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  1. I'll like share my last film. CGI done in C4D, render in Cycles: I hope you like it. PS: I don't know what's wrong with the forum but I can't create a topic where should be. Sorry about it
  2. A tip: You need animation skills to make the illusion of motion. That's all!
  3. The animation and render could work as storyboard or previs, however it need better storytelling to work properly. There is a few cool shots though. But your piece need much work of storytelling, framing, photography, timing...and also animation. Keep it up!
  4. Agree. Absolutely cliche, however the story is much more. This shot was just a kids hook. The overall visual is just a storyboard /previs workflow with a cinematography touch (that makes the difference, I think so). Quick cheap render with a lot of photos as BG in a few primitives. The animation is done with same concept, like a storyboard. If I would make this with great CG, I´ll need two lives or just... budget! Glad you like
  5. Trailer of my short film The Keys. Special thanks to Mervic
  6. Hi, I guess this issue is very recurrent,I have search about and never get something clear yet. I have a forest scene with a lot of trees.most of them actual models,but I need put some cutouts or my computer get mad. The issue comes with DOF pass. No works properly in AE. If I can´t resolve this I have got to render at least 3 layers of the scene (dividing the scene in close,mid and far blocks) to "fake" a depth of field like a 2D animation workflow So please,can help me? Thanks
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