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  1. ok it wasn't a plane but a box. I removed the bottom side and now it only has one reflection.
  2. Hello, can anyone tell me why the car is reflected so many times on that glass floor? It's only a plane with a glass material. I'd like to know how that happens. Thanks
  3. It was Evaluate transparency. You saved me. I almost went crazy there
  4. Hi, I'm trying to render tail lights for the car I'm making, not the first time. So you can see the red object that are the lights and glass all around. The red material has just luminance applied, while the glass has beckmann reflection, transparency at 95% and default color. The problem I'm having is that inside the glass the red is almost black, why is this happening? It only happens with that object I applied glass to. If i use the same materials on other objects they render well. I put the tail lights in a cylinder and applied the same glass material and it shows well. Also if I put the tail light in a new file it works well.
  5. Hi, I have C4D R19 and I am experimenting with live reflections in the viewport. I have this scene with a car, a plane/floor under it, a sky object and an omni light. Every object has a material with reflection. I can see live reflections on the car and the floor from the sky object but i can't the see the car reflected in the plane/object. How do I enable it? In the pictures below you can see the missing reflection. One is rendered.
  6. Hi I saw one of your posts because I was searching for an answer as to why my gui kerns werent showing up.


    The night before I had a problem with not being able to resize a pyramid because the yellow lines/dots weren't showing up.


    I realized now the problem was the model (the cube) on the left HAS to be selected



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