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  1. mbyrne

    Cinema 4D mentorship

    Jim I never saw Tim being proficient at rigging, python or real high-end stuff (please point me to that training material if there is any). He is good at motion graphics, that is for sure, but there is no way he is better than him in general. You surely have the right to prefer one trainer over other, but as far as pure amount of knowledge goes, hsrdelic wins hands down. If you know Tim ask him to state if he could do the all that is done in TD master course - I highly doubt it. I also have some first hand info from former beta testers and they all say there are couple of guys which are most knowledgeable by far. Our admin, srek and some greek guys. This was surprising to me because I thought I would also hear Nick's (GSG) and Tim's name, but it seems that most people there apart from above mentioned are more of a "borrowers" than "inventors"
  2. mbyrne

    Cinema 4D mentorship

    I respectfully disagree. Helloluxx is very good for motion graphics domain but he is nowhere near @HSrdelic trainings. If you watched TD master course you will see why, there is nothing even remotely close to that in C4D land. I would say him and @srek know Cinema best since they work for MAXON and design it, followed by a guy who presented some stuff on nab (can' t recall the name). The part about mastering the trade, that one you got right...
  3. mbyrne

    Fear Of Heights

    very nice, I like your work a lot - it has beautiful warm fuzzy feeling to it
  4. mbyrne

    Node based materials repository

    That is bizarre. How come we have bevel tool then, MAXON payed for patent? I was always nVidia fan, but this simply changed my view on things. What else can't we have due to patents? edit -- is this the one? https://patents.google.com/patent/US8049753B2/en
  5. mbyrne

    zigzag spline

    That one goes directly in my 'awesome' folder ;)
  6. mbyrne

    Node based materials repository

    Patent? how can that be patented? If I am not wrong, modo and blender have them. Who is patent owner?
  7. mbyrne

    Node based materials repository

    That is super helpful Hrovje much better than documentation which is totally dry and generic, thank you!
  8. mbyrne

    Node based materials repository

    Excellent, learned so much from examples! @srek @HSrdelic You guys are really good at this. If requests are still taken into consideration I would like know how to clone shapes? say I wanna have small circle followed by small rectangle in a grid?
  9. mbyrne


    Very cool to see this - I have a small portfolio and ADA is solid part of it! Would love to find out how they opted to advertise here Matt
  10. mbyrne

    C4DCafe - Introduction to R20 Nodes

    Shame that there is no English help for nodes, I am digging through and have hard time with some. Anyway, quick review follows. Great training as usual, probably your best in terms of narration, excellent quality and content. You are like a Scott Pagano for Houdini, but even better due to your mild eastern accent (Russian?), which I mean as a compliment. It is obvious from get go that you have a lot of mileage in this. You really gave me a good push into material system, which is something that was always a bit foreign to me. MAXON should just pay you to do this trainings and distribute them with Cinema. I would recommend this to anyone interested in material nodes . Matt
  11. mbyrne

    C4DCafe - Introduction to R20 Nodes

    Just in time Hvroje since i got my R20 - looking forward to "allrighty" and "okay"
  12. mbyrne

    C4DCafe - R20 MoGraph Fields

    Went over the training - it is simply fantastic. You are a born teacher and have unique skill of presenting complexity with simplicity. I never though you could do better than Vertex pusher series, but I was wrong. It is clear that you spent a lot of time with fields and whoever wants to do C4D work of any kind starting from release 20 should watch this - highly recommended! Only thing I will complain (because I am like that) is that I wanted at least one more project lesson :)
  13. mbyrne

    C4DCafe - R20 MoGraph Fields

    Instant buy for me and just in time for weekend :)
  14. mbyrne


    Can someone shed some more light on the direction in fields? It says "direction for certain effectors" - what does that mean? After watching few videos I am happy with release. Yes too bad about BP being dead in water but I like that they are going "all in" on Nodal. Talked to Houdini guy here and he says that some nodes in screenshots don't make sense for materials at all and are better suited for general purpose? Why is that in there? @RBarrett @HSrdelic@srek MAXON peeps, are we looking at 1st gen node stuff with more to come? Why can't we get a straight answer? I don't mind waiting but would love to know that my investment is not heading into Lightwave direction. Is C4D going nodal?
  15. mbyrne


    And that seals it for me. Peeps, if you haven't figured this one out yet, node materials is first step into Xpresso 2 - that is clear as day. I suspect they are also doing particle and fluids stuff so we may see node "everything" really soon. Love the volumes stuff. fields are still not clear to me, will have to check them in depth