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  1. Thanks everyone for chiming in! So: does C4d's Prorender engine support GPU rendering even on the latest OS? Or only until High Sierra? And: Does Prorender support AMD eGPUs (under Mojave & later)?
  2. Many thanks for your replies. @DasFrodo I'm definitely sticking with MacOS. 3d is only a small part of what I do. It'll definitely be a MacMini/Thunderbolt3, and an Sonnet Breakaway fitted with an AMD card. As far as I understand, external nVidia is not supported by MacOS anymore. So this cancels out Redshift and Octane. (Thanks for pointing this out, Dane!) Are there any other renderers that support AMD cards? Assuming C4d's standard/physical render engines are good enough for me: Will they benefit from an eGPU?
  3. Hi, I've been absent from the world of 3d for quite a while now. Back when I last time used Cinema 4d, it was mainly for photo-realistic illustrations. At the imte (around 2011), render times were quite long, especially for high-resolution images. I'm thinking about getting back to using Cinema 4d again. At the moment I'm using a 2012 quad-core i7 MacMini. My next machine will be the new 2018 MacMini, and most likely an eGPU. I really don't know much about the last 5-7 years of 3d software/hardware. But I definitely want to stick with Cinema 4d – simply because I don't want to learn other 3d software. How have render-times changed in the past few years? And how are eGPUs supported by Cinema 4d these days? What kind of renderer would be advisable? Redshift? Octane? It'd be great if someone here could help me with a "general overview" of available options to look into. Many thanks!
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