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  1. King of Snake

    modelling WIP-Dutch city bike

    Spent some more time on this. Starting to come together now :)
  2. King of Snake

    Two new C4D Cafe themes to play with!!

    The future is here!
  3. King of Snake

    11 identical objects in a half-circle

    Not 100% sure what the issue is but you should be able to control everything in the cloner object. If your cloned polygons aren't rotated how you want them, use the rotation settings in the transform tab of the cloner. Use the rotation in the coordinates tab to rotate the cloner object itself.
  4. I liked your technique to use the mesh check as a selection tool as well. Very clever :)
  5. King of Snake

    Constructive Criticism Needed

    To go from image 1 to 2, use the tool/command called Extrude Inner, not the regular Extrude.
  6. King of Snake

    Constructive Criticism Needed

    Save yourself a lot of time and headaches and watch these videos: Then, as Bolos already mentioned, if you really want to get into modelling and don't mind spending a little bit of money, get this: https://motionworks.net/shop/making-it-look-great-11/ I know I know I keep posting these, but it will save you hours and hours of learning "wrong" methods and wasting time watching random tutorials. Although if you do want to watch random tutorials, watch those by Arrimus3D on Youtube (he uses MAX but the basic techniques can be used in any program) . Then, start by modelling really simple shapes. Just find some simple objects around your house (and I do mean simple, a gun is not simple) and practice. You need to learn basic techniques first before tackling more complicated shapes.
  7. King of Snake

    3D Artist 118 My Magazine Tutorial

    Cool man. You deserve the exposure, that is some amazing work.
  8. King of Snake

    Cinema 4D tutorials

    Yeah Greyscale Gorilla is problably the best place to start for tutorials, as they are the "biggest" and most prolific in C4D-land. Also check out Motionworks.com for inspiration, articles and good tutorials (they have the best modelling tutorial series for C4D). I guess you have some kind of idea already about why you want to learn 3D... so what is it that interests you most? Modelling? Effects? Characters? Whole scenes? Is it going to be your hobby, or are you looking to become a professional?
  9. King of Snake

    Car Modelling Problem

    Second that :) It's not free, but it basically covers everything you wanted to know about modelling in C4D (although the techniques are basically the same in all packages) and takes you from simple beginning to full complex objects, and it's really nicely presented and explained. http://motionworks.net/shop/making-it-look-great-11/ Take a week or two to work through that and you'll feel a lot more confident and less frustrated. Mind you, after that you'll still need a lot of practice to get better :)
  10. King of Snake

    Cinema 4D-Specific Keyboard

    Haha, well this kind of thing is cool if you only use one program on your computer I guess :) I wonder what they key action is like. Personally I like mechanical switches. If I'd have to buy a new keyboard now I'd get a nice "gaming" keyboard like a Steelseries, completely programmable, full RGB light, with extra macro buttons :) (I've got an old Steelkeys 6G which doesn't have any special features but it feels great and is built like a tank)
  11. King of Snake

    Uniart3D Studio Showreel 2017.

    Agreed with Vector. That music has to go :) For a showreel I think you can just use any commercial music you like, or otherwise surely there is better royalty-free music to be found for a couple of Euro's, even on something like Audio Jungle. Otherwise, good looking projects. You could probably cut it a little bit tighter. Try taking half a second or a second off all your longest shots and see how that goes. And yeah the handwriting shot...it looks fine but doesn't really fit very well with the rest.
  12. King of Snake

    Opinion needed for my render THX :D

    Perhaps... Something doesn't look quite right with those bubbles to me though I'd probably have to look at some photo's of actual bubbly water in a bottle to determine what it is :)
  13. King of Snake

    Opinion needed for my render THX :D

    It looks allright, but the first thing I would do is change the background to something a bit lighter. The whole image is rather grey and dark. The other thing are the bubbles...or are they droplets? Is it gas in the water or condense on the outside of the bottle? It's not really clear, though I think if it was carbonated water the bubbles would be smaller.
  14. King of Snake

    back to the future sneaker

    Wow, great model, but the materials are what really makes the render shine! Very believable, it all looks just right. I would be interested in some insight into some of the materials. The various fabrics... is it done with displacement? Even the laces have the right amount of hairyness :)
  15. King of Snake

    A Sci-fi industrial tool

    Good work! The warning label is nice touch ;) Of course you should really post some wireframes too!