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  1. City Scene?

    hi. I am working on a personal project that requires a good quality scene of either London or New York buildings that I can use for close up shots. The attached shows the type of building and shot I am looking for. Does anyone have a model they would be willing to share please? thanks
  2. Sub Poly Displacement??

    your a star, thanks so much for this it really helps a lot : )
  3. Sub Poly Displacement??

    the camera would be very close to the text / materials so it would need to be more detailed than a bump map. I have seen the basketball in the content browser but it doesn't have a great texture on it to be honest.
  4. Sub Poly Displacement??

    thanks for this, any chance of showing me a quick scene file please?
  5. Sub Poly Displacement??

    I was wondering if someone could help me on something if possible please. I need to create a realistic texture similar to the attached using R18 with standard GI or physical render. How do you think I should approach something like this, would you use sub poly displacement to create the basketball texture bump? I would love for someone to create a quick scene for me to learn from as I can't seem to figure it out to make it look realistic. I hope someone can help thanks Ben Ben
  6. does anyone know of a good free plugin to slice up geometry or splines?? thanks
  7. I essentially want lots of different shaped 3d cubes to make up a square shape. I know I can use the cloner tool but is there a way to randomise the shapes of the cubes within the cloner but still have it make a fixed cube shape??
  8. Hi. I am wanting to experiment with grids in cinema 4d and wondered if there is a way to create something like the attached in C4D? Ideally I want to either have a plane and divide it into various parts or perhaps use the cloner object to create a grid system. Does anyone have experience with this type of thing, or is there a plugin which helps create grid layouts?? I hope someone can help. thanks
  9. thanks for this guys. I actually want to boole the pattern into the object hence the need to extrude. Could I do this using spline wrap once I have the splines?
  10. I have a pattern I have created on an object using an alpha channel. Is it possible to take this pattern and extrude it to give it geometry?
  11. texture mapping issues??

    great, thanks so much for this : )
  12. texture mapping issues??

    thanks for this. I tried adding scale to the V-scale but it still looks a mess. can you please send any tutorial links how to learn about uv mapping the object like you suggested? I have seen a few on youtube but not sure which is the best one to learn for this type of thing. thanks again for your help, its much appreciated.
  13. Hi. I am having real issues trying to map a basic pattern onto an object. Please see the attached scene file, where all I want is the blue pattern wrapped around the object. I have tried changing the projection to UV mapping but it does not seem to work correctly? Please can someone take a quick look at the scene file and let me know. thanks so much. texture test.zip
  14. Which technique?

    thanks so much
  15. Which technique?

    Thanks for this. I want to use splines. Please can you post the c4d file for the method you are suggesting as not 100% what you mean, so would be great to look at a scene file please? Thanks for this although I don't think maze works with R16, are you able to post the scene file for the tracer option please? thanks so much if you can.