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  1. Your SSD manufacturer may have a migration app that will transfer your operating system from the old drive to a new one. Samsung have such an app. Saves on reinstalling stuff.
  2. Happy New Year. My New Year resolution is to stop asking people what their New Year resolution is. So here goes, what is your new years resolution going to be?
  3. Already took advantage of the deal. Great bargain. Humble Bundle do have some great offers on now and then. Depending on your needs the book bundle are great. If you want to get away from Adobe then this bundle is a pretty good replacement for photoshop. I already had a few of these from previous humble bundle offers but it was worth getting for Painter 2019 for $25. If you haven't used Humble bundle before, some of the cash goes to charity. You also have the slightly limited option to choose where the money goes option to. For this offer you get three sliders to balance how much money go
  4. If you are looking to dump Adobe. This guy some videos with a decent amount of advice about alternatives. Me myself have stopped using Adobe software. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=De5Xd0MqVxo
  5. Blender may be the route I take and if I sell my license then I may invest in computer hardware instead.
  6. Sadly I'm leaving after many years of C4D. The subscription option was the final nail in the coffin for me. I believe that very soon that will be the only option. Just as I did with Adobe, I refuse to be dictated to about my software buying options. This may well not be the case with MAXON but I'm not prepared to spend money and then find out. I'd rather invest my cash somewhere else. Personally I don't think there is any thing going on with the amount of people selling their licenses. I just think folk are at the same or similar crossroads as myself.
  7. I've decided to sell my R20 Studio and XParticles so drop me a line if you are interested. UK/Europe license. XParticles maintenance runs until 5th of December. I'll cover transfer fee.
  8. How do you pronounce Jrvoje? As far as I remember it's very close to Harvey but with more of a W sound instead of the V sound.
  9. I certainly am. And to save face I'm just not going to care. I just never thought alcohol could do such a thing. I should have typed it in capitals so he might have heard me over at cgtalk. Silly me.
  10. MAXON should definitely put out some average between our expectations and reality. Expectations of how long a particular part of the system is going to take don't matter anymore, because everyone is already working on that on there own. It is very short-sighted for a company that is in the same game as their competitors to focus on such a narrow band of competitiveness. Just get it out there and they will come. If it's what they want then they will want it. If you disagree then why are you having it and why do you want it? While I'm here. Scott, have a day off.
  11. Dave. I like your version. I think imashination has the three leaving thing sorted though. Personally, I'm hanging loose until the R20 release. Just don't want to get myself wound up about it. I'm an optimistic realist or a realistic optimist or something. I go to bed at night praying to the Great 3D God in the sky(Physical) that this next release is going to blow my socks off. I want to be super enthusiastic but the realist in me keeps dragging me back. I do think R20 will be the business but how much of the business will it be? Lots I hope.
  12. Pretty much the same as me. I bought two years of the MSA last time so I get R20 this year without the payout. I have had next to no time using C4D for the last year, mainly because I was working heavy shifts on a permanent night shift and another reason I've not really been present here at the Cafe. Luckily, today I got an offer of a new job which I start next week. Day shifts and half day Fridays. Sounds so good after night shifts. Hopefully, I will get back to C4D in a major fashion. If R20 is the killer version that we all hope for then I'll stick with C4D, if not then expect an R20
  13. Well it was a good idea. Since it's redundant, so is this by the way, I thought up a name for the plugin. Point Less. I'm laughing at my own jokes now. I can feel you all grimacing.
  14. Sounds good. Looking forward to this as usual
  15. Thanks. Works a treat. Ivy with everything
  16. Signed up and looking forward to the future.
  17. Head to the Store and you'll find it there. Link top of the page.
  18. Just put a new tyre on my bike and I'm off to see Tintin if the bike doesn't fall to pieces on the way.

    1. JLeaburn


      I thought Tintin was great.

    2. Zuka


      Did you try parenting the bike parts to a null? xD

  19. Just back from working in Frankfurt. Knackered.

    1. 3DKiwi


      Hope you ate some Frankfurters while you were there :)

  20. R13, ZBrush4 R2,CS5.5 Production Premium All in the same Monthy. Got a lot of learning to do.

  21. I'm off to model Jim's house.

  22. Just wondering when R12.5 will be released. Some day. some day.


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