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  1. Transparency in Viewport

    Thank you for your help
  2. Transparency in Viewport

    MAXON said it is a known bug, due to viewport using old core. They plan to update viewport to new core in an upcoming release and anticipate that will fix the issue.
  3. Transparency in Viewport

    Thank you. That works. I haven't seen the need to save an inverse selection with more than one non transparency material, but your solution of having no global material works. The heart model actually has several selections (for aorta, pulmonary artery, coronary arteries, etc.) but I can create a temporary inverse selection of just the transparency to deal with viewport issues.
  4. Transparency in Viewport

    I discovered this with a heart model in obj format that I was trying to retopologize, and it has internal valve structures within the outer heart muscle shape. I can hide polygon selections, but wanted to render a cutaway version with transparent polygons.
  5. Transparency in Viewport

    It appears to affect viewport for internal polygons, not external. See attachment. Viewport.c4d Viewport.hiplc
  6. Transparency in Viewport

    I know this must be very basic, but what setting do I have wrong for transparency in Viewport in C4D? I had two PBR materials, one opaque and one transparent. As you can see, I have transparency turned on in viewport as well as xray. The rendered version is correct, but the transparency applied polygons are not transparent in the viewport. As an example of how I would like this to work, the second attachment is a similar setup in Houdini.
  7. How to Texture an Extrude Object ?

    I would agree with Cerbera that C4D is the easiest 3D program out there, but all 3D programs are a lot more complicated conceptually than painting programs. The issue you bring up is primarily one of how to UV unwrap your model or how to select just the flat top and create a planar projection while using a different material on the other sides. However, there are major issues with how you are modeling this. In the case you give, I would use your image as a reference background image and model it initially with the polypen tool. Even if you use CV artsmart to import an illustrator file, you will generally have it come back and bite you if you want to add subdivisions later, as it will put in too many vertices and not divide your model into nice four sided polygons. Changing the stroke in Illustrator does nothing, except if you wish to export a bitmap file from illustrator (hopefully at high dpi) to use as the texture.
  8. How to Texture an Extrude Object ?

    What projection are you using for the texture? Textures can be mapped to a surface in many ways, and C4D will default to generic uv projection, which is probably what you don't want (unless you edited the uv mapping yourself).
  9. Sketch and Toon problem

    That worked! Thank you so much. Why do you suppose that only three of the edges got hidden with that selected but the fourth didn't?
  10. I wanted to show someone how to add extra polygons, and I did this in a simple plane. When I tried to render with sketch and toon, it omits some of the edges. Is this a bug? AddingPolygons.c4d
  11. Leaving C4D-Land.

    Good luck. For some things Houdini is easier than Cinema 4D (even in modeling), since it doesn't have to change from parametric to editable to perform certain operations the way C4D does. Some simple things are a bear to do in Houdini (materials, no polypen tool, nonintuitive NPR rendering, limited sculpting, need to delve into VEX far more than one would need to use xpresso and remember completely different set of functions in hscript). If you want to specialize in VFX, it does make sense to move to Houdini, but you will still need to be a decent modeler. I love Houdini, but I renewed my MSA for C4D.
  12. Render pixel perfect

    Have you tried a 199 pixel plane? I don’t know how C4D works internally, but many 3D programs (like houdini) internally store point numbers starting at “0” rather than “1”.
  13. Gold Material Preset

    Did you add a sky object and add the shader? Use the hdri in the luminance, not color channel.
  14. Parametrically joining cloned splines

    Why not just loft your cloned splines? That should work.