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  1. Head to the Store and you'll find it there. Link top of the page.
  2. Without seeing your scene, another thing that it could be if there is nothing else in your scene apart from the objects mentioned is that there is nothing to reflect. Sometimes objects can be obscured in some situations until there is some other object being vied through or reflected in the transparent objects.
  3. CGAxis are having pretty good deals on at the moment.
  4. Glad to help.
  5. Is this what you want to achieve? If so just disable the rotation in the Step effector and rotate the H in the cloner transform tab 90 degrees
  6. I bit the bullet and bought the package deal. Can't wait to get stuck in. Cycles will be the first alternate Render I've used so should be interesting.
  7. Thanks. Very nice tutorial. Come on everybody save those kittens.
  8. Could be a Body paint problem. Stray UV poly not painted or sitting outside the map somewhere.
  9. I was going on what looks best rather than accurate.
  10. The left one looks the best.
  11. I think it might be an idea to keep the Gold Silver and Bronze membership as it is but introduce a Seller support badge instead. This would sort out the points raised by Rectro and it would also give members a signpost of who had stuff to sell. I think this may help sellers get a bit more business which is then passed on to the Cafe. Just a thought.
  12. СМОТРИТЕ ТУТ Адреналин 2: Высокое напряжение смотреть онлайн

  13. I like having two monitors so my suggestion is be greedy have the 34 incher and get two 24's up above on articulating arms so you can position then how you like. That's going to be my plan soon. I'm just greedy
  14. I'm just using C4D renderer. The reason I went for the 1070 was for gaming rather than running C4D. My old card was running C4D no bother but it decided to top it's self so I needed a new card. My time with the card is next to none. I've spent 88 hours at work this week, just got home half an hour ago after a 24 hour stint. I can't even get time to play with C4D.
  15. I got Fall Out 4 to push the new card but I've not had a lot of time on it because of work. Well that's a bit of a lie. It's because i've not managed to get to a decent internet connection so I can install Fallout4 on my laptop. I'll be taking my laptop home tomorrow so I'll get Fallout installed and get into it on my nightshift on Monday. I won't list the games I've got because, just on steam I've got over 300 games alone. And i've got a bucketload on other game hosting sites. I'm playing Mafia 2 when I've got time at work at the moment.