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  1. cyanograp

    C4DCafe - R20 MoGraph Fields

    The R20 Mograph Fields training is very clarifying, very well explained and with easy examples where you can figure it out how to apply fields and have that approach for your daily work. Congrats and thank you HSrdelic! Fields are really game changers!
  2. cyanograp

    Freebie! "Fake Catenary Arc"

    Nice! Thank you Kitefly! you'r welcome!
  3. cyanograp

    Freebie! "Fake Catenary Arc"

    Hey Buddies! I have another freebie for you! its fake because I don't know if this work exactly(math things) as a Catenary arc, but works pretty good to be honest its more like a simple parabolic. thats why its fake lol Feel free to use as you want! And share your uses! will be good to see a use for it. A Hug! Fake_Catenary.c4d
  4. cyanograp

    Hi Folks! we have a freebie!

    Let me introduce myself: My name is Rodrigo Bitencourt Rodrigues I have degree in Animation(Universidade Federal de Pelotas, who cares? :) ) I live in Brazil(at least for now) I'm a C4D Generalist but with focus on character rigging I work for a company called Petit Fabrik doing all the types of rigging. I love learn new things and challenges. It's that. So let's me start sharing a Viewport Filter Python script pack it allows you to use as a icon on your layout or just a shortcut. A Hug! RBR Viewport Filter Script Pack.zip