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  1. Thanks havealot thats a good way to scatter a lot of plants One more problem i see is that the animation speed of the growth effect is dependend on how fast the cloners get activated by the field object. For example my growth effect is 40 frames long, but because of the fast movement of the field object, the growth effect just happens in 10 frames.
  2. Thats a great approach havealot, thanks a lot for your help. In fact of performance (i have to scatter a lot of palnts), which way is the best to go?
  3. Thanks a lot for your help hrvoje. attached the scene file and alembic asset as wetransfer link. https://we.tl/t-i6LBInMtQ1 abctriggertest.c4d
  4. Thank you hrvoje. I tried to build a setup with compare and condition node. The problem is that the alembic animation starts right at the begining and not when the null object passes. So when the null object passes, the plant just appears and does not grow.
  5. Hi, I want to control my alembic animation (palnt growth) with a null object. I thought that xpresso is a good way to go. But I have no clue how to build a xpresso rig for this purpose. The idea is that when the null object passes the object in z space, the plant growth animation will start. Somebody any idea? Kind regards martin
  6. Thanks a lot you both! I will keep you uptodate how I solved the problem.
  7. I want to scatter an object evenly distributed over a surface. https://vimeo.com/177259542 I tried yaders approach. But the scattered object get stretched depending the polygon size. I need to finde a away where the object get scattered evenly and independently from the polygon size. Maybe someone already had the problem? Attached a c4d file with a surface (type character)surface_scattertest.c4dsurface_scattertest.c4d test.
  8. Hey guys, I hope that´s the right section for my question. I´m trying to create this shader from the Samsung Galaxy S3 Mini. It´s a real thin foliage under the coat layer. I marked the hue shift. Looks like an anisotropy effect for me. Does anyone know how to recreate this shift effect? Kind regards!
  9. Hi Guys, has somebody any idea how to model this structure? The clue is, that the geometry can be moved seemless upwards. I don´t know how to align my clone geometry probaly along some splines.
  10. I tried it. but it´s not working. the time field doesn´t repeat the formula modifier. Am I doing it right?
  11. Hey, I want to create a waveform effect with the plain effector. How can I tell my formulamodifier inside the plain effector, to start the animation at frame 0? Right now the formula begins in the middle of the animation. Kind regards
  12. Hi guys, when using the takesystem the keyframes don´t show up in the keyframe editor. Override is off. Did somebody had the same problem? Kind regards

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