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  1. Hi fellow C4D users, Let's say you have a 100 clones (Mode doesn't matter). The clones id would be displayed in a chronological order. Is it possible to change that customly. For instance, I would like my id order to be exact like this: 58,25,37,1,29,94,5,86,ect,etc. I will also just tell you what I want to accomplish. I have a scene attached to this post. You'll see a cloner in grid array mode with a Spline effector applied to it. The Spline Effector animates the clones to a helix. NOW. What I would like is that each clone travels his shortest distance to the Helix. i.e. From grid to helix by proximity. To go back to my first question.. If I am able to change the order of the clones id. I could decide wich clone goes where on the Helix. I hope I make any sense.. Cloner_SplineEffector_to_Helix.c4d