very fast run (6 steps per second) 6 frames: Run or very fast run (4 steps per second) 8 frames: slow run or 'cartoon walk' (3 steps per second) 12 frames: brisk, business-like-walk 'Natural walk" (2 steps per second) 16 frames: strolling walk (2/3 of a second per step) 20 frames: elderly or tired person (almost a second per step) 24 frames: slow step (on step per second) 32 frames: If you want to see what Richard says about this you'll have to buy the book Though the book is for classical animation (not 3D) the principles apply for it. Try them. And if you can get the book for a good price, don't think twice about it.
  11. Employer Isn't Paying Me

    I don't know how the "legal advice" works in the US, this meaning the costs of it. If you could find a lawyer, who for a moderate price could write a letter to that company just stating your claims, not citing them to court yet; they would probably see that you are really serious about getting what was stipulated in your contract, plus the lawyers usually always add interests for the delayed payments. And if they are clever they'll notice they would have to pay on top court fees and your lawyer fees. It depends on how much you value the time you are investing in calling and contacting them vs. getting a lawyer doing it for you. That surely will give a heads up to anyone who is only thinking on saving money.
  12. Very nice tutorial series. Atanasios can explain things in a very clear manner, and his sense of humor makes the tutorials amenable. Thumbs up
  13. R18 is here :)

    Funny. I open the box and... where is the DVD? There was no DVD! Instead an USB Stick! I find the idea better than DVDs, don't take as much place, and I believe they are faster and more durable.
  14. Loop cut across multiple objects?

    Other technique you might want to try is modeling one of the objects and use an array object to place the other two ones. That's what I did to model the Eiffel tower here, I was not going to model everything, if I just could model 1/4rth of it, and use an array object to duplicate the rest.
  15. pickman's model - animation

    I liked the clip very much. I know there is much work hidden behind those 4 minutes. I remember reading this story as I was 14 years old, and the set up is really well done. What I noticed is that the camera movement ends very abruptly in certain takes. You might want to ease out the camera movement in future clips. Anyway hat off: I have a clip on my head since years and I have not come to start doing it. I wish you luck with the Music of Erich Zahn at the festival, and many calls out of it.