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  1. spaceship window

    I have after effects but not sure would I track the c4d footage, would I need to use a tracker like mocha.
  2. spaceship window

    I am trying to figure out how to add live action to a space ship window. I cant find any tutorials on this - I assume tracking or insert the fottage in a plane , not sure. any help would be appreciated.
  3. convex surface

    I added a screen shot of the 2 shapes I dont know how to make.
  4. convex surface

    I am trying to make a convex surface for a tv screen. does anyone know how I would do this in c4d.
  5. rock

    I am trying to get a inverted design into a rock. I am using the stamp tool but I want it to me more angular - sculpting tends to round eveything off. is there any way to do this.
  6. temple

    I am having trouble with the displacement how can you make a material and have the displace divit. not really sure how to do it. this is as far as I got .
  7. temple

    this is great, do you have any ideas how I would create the weird rock div-it.
  8. temple

    I am trying to model this temple from land of the lost. I cant figure out how to make a hole in a terrain. the how has to have depth to it. also have no idea how to get the cracked surface. any suggestions
  9. shape

    I am trying to make this simple rounded square shape. I have done it in skechup but would like to make it with in c4d. any advice.
  10. fbx animals

    I am looking for free sources of animal models with fbx animations does anyone know of anything. I have access to mixamo but that only has people.
  11. Joints

    I am just trying to figure out joints want to eventually make tentatcles.
  12. Joints

    I am trying to create a dynamic joint. cant seem to make it work not sure what I am doing wrong. will include c4d file. joint.c4d
  13. 1970's style explosions

    Interesting - I am trying with exploding FX. How do I get the pieces to bounce off the plane. I have a rigid body tag and collider body tag attached but they dont bounce.
  14. I am trying to recreate those 1970 style explotions example - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BINijYepahA about 30 sec in Could this be done in xpartcles the kind that sparks hit the camera.
  15. xparticles gaseous

    thanks for your help. the particle size helps alot on the look.