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  1. You are a star, thanks so much for this I really appreciate it : )
  2. thanks Guys, much appreciated. The 3D Kiwi one looks perfect, just would be great if anyone knows where the tutorial is located?
  3. Hi. Please can someone tell me how you project a logo or image onto a clone of cubes / shapes like you see on the attached? You can see the anim on the following link ( 00:58 ). I know there is a greyscale gorilla tutorial for this sort of things ( discovery channel ) but this uses AE to map the image textures, whereas I want to do it all in C4D. Please can someone send me a link to a tutorial or explain here. Many Thanks
  4. you are a star, thanks so much, this works even with UV mapping : )
  5. Hi. Please can someone help as this thing is driving me mad. I am trying to put text onto a sphere using camera mapping, just like on the image attached. The problem I have is when I scale the text it tiles, and consequently the text is on the back of the sphere also. I only want the text to be displayed on the front of the sphere. This is such a simple thing but I can't see what I am doing wrong. If someone can help it would be hugely appreciated as always. thanks text
  6. thanks so much, this is perfect
  7. Hi, does anyone know where I can buy or download a free model of of an awards set or similar. I am looking for something similar to the following without the graphics etc, but need a stage, people, tables etc. I hope someone can help. thanks Ben
  8. Please can someone look at the attached, is there a way to have the logo form at the end but be random at the start? I know its something to do with the UV selection, but not sure how to do it? thanks
  9. ah great thanks so much
  10. ideally I want to do all of this in C4D rather than projecting the logo in AE
  11. Hi. I want to take a clients logo and split it up across a bank of cubes, very similar to the attached and also how things work on the link below. What is the easiest way to do this? Any tutorials or ideas would be hugely appreciated. thanks
  12. Hi. Does anyone know of any good video training for learning how to build an interior from scratch? ideally working with blue prints etc, ideally for retail. I have looked on Lynda but there doesn't seem to be anything. If anyone can suggest anything it would be much appreciated. thanks
  13. your a star, thanks so much so I just need to make sure the pattern I want for the displacement is in B&W, with the raised part being the blacks??
  14. ok thanks. Please can you upload a quick scene file for the surface detail, as I am unsure what type of textures I would need for this? Lets take the white ball for example. cheers
  15. Hi. I have a project where I need to use a similar technique to the black and white balls on the attached. It looks to me like some type of sub poly displacement. Does anyone know if you can use images / textures for the sub poly displacement, like on this image? I am just trying to figure what is the best type of approach for this sort of thing? thanks.