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  1. robbing


    A tip: You need animation skills to make the illusion of motion. That's all!
  2. robbing


    The animation and render could work as storyboard or previs, however it need better storytelling to work properly. There is a few cool shots though. But your piece need much work of storytelling, framing, photography, timing...and also animation. Keep it up!
  3. robbing

    The Keys trailer

    Agree. Absolutely cliche, however the story is much more. This shot was just a kids hook. The overall visual is just a storyboard /previs workflow with a cinematography touch (that makes the difference, I think so). Quick cheap render with a lot of photos as BG in a few primitives. The animation is done with same concept, like a storyboard. If I would make this with great CG, I´ll need two lives or just... budget! Glad you like
  4. robbing

    The Keys trailer

    Cool, thank you guys!
  5. Trailer of my short film The Keys. Special thanks to Mervic
  6. robbing


    Glad you like it! ;)
  7. robbing


    This is a little part of a 6 minutes teaser with car chase, fights, voodoo gore .... and more Glad you like it
  8. Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. robbing


    A quick test we did last year. Special thanks to Igor Bajic for help us to clean plate and tracking
  10. robbing

    Phong issue??

    Thanks, you have a PM too. mmm... maybe. I´m on Mac, CS6 and r17. I don´t have this NVIDIA tools. True, my mesh is mirrored, now I see it! Seems I have a few mistakes importing obj too. I don´t know why, man. I downloaded a game character like those from other site to test it, but ready for C4D and works well. However they just have one character that I don´t need.
  11. robbing

    Phong issue??

    Damn! not works for me Still the same. What I´m doing wrong?
  12. robbing

    Phong issue??

    WOW! You got it! Dank schon for download a character! This is why I ask for download one of these instead just of attach an image. I think could be that. I´m going to try save as PSD
  13. robbing

    Phong issue??

    I see, I guess it´s done in Maya or whatever.. I don´t know. I would like a mid poly model, however I don´t know where to buy it. There is a lot of concept art on the web but not 3D models itself. I´m looking for sci-fi biohazard suit models. If you know some websites that have these kind of mid poly models, please let me know. Thanks
  14. robbing

    Phong issue??

    Right with texture. As you can see, UV looks good however there is something wrong.
  15. Hi, Can anyone download some of these models and tell me what´s wrong with the textures? http://luxox18.deviantart.com/gallery/ I convert the dds files to png textures in Photoshop and then I tried to delete phong tag and other things like invert normal and so on... and I can´t fix that So please, if you have a chance try by yourself and let me know how to fix it. Thanks