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  1. Modelling

    I think it should be possible with SDS (though for me it would be quite a challenge :)). I think you just need a pretty high amount of subdivisions in the base cylinder/disc to support the smaller details.
  2. Leaving C4D-Land.

    This version changes the key combos so that you have to hold down both numpad 0 and numpad 1 2 or 3 for the navigation (you have to press numpad 0 first otherwise it doesn't work). This way your numpad keys by themselves will still work normally.
  3. Leaving C4D-Land.

    btw for those of you using a Windows PC, you can use Autohotkey and this script to simulate Cinema 4D viewport navigation behaviour. This is with the "use alt key for view controls" option enabled in the prefs. Basically this script remaps the numpad 1 key to alt-middle mouse button, the numpad 2 key to alt-right mouse button and the numpad 3 to just alt. (So it's not 100% like C4D in that you don't have to click at all for panning and zooming, just press the numpad key and drag your mouse/wacom) If you are using a different version of Houdini (not the apprentice version) you can just change the WinActive line to mimic the name of your Houdini application window. Also, this script means you will lose the functionality of the numpad 1,2,3 keys for anything other than viewport navigation. But it would be pretty easy to map some other key to temporarily suspend the script when you need them. You can also change the numpad 1-3 to something like ctrl-numpad 1 or some other key combo to negate this issue. I'm not a programmer and I just patch my autohotkey scripts together from other examples I find on their forums, so there might be other issues :) But the basic functionality seems to work ok. ; ; AutoHotkey Version: 1.x ; Language: English ; Platform: Win9x/NT ; Author: M. van Haren <michielvanharen@gmail.com> ; ; Script Function: ; Ableton hotkeys script ; #NoEnv ; Recommended for performance and compatibility with future AutoHotkey releases. SendMode Input ; Recommended for new scripts due to its superior speed and reliability. SetWorkingDir %A_ScriptDir% ; Ensures a consistent starting directory. SetTitleMatchMode 2 #IfWinActive, Houdini Apprentice Non-Commercial *Numpad1:: Send, {alt Down}{Click, down, middle} ; Hold down the alt+middle mouse button. Loop { Sleep, 10 GetKeyState, state, Numpad1, P if state = U ; The key has been released, so break out of the loop. break } Send, {alt up}{Click, up, middle} ; Release the mouse button. return *Numpad2:: Send, {alt down}{Click, down, right} ; Hold down the alt+right mouse button. Loop { Sleep, 10 GetKeyState, state, Numpad2, P if state = U ; The key has been released, so break out of the loop. break } Send, {alt up}{Click, up, right} ; Release the mouse button. return *Numpad3:: Send, {alt down} ; Hold down the alt+right mouse button. Loop { Sleep, 10 GetKeyState, state, Numpad3, P if state = U ; The key has been released, so break out of the loop. break } Send, {alt up} ; Release the alt button. return
  4. Leaving C4D-Land.

    PC. It seems to be behaving better now the past two hours. Just going through some of those basic tutorials linked in this thread. I can definitely see the potential in the whole parametric workflow. It's very powerful indeed.
  5. Leaving C4D-Land.

    Yes, well I'm sure it doesn't happen to everyone. I guess I was unlucky, but still found it strange to have so many random crashes in such a short time. My system is otherwise pretty damn stable. The issue with the empty help pages seems to be something that's happening to more people though.
  6. Leaving C4D-Land.

    So I thought I'd try the apprentice version a bit today. Wow, it crashes A LOT doesn't it? Like, opening the help on a particular node...crash. Just press a random button: crash. Another time, the help just opened empty white pages whatever I did. Reinstalled and then tried opening the help again: freeze then crash. Also, several pages on the online help portal simply give 404 page not found errors. Also extremely annoying basic thing: can't remap the viewport controls to keyboard keys (a la c4d) instead of middle click/right click. Not exactly a great first impression :P
  7. Leaving C4D-Land.

    It does seem that Houdini indie does not have any way to render on GPU (also can't use external renders) is this correct? *edit* ok it looks like I was reading older comments on this and 3rd party renderer support was actually added in a recent version :)
  8. modelling practice: Wacom pen holder

    haha, yeah whenever I see people do 3D, After Effects or anything else design-related with just a mouse I go like My old intuos 2 is still going strong. I had one pen die on me at some point so I hope this one holds out for a bit longer as they are impossible to find (or you pay a lot) and sadly pens are not compatible in between different Wacom tablet versions and variants.
  9. modelling practice: Wacom pen holder

    Thanks for thecomments and for not vaporising :) I have to say making 100% quads in the non-subdivieded poly mesh is not the ultimate objective of modelling. The objective is to make a good model. I didn't make it editable, just made a screenshot with the sub-d object at 1 subdivion to show what Cinema 4D is doing behind the scenes with the sub-d object anyway. For me. it is not cheating, or using any tool in C4D to change your mesh would be cheating just as much. In the end there is really nothing wrong with an n-gon in that spot in the non-subdivided mesh. It has no adverse effects on the edge flow or resulting render at all. I had an earlier attempt that started with more edges in the base mesh (in the end I felt it was too much as it made the curvature harder to edit) that didn't have the n-gon but then tried again trying to use less edges, which resulted in that n-gon. As for the curvature...well it doesn't seem too bad to me compared to the actual object, but as I said it has curvature in all directions and I found it quite difficult to get it right (fixing one angle of curvature messed up another one again), so it probably could be even better.
  10. modelling practice: Wacom pen holder

    Yeah well, but that's unsubdivided. That n-gon doesn't cause any issues and just turns into perfect quads after subdividing anyway. Please don't vaporise me! I see just the one btw, not sure where the other one is ;) (ok it's obviously mirrored on the other side so I guess that make two) This is what it looks like after one subdivision:
  11. modelling practice: Wacom pen holder

    Some wires: It looks so damned simple now, but it took me a few hours actually
  12. latest commercial work

    Nice work! And cool product too :)
  13. To practice my modelling skills, I'm trying to model some relatively simple objects that I have lying around. After the USB stick, I tried modelling a Wacom pen holder (this is from my older model Intuos 2). It's actually quite a tricky shape as it seems to be curving in all conceivable (and some not so conceivable ) directions at the same time, as well as having a challenging circular hole that is partly cut off at the end. I think I managed to make it look pretty close to the real thing though. (I will post some wires soon).
  14. Well that's quite a challenge you've set yourself. Creating a photo-real complete castle is not gonna be easy. Obviously, the farther away you are from it, the less detail you will need to make it convincing. I agree with Cerbera that mainly the texturing of the "brick" walls and the lighting are off, as well as the scale of the vegetation compared to the castle. As for the lighting, I actually feel that the second, darker image looks more realistic to me considering we are looking at a backlit scene and if this is gonna be the position of your sun, you can get away with less detail again since you are mainly showing a silhouette of a castle. Then adding some animated banners blowing in the wind will also help sell the shot as "alive". You might also consider if you really need a fully CG scene. I suspect if this was a Hollywood movie, they would use a plate of an actual (empty) hill and place a CG castle on top. This way you have the added benefit of all the surroundings being real in the first place, although you will still need to do a lot of compositing (and camera tracking of course) to make the added castle look real.
  15. USB stick

    Simple materials with physical renderer. Here's another render with a bit of depth of field (always nice eh? :))