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  1. I guess it's a better deal for prime/broadcast users yes. But then at the same time, they are also being "forced" into a more expensive package in the long run that they might not want/need so perhaps this is a way to sweeten that deal.
  2. Yeah I'm not really counting on it do as well. Although I did make a nice profit on Nemetschek shares a while back, and also bought some Adobe which are still up around 14% :)
  3. Well, the affordable subscription price that they advertise is actually one year at the minimum (and paid annually, not monthly). And people who couldn't afford studio before are probably not that interested in renting short term. The reality is that all the most affordable (Prime, Broadcast, visualise) options of C4D are gone. Scrapped. I was very happy paying 285 a year for my MSA for Broadcast since I'm mostly a hobbyist user and only occasionally use C4D in my professional work (and then I have more than enough with Broadcast's feature set) Yes it seems like I will get a good offer for the first 2 years of subscription that might match that but after that my annual C4D cost will be more than double from what it was. This is simply the reality. I'm not "prevented from subscribing" but the option that worked for me is being taken away. I don't mind paying the Adobe subscription so much since that's what I make my income with (even though I really only use Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere and After Effects and there used to be a bundle of those that I had that was cheaper than the annual CC subscription with a bunch of apps I don't use or need, so it's pretty much the same situation).
  4. Perhaps, looking at Adobe's stock price development since CC, it would be a good idea for everyone to buy Nemetschek shares as a way to generate an extra discount ;) (I wish I put all my savings into Adobe stock 5 years ago (5x increase in value in 5 years!)
  5. As far as I can tell no, your perpetual license becomes invalid once you move from that license to subscription. (See Delphis' post just above)
  6. Same here. I guess Design Express is as confused as people here are ;) From MAXON's faq though:
  7. You can call it "bundling editions", or you could call it "scrapping all the more affordable versions of C4D for those who didn't need Studio". And they already had online delivery for several years now. I hope they can figure out some indie-license scheme at some point. Let's see how Autodesk fares with that.
  8. And MAXON is owned by Nemetschek. There doesn't seem to be any reason why they would sell it.
  9. And consider adding some indie-license option for a lower price. Perhaps with some limitations (I think Houdini indie has a render-size limitation) that are easier to handle than actual different feature sets of prime/broadcast/visualise. Certainly if Autodesk are offering affordable indie-licenses for Max and Maya it seems silly to try and force everyone into the most expensive version of C4D. It's always funny how companies try to justify removing choice (and only leaving the most expensive option of course) by claiming the previous way of doing things was "confusing" for customers. Same thing happened with Adobe. I used to pay for their video collection (or whatever it was called) before they switched to CC, which only included AE, Photoshop, Illustrator and Premiere. Just what I needed. Now with CC it's all or nothing. I pay more for the privilige of getting a load of apps I don't use.
  10. Yeah I mean they basically killed all the cheaper-than-studio options and they try to sell it as "cheaper pricing". lol. Look MAXON, we're not stupid. We can calculate what a monthly cost works out to in a year. Just because it's "only 49,99 per month" doesn't make it actually cheaper. My previous monthly cost was less than 25,- and it gave me almost all the features I needed.
  11. So as a Broadcast-edition user it seems like I'll be forced into what used to be Studio and equivalent pricing... Broadcast MSA was 285,- Euro a year. Very affordable to me as a mostly hobbyist user. I don't often use C4D professionally. New subscription is 599,88 a year. More than double the price for a lot of stuff that I don't use or need. :( Thanks for this "new low price" MAXON. It's only a lower price if you were already a Studio user. For everybody else the price is now doubled. Ok, the faq states that I would be eligable for a discount on the subscription so that it becomes similar to my previous MSA price, for two years. So that's ok I guess. But after that I'll still be paying double than what I was previously paying.
  12. The problem with Adobe is not so much the subscription, but the lack of competition.
  13. You could technically do this with a circle (like the red part, then all around) and it would be all quads again with the inner circle having double the geometry of the outer one.
  14. The last picture looks ok to me. The first two... not sure I would do something like that. For reference: But yeah for a bend you want to have a relatively even topology across the bending area. And in general when you are asking yourself the question "how can I get these details into this shape", the answer is "more geometry" (in the base shape). When you start your model, first look at the smallest details you will have to account for. And then you can either decide to model it in or do it with displacement or bump mapping. It kinda depends on what your requirements for the model are (does it need to be low poly? Is it just for practice? Is only the rendered result important?)
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