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  1. I want to apply a non-square image to a square UV canvas. It is possible with BP's Texture Size command, but it's the same as saving the image size change. It would be better if you could restore the stretched UV to square UV in the Non-Square image. Blender has this feature.
  2. The new "Texture Display Mode" is a required feature. It looks really good. I would like to have a correction function for non-square images in "Texture Display Mode - Vertical Fit or Horizontal Fit" Sometimes... work with non-square images. This will be useful for checking the location of the mesh in non-square images. Currently BP3D.. I use "Texture size" command. But it is useless because it changes the image. Thanks.
  3. Awesome. That's what I wanted. I want to use it in a short time.



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