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  1. any good tutorials for this type of thing?
  2. ok thanks for this, do you think GSG HDRI kit would be good for this? thanks
  3. I am looking to build a scene using C4D R19 and physical render and I want to create a bright sunny day like the attached. What is the best way to light this type of scene, should I be using the Physical Sky or HDRI or something else? Any thoughts and links to any tutorials would be hugely appreciated. Many Thanks, Ben.
  4. Hi. This may be really simple to some people but I can't recall how to do this. I want to project a logo onto a clone of cubes, very similar to the first frame you see on the below animation. Does anyone have any links to tutorials that show how to do this please? Besides the logo projected onto the cubes I also want it to spin in a similar way so the logo reveals at the end as the cubes spin into position. Thanks
  5. he did give an explanation but would love a shader to look at exactly how he says to set this up as wasn't totally sure what he meant. thanks
  6. ok have updated to the correct version of C4D, now can you help me please?? thanks again
  7. do you know how to update your profile as it doesn't seem to give me an option to show what version I am on?
  8. thanks for this, any chance you could upload a C4D scene file so I can look at how you set it up? Would really appreciate it if you can. cheers
  9. Hi, I am looking to try and create two materials. One like the concrete you see with the pink bits on it, it does not have to be the pink part just the realistic concrete look. The second is is like the materials you see on the hexagon shape, any colour will do. I am using R16 and standard GI or Physical Renderer. Please can someone set up a quick material test so I can look through the channels to see how you set it up as I am struggling to get the realistic bumps / dents etc. I hope you can help Many Thanks Ben
  10. gboutique

    Render Farms?

    Hi. Please can someone tell me of some recommended render farms either UK based or online. Its initially for some huge hires stills that I need a fast turnaround on. I hope someone can help. thanks, Ben.
  11. thanks for this, do you know anywhere online I can find a tutorial for this type of thing?
  12. thanks for this, any chance of a quick scene file to show how you would set the up?
  13. Hi. does anyone know how to get the low poly ripple type effect you see around 3-4 seconds into the following? I have attached a screen grab also to show what I mean. I hope someone can help. thanks.
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