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  1. Hi. Please can someone tell me of some recommended render farms either UK based or online. Its initially for some huge hires stills that I need a fast turnaround on. I hope someone can help. thanks, Ben.
  2. Unfolding type?

    great, thanks so much for this
  3. Unfolding type?

    thanks for this, do you know anywhere online I can find a tutorial for this type of thing?
  4. thanks for this, any chance of a quick scene file to show how you would set the up?
  5. Hi. does anyone know how to get the low poly ripple type effect you see around 3-4 seconds into the following? I have attached a screen grab also to show what I mean. I hope someone can help. thanks.
  6. Hi, does anyone know how to do something similar to the following in C4D? I am looking to create some low poly text that unfolds into its final state over time. I hope someone can help. thanks
  7. Dynamics Setup

    thanks so much guys, I really appreciate it. It seems the soft body dynamics by 'airbusch' seems the easiest solution. This is such a great community on here as there is always someone willing to help when you need an answer fast to something you are struggling with. cheers again and have a good weekend.
  8. Hi, I have a chain which I want to fall to the ground in a realistic way using mograph dynamics, however I cannot seem to work it out as the parts of the chain are not connected to each other like a normal chain which has links. Please can someone tell me how I need to set things up in order for it to work. I have attached a quick scene file and also a screen grab so you can see what the chain looks like. thanks chain.c4d
  9. City Scene?

    hi. I am working on a personal project that requires a good quality scene of either London or New York buildings that I can use for close up shots. The attached shows the type of building and shot I am looking for. Does anyone have a model they would be willing to share please? thanks
  10. Sub Poly Displacement??

    your a star, thanks so much for this it really helps a lot : )
  11. Sub Poly Displacement??

    the camera would be very close to the text / materials so it would need to be more detailed than a bump map. I have seen the basketball in the content browser but it doesn't have a great texture on it to be honest.
  12. Sub Poly Displacement??

    thanks for this, any chance of showing me a quick scene file please?
  13. Sub Poly Displacement??

    I was wondering if someone could help me on something if possible please. I need to create a realistic texture similar to the attached using R18 with standard GI or physical render. How do you think I should approach something like this, would you use sub poly displacement to create the basketball texture bump? I would love for someone to create a quick scene for me to learn from as I can't seem to figure it out to make it look realistic. I hope someone can help thanks Ben Ben
  14. does anyone know of a good free plugin to slice up geometry or splines?? thanks