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  1. K, so .. a couple of things

    Both issues fixed... You guys are totally THE best. Thank you.!
  2. K, so .. a couple of things

    okie doke, ill give it a shot... and by the way, I use the latesst firefox, only add on is AdBlock plus.
  3. couple of quickies.. Is there a simple way to lighten up the viewport views without affecting the rendered scene, Im finding that altho my Octane scenes are bright, a lot of times I cant see much in the viewports as it is too dark. Secondly.. The forum keeps asking me to disable Ad Blocker... altho I have already done so... any ideas? TIA! and Cheers!
  4. Alpha background in C4D using octane

    Good grief, I seriously should start simplifying my search terminology when googling. I used.. "transparent alpha background octane c4d" and that link didnt come up at all. Works... perfectly. Much love ! Thank you, seems I can always count on you.
  5. I'm sure it's something simple im missing, but could someone tell me if there is a quick way to achieve a transparent background behind a simple cube. In C4D its very simple, just check the Alpha box in SAVE settings and voila, done... When using octane, i just cannot seem to figure it out. Thanks y'all and Happy New year!
  6. How to reduce aliasing

    ok thanks, ill give it a shot and see how that works but if anyone wants to tryu themselves... just make a 1 cm line\cube and render it... its never solid.. always blurred darker and\ or brighter lines on either side. I just cant seem to get a SOLID 1 cm line. Edit: ok Understood... unfortunately I also have to animate the UI's in some cases so altho i can use PS to composite for stills, not possible for animation. Using the sharpening tools in AFX is a great suggestion too... cheers Thanks for your help.!
  7. How to reduce aliasing

    I guess Cubic - Still Image.. i suppose that's default... never changed it... seemed appropriate.
  8. I design interfaces for audio plugins and I am trying to pin down how to render more precise lines in Cinema.. For example in Photoshop... when you draw a 1 Px line.... its width is 1 Px..... In C4D there is always some aliasing\blurring of every line, every edge.. no matter how high i set the quality settings. Is there a way to render more precise\clear lines and edges in C4D? TIA!
  9. Just realized that Jeff had given this solution in text above.. It scared me off to be honest, bu i ended up finding the video I posted of the same thing and it made it much less intimidating to accomplish.. Thanks jeff!
  10. Bump for the night owls! How anyone lives without C4D thumbnails I have no idea !
  11. Hide Cloner dots

    That seems like a good solution for now.. but with soo many clones, it's definitely not something i want to have to do for all of them every project. For instance.. some 'knobs' i make have 2-3 clones just in one knob.. and some UI's have couple of dozen knobs... U can see how that might drive one crazy! Thanks folks !
  12. Hide Cloner dots

    Mmm... seems its being caused by the latest update then... annoying as heck really, I use a LOT of cloners..... well, hopefully someone sorts it out soon... Thanks a lot!
  13. Hide Cloner dots

    Just a wee bumpy.. anyone?
  14. Hide Cloner dots

    Is there a way to hide the orange dots that are apparently generated by cloners? In my designs im pretty much forced to use a lot of cloners and the screen can quickly get covered with these distracting little buggers. Thanks!
  15. Update... found an easier and FREE way to generate thumbmails of C4D files in windows explorer. Booyah! https://www.cineversity.com/vidplaytut/add_custom_thumbnail_images_to_your_c4d_files