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  1. TD Master Section / Now Available

    Just watched the ship lesson, that is probably the single most advanced lesson I saw ever for C4D. Amazing how easily you solved easing into position Matt
  2. TD Master Section / Now Available

    Just watched the rubik lesson and must say this was one of the most advanced things I saw being built in C4D, congrats H that was superb!
  3. TD Master Section / Now Available

    What a great lesson and came just in time for current project :) @HSrdelic How would one make a gap effector with multiple rules? for example, block of 2, gap of 1, block 3 and repeat.?
  4. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    3DKiwi must have some info, although he predicted lesser R19 than it actually is, so he may be wrong. My gut feeling is that R20 will be big. It was already acknowledged that R20 SDK is basically out for big plugin devs and that indicates there are massive internal changes to core to which they have to adapt to stay in business. I talked to one senior C++ developer from my company and he says that when plugin makers are alerted that far ahead that it is quite possible that there is even completely new application being made, just bearing same name, or host application is receiving major internal changes or new module. Either way, having big SDK change is expensive and can alienate plugin developers so the benefit must be huge. I expect that we could finally see huge speed improvements, new Xpresso and updated Bodypaint&UV. Fingers crossed! Matt
  5. New in Cinema 4D R19 - Full Feature List

    This was a long read but I am so happy to see that all I mentioned before r19 was was true. The viewport stuff and prorender was enough for my boss to agree that we renew our MSA :) @HSrdelic @blutz Can you comment on R20 SDK thing I mentioned? Seems you guys have R20 ready and are just ironing out the bugs? There is no reason to keep us in dark I have a gut feeling that R20 is the monster :-)
  6. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    Why the heck are some labels yellow tinted? This seems to be borrowed from Maya where new stuff is visually reinforced? If so, then that is great news because the screenshot shows that there is new stuff in Motion tracker, Character, Pipeline and Voronoi object :-)
  7. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    I was asked nicely here by admins not to post anything publicly if I already know something, and I won't, however, I do want to point out following. It was not my intention to get anyone in trouble, and the sdk info was not given to me, I simply saw something by accident during video call. cat was out of the bag up and I got tiny bit of info, and was asked to keep it for myself. Obviously a bad move from my part since I spilled it here, but this kind of topics get me excited even at this age :-) I don't know if all developers have access to it (sdk), but you can take my word to the bank that it is there. Let's wait for confirmation now or at least after R 20 is out then someone will have to confirm that it was there for long time. What Nigel is mentioning is right, there seem to be so much changes that big plugin vendors must have got a lot of time to adapt their stuff to new core Matt
  8. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    hope I don't get someone in trouble for this info, but seems MAXON got R20 SDK out for plugin developers and that there are massive changes indicating huge overhaul already being done. I am no developer and have no clue about what SDK means but I was told that this is some serious s..t is on the way :-O Can someone from MAXON confirm this?
  9. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    There is also one interesting thing I was told, which is probably public knowledge. Seems that in last years they hired a lot of former AD and Softimage developers and that programming team is now much larger than it was. This all indicates that they are gearing up for something big. From my experience (worked in Munich few years back), Germans are silent little bees that don't talk much, but they like to be the best in engineering and silently enjoy when they deliver top products. I expect tectonic shifts in 3D arena next few years once they unveil what they are working on, there is no way they would pour all that money and resources without a reason. just my 2 cents Matt
  10. TD Master Section / Now Available

    Thanks for new lesson, that interaction tag is quite interesting! Matt
  11. Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    15 pages so far, took a while to read all this. Well, I had a chat with someone who is privy with MAXON inner circle and got some interesting info. R19 will be solid with viewport 2.0 as it seems, but seems that R20 is the beast everyone is waiting for. Have no reason to doubt what I was told, but take it with grain of salt... Matt
  12. TD Master Section / Now Available

    Excellent lesson about python effector! I never thought I would be able to follow such course. Very well done H :) Can you show how to create effector which would affect clones in sequence? For example, I would like to scale first 5 then skip 5. Is that possible with python? Matt
  13. TD Master Section / Now Available

    Just watched class 3 and was blown away. This was probably the best thing I ever watched being built in cinema. More please Matt
  14. TD Master Section / Now Available

    Subscribed last night, this is a no brainer. Excellent rig and so simple with just two lines of code! Please consider doing an realistic ship rig with delay controls or polygon unfolding setup Matt
  15. C4D GPU Future of Rendering

    Very interesting! As Octane user I would be very much interested in native solution. Couple of questions. 1. So, it will work on all combinations of systems and graphics? 2. What about materials? Will we have new material system for it? 3. Is this planned for R19?