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  1. Thanks. Looks pretty cool. I'lll get stuck in when I've got over starting a new job. Night shifts are a killer for your concentration.
  2. I had this problem for ages. When I upgraded to R18 it went away. I had contacted MAXON support thinking it was a memory leak but hey said no and that was it. One thing I tried a lot was keeping an eye on the Task manager in Windows to see if there was anything affecting C4D but couldn't find anything. One thing concerning another piece of software that I was having big problems with recently was Avast anti virus. Got rid of Avast and problem went away. Not sure if this makes a difference but it's an avenue to investigate.
  3. Thanks. Works a treat. Ivy with everything
  4. Whoever is giving you the negative feedback, cut them off from all future communication. C4D can churn out as much quality as you like.
  5. Signed up and looking forward to the future.
  6. I would expect the file to open fine in R18. The only problem might be if you have plugins that are out dated and don't work with R18. You could try the demo and see if there is a problem.
  7. Try setting the UV projection in your wood material to Cubic.
  8. Head to the Store and you'll find it there. Link top of the page.
  9. Without seeing your scene, another thing that it could be if there is nothing else in your scene apart from the objects mentioned is that there is nothing to reflect. Sometimes objects can be obscured in some situations until there is some other object being vied through or reflected in the transparent objects.
  10. CGAxis are having pretty good deals on at the moment.
  11. Glad to help.
  12. Is this what you want to achieve? If so just disable the rotation in the Step effector and rotate the H in the cloner transform tab 90 degrees
  13. I bit the bullet and bought the package deal. Can't wait to get stuck in. Cycles will be the first alternate Render I've used so should be interesting.
  14. Thanks. Very nice tutorial. Come on everybody save those kittens.
  15. Could be a Body paint problem. Stray UV poly not painted or sitting outside the map somewhere.