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  1. TR Server does do load balancing?
  2. Hey, thanks for the reply. What I meant with the first question basically is that frame step does not work with TR. mlon
  3. so, no and no?!!!
  4. Does TR balance loads? I'm always waiting for my slowest PC to finish and the faster PC's sitting idle. mlon
  5. Is it fixed? I get 6 of of every frame when frame step is set to 6 and rendering with Team Render. Allready posted in 2013 on this forum I noticed just now. mlon
  6. still doesn't work, latest version. this is bonkers. mlon
  7. where do i get the corona c4d daily builds? ah found it.. https://corona-renderer.com/forum/index.php/board,40.0.html mlon
  8. yes, i will be using it for my commercial archviz work. currently testing a little bit but the current beta feels a bit wonky. mlon

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