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  1. Very early stages, lots of work and tweaking ahead but the fade from rock to grass is working. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone for all your help Cheers A
  2. wow that's awesome everfresh, thank very much @Visn ,I've attached the file and linked to Hrvoje's response to my earlier question vertex_map_standard.c4d
  3. Fab, that would be great. Yep, the ring of rocks doesn't look right at all. I was trying to visualise my thoughts about a repeated shape following a spline that could be manipulated. I have just been watching 3d fluff's video on sculpting if that was a route I'd need to take. Here some images Cheers A
  4. Thank you very much indeed Cerbera. Can I just say I really appreciate the detailed response that you have supplied. This forum is fantastic, I've been a lurker for a while, but only started posting, nervous about my lack of knowledge. Unfortunately, I don't think I can use the texture selection method as I would like a base rock texture for the whole island, then use a vertex map to stack the grass/ground material on top. Shout out to Hrvoje who really help me out with an issue I was having with vertex map. So to try and give you more information on the direction I've been going, I've added some snapshots So the vertex map works really well because I can use a spline to create a random shape and use noise with the vertex map to break up the grass shader around the edge of the spline to give a weathered look and this can be independent to the shape of the island. The cube image shows how I stack the materials also I can scale each material separately this way. I like the idea of using a cloner to create the cliff line around the island as it gives a lot of flexibility enabling me to change the outline spline and the rock shape. I've then created an extrude object using a copy of the spline used for the clone to follow the same shape. The obvious issue is the top extruded plane is not part of the same group, they don't look connected and where the cliff/rocks meet the grass is to uniform. The rocks have an obvious border edge feel to them. The ideal situation would be that the Island model created by the clone could be then made solid in the center, the top of the cliffs/ rock would smooth out to the flat plane. I could then add the rock shader to the island model and use a vertex map to stack the grass shader. Hope this all makes sense, or am I going totally in the wrong direction? Cheers A
  5. Hi All, Hope this is the right section to post this question? I'm trying to add noise displacement to the edge of an extruded shape, in this case, a spline in an extrude object. What I'm trying to achieve is a simple island shape that I can adjust by rearranging the points in the spline and therefore create a different island shape. The displaced area will be utilized as the cliff face. It only needs a simple displacement as I will be using a substance shader with a height map to add more detail. I was thinking fields would be a good route as it would add more flexibility, but my brain is failing me. I have tried displacing a plane with a layer shader and also tried the landscape object, but both seem to have their restrictions. I like the idea of fields as I'm guessing I would have to create a selection tag for the sides and also the being able to adjust where the displacement fades off ( top plane of the island shape) The example showing is very simple just to get the idea across. Any thoughts would be really appreciated and help save my sanity !! Cheers A
  6. Cool, once again, thanks for all your help
  7. Wow, that is exactly what I was looking for, thank you very much. The spline makes a lot of sense now. One question I have, I used a random field to bring in the noise and I noticed you used a shader field, what are the advantages of the shader field? I'm sure your approach is more effective than mine. Many Thanks A
  8. Hi All, I'm trying to create a shaped graduated area using fields within a vertex map. The attachment shows the layer order I've set up for now. What I'm trying to achieve is a stacked shader effect, for this example, I'm using red on top of white, using the vertex map as an alpha. I would like the red solid to the center and fade out towards the edge of the model. The faded edge would fade out to a noise then be transparent to the edge. So the base field is an object field ( a spline that's extruded). The field on top is a random field set to a noise and the layer set to subtract The field above is a box field to show how I would like the fade to soild, for this I've used the inner offset in the remapping tab. I don't actually want a box shape, but I cannot seem to get the inner offset to work with the extruded shape object field. I would like the fade to soild to be roughly the same shape as the extruded shape. Bascially I'm trying to create a weathered effect with a vertex map for use in arnold. The model will be a stylised island, white will be a rock/cliff shader and the red will be a grass/ground shader that breaks up close to the edge of the model on the top face, hence solid to noise to transparent. The spline used in the object field is pretty simple at the moment, I intend to add more detail once I've got the method down. Any help with this would really be appreciated, or if you think I'm approaching this wrong in any way, please let me know. Cheers A

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