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  1. MAXON brings new CEO on board! New Future!!

    I agree with you, Dan. I have already paid my MSA renewal for C4D studio, so I will have R20; but this will be my last upgrade to this program. The real cost of all the addins, coupled with the MSA price increase, makes this hard to support - without doing this full time in a paid position. I came to the same conclusion about Avid Media Composer, where the real cost was spread out among lots of other programs that were needed to make up for the deficiencies in the base program itself. I expect I will keep either C4D R20 or an older version of Modo for quick modeling. I've been moving toward Houdini for my purposes, and the real cost of maintaining a license and the need for fewer addins make this more realistic for my needs (plus I find it more "fun"). For the fun of it, I replicated Jay's method for a soap dish dispenser in Houdini, and it was pretty easy.
  2. Camera to Spline

    It can come off as rude to someone who doesn’t understand the differences between versions and types of installation to be told you haven’t done something after asking your first question. However those who have followed this forum know how important this is. Giving a mograph solution to someone who doesn’t have that option or explaining why the knife tool doesn’t work in some older version show why Cerbera is right about requesting this information. Unfortunately the anonymity and lack of knowledge of others can create an environment that appears rude on forums and internet sites. It is probably best to give others a break. There are several experienced teachers on the forum, but this forum isn’t about devotion to “masters”. Being polite on the forums will likely result in people taking time out to help and explain issues. Compared with most other forums, this rates high on professionalism and respect.
  3. Camera to Spline

    Mr. Perez: this is one of the more helpful forums if not the best for C4D. Many of the answers to issues do depend on the version and type of C4D installation. Cerebra is one of the most instructive people (and spends a lot of time outlining each step) here as well as a moderator, and he asks everyone here to update their profile. I myself have forgotten to do it after an upgrade, (and was told to update it) but doing so really helps others give advice specific to your installation. if you upload your file, we can probably help.
  4. I think your lighting must be brighter on one tree compared with the other. You can disable this if you want.
  5. Is this sort of what you are wanting to do? (self culling turned off, almost everything set to "project", culling object excluded from S&T and transparent). Also, as you can see, non S&T objects can live happily with S&T ones. SketchToonCulling.c4d
  6. I can't UV Map this Mesh

    Cerbera can deal with UV editing in C4D, but I find it always takes longer and requires more tweaking than pretty much any other program. Here is how long it takes to unwrap this in three other programs. (3D coat, unfold 3D, Houdini) I am hoping MAXON will improve Bodypaint in the next release.
  7. Best way to Model and Animate a Hand

    It not hard to learn, but it can be frustrating at first if you try to do it without a good tutorial. There are several tutorials available free, but if you set up things wrong, the bending of the fingers will look weird.
  8. Just when I thought I was out . . . .

    I've used the retopo tool in Houdini but didn't know about the method above. I'll check it out. Thanks.
  9. Best way to Model and Animate a Hand

    Your answer will be very helpful to lots of people. The rigging is a bit complicated, as it involves understanding of IK vs FK, weighting, setting up xpresso tags, parameters, etc. This all falls apart if the modeling is poor, though, as you know. Maybe since it has been about three years since vertex-pusher was closed down, one might beg HSrdelic to make those excellent tutorials available via youtube or vimeo or cineversity. Hint, hint. Beg, beg. Please.... (I still have them and found them to be VERY good).
  10. Best way to Model and Animate a Hand

    I think he was asking about rigging (and setting up sliders). But the modeling method is good.
  11. Best way to Model and Animate a Hand

    HSrdelic’s tutorial is the best for that I know (for C4D). I would contact him about availability, since I don’t think it is still for sale. probably best to move this to character animation and rigging.
  12. Just when I thought I was out . . . .

    This is a step in the right direction. What you get is several Pre-Built networks of nodes with intuitive parameters to the network. You never need to edit the contents and can use it to set up clones. However, unlike C4D’s mograph, you can go in and tweak the nodes in the network to add features not in the digital asset. Since one of the big criticisms of Houdini is that a lot of nodes and setups are not intuitive, this digital asset allows you to learn how such setups are made.
  13. How to move handle of the point

    You can select points without selecting the spline if the spline is created from a tracer and the points are nulls. But then you cannot move the tangent handles. I find animating a curve much easier if you use a tracer. TracerCurve.c4d
  14. Fluid Simulation: Emulating an Engine

    Whenever you can do something in 2D (After Effects), it is usually much less time consuming and faster to render than doing it in a 3D program. I created an entire video of pseudo 3d in After Effects.
  15. Landing Gear Rigging

    Here you go, I set the object axes more precisely. In your example, I changed the cube (ground) to (0,-10,0) with size (200,20,750). I changed the axis center on the lower limb to be the center of the upper hole to match the cylinder (0,-165,0). I parented the objects correctly and pulled the upper limb to a y position of 395, which puts the wheel at the correct position if the lower limb is rotated to 30 degrees. I clamped the upper limb position to 238 minimum, which corresponds to a lower limb rotation of 90 degrees. I adjusted the trigonometry expression for the width of the wheel (which is 73 cm in your example). I left in several "results" nodes on Xpresso, so you can see the calculations. You can animate the spin on the wheel if you want. Here it is: LandingGear.c4d