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  1. Hi. Does anyone know of any good video training for learning how to build an interior from scratch? ideally working with blue prints etc, ideally for retail. I have looked on Lynda but there doesn't seem to be anything. If anyone can suggest anything it would be much appreciated. thanks
  2. your a star, thanks so much so I just need to make sure the pattern I want for the displacement is in B&W, with the raised part being the blacks??
  3. ok thanks. Please can you upload a quick scene file for the surface detail, as I am unsure what type of textures I would need for this? Lets take the white ball for example. cheers
  4. Hi. I have a project where I need to use a similar technique to the black and white balls on the attached. It looks to me like some type of sub poly displacement. Does anyone know if you can use images / textures for the sub poly displacement, like on this image? I am just trying to figure what is the best type of approach for this sort of thing? thanks.
  5. I am looking for someone to create the green laugh out logo sign attached, but using the exact lighting / shader setup of the neon question mark. You can find the c4d file attached you will need. once the scene is built I will need it animated in a similar way as 'lol' attached. I need someone to work on this asap, and also provide a cost for the work. I would expect 2-3 days work at a guess. thanks Ben
  6. Hi. I am working on some personal projects and I want to create some style frames using either a Jaguar F Pace, I Pace, F Type or Range Rover. I don't suppose anyone has a 3D model of any of these, as because its a personal project I can't really justify buying an expensive model. I hope someone can help. thanks, Ben.
  7. I am in need of a regular partner for various interesting 3D / Motion Graphics Projects. I am uk based so ideally you will be too, but will consider others from overseas. Please email your reel to You can see what I do on the link below:
  8. I have a project where I need a retail window and building surround very similar to the attached. Please can anyone help with a model they might have that is similar. It needs to be an empty window, with concrete either side ideally. Hope someone can help. thanks
  9. ah thats great, thanks so much, really appreciate this : )
  10. thanks for this, is there any chance you could set this up quickly and post the C4D scene file here please? Either R16 or R17 or anything before should work. I would rather look at the scene to learn from if possible. cheers
  11. I am trying to create a gold material in cinema 4D, much like you see on the following. I don’t suppose anyone has a scene file I could steal from you to take a look at please. I can t seem to get the lighting right for this type of thing, so thought I would ask to see if you can help. I just need a basic scene with some gold type on a light background if possible. Hope someone can help. thanks
  12. special effects

    I need an experienced real flow artist to help on a project creating 3-5 colourful liquid blobs. The animations will be approx 2-5 seconds each. Experience in high end liquids. Please email links to your work:
  13. Hi. I am trying to create a realistic plastic texture like you see on the 'AIR' text attached. Its a transparent plastic as you can see, but I can't seem to get it looking right. Would really appreciate if anyone can post a c4d file with the material in it. hope someone can help thanks Ben
  14. thanks Igor, much appreciated.
  15. I am trying to create a similar shape to the attached ( bubble shape ), I want to create this in the style of the Nike add attached ( nike.jpg ). I am not sure of the best way to model this as I have tried with sweep curbs and it didn't look right. Any suggestions? Would be great if you can also share the c4d file, so I can see how you have built it. Hope someone can help thanks Ben