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  1. hello!!! I have a scene, with a puzzle (lot of pieces) , and I want to map the whole surface with a photo (portrait), then move some pieces of the puzzle... is it possible? if I import the puzzle after going trough an uv editor, it arrives in C4d as a single object... Maybe there is a way to "explode it", and to keep the single map on the surface of the puzzle??? well, I don't know at all how to do that!! thank you for advice!!
  2. Hello guys!!! is it possible to get symmetry, when brushing a hair, with the brush tool?? I can't find the symmetry option in the set up of the tool!... thank you for your advice!
  3. Hello everybody!!! I try to match a material, sort of plastic very "smooth", with some transparencies, just a bit... i join a photo, I don't need at all the variation of color in the reference, just the feeling of that matrerial... Thank you for your advice!!!
  4. Hello everybody!!! I can't get a mask, when rendering a character with fur, allowing to select the fur, and not the background... I check "atmosphere", but it's empty, and depth, where it's very fuzzy... i use the r15 on this job, but I have also the r20, so if a procedss to get a mask is possible on one of these version??? thank you for help!!!
  5. infact, display tag is fine, when correctly setted up... The only problem is that it doesn't affect hair... so, is it a way to see progressively appearing the hairs???
  6. so simple!!! thank you, shame on me!!!.
  7. well Cerbera, the best would be magically appear in, I mean: frame 0, you see the lanscape, and at frame 50, progressively, the human form has appeared, from totally transparent to opaque... I suppose that "fade in" would be great, too... but not really growing up, from very small to big size... and the hair has to be also in the same "journey", from nothing to here, opaque, if possible!!!
  8. hello!!! I have a short hair, on a head, and when the head move, I want it to follow the head, of course, but without any dynamics, like something totally rigid... I have checked "rigid", and 100 % of stiffness, but in the animation the hairs continue to "flow"... How to fix it??? thank you for help!!
  9. hello!!! I have an object, with a material, and on it, a second material with an alpha to localize it... The problem is that I want to use also an alpha on the second material, with color black and white, to make it desappear at one moment... I cant use a poly selection for the first alpha, as it is with part of the first material area, too... How to use two alphas on the same material???
  10. hi everybody!!! I have a group of objects, some of them having hair, and I wish that this group appear progressively in 2 or 3 seconds... The "display" tag seems not convincing, as it's not appearing in progression, and the gair isn't affected by it... Do you thaink there is a way to do that??? thank you for help!
  11. but actually, with a gtx 1070, it is much slower than the physical or advanced render... why???
  12. hello!!! I am really interested by the possibilities of pro render, although actually it's really mostly frustrating! my video card is Nvidia Geforce GTX 1070... I think it is possible to put two cards in a computer... does I have to add a nvidia, or an amd is possible? which one seems to you the best? (Or the second best, if the price is frightening?)...
  13. hello!!! when rendered animations, without global illumination, in physical render setted to "low", I have a lot of noise (but short render times) ... How to diminish that noise, without going to huge render time?? thank you for help!!!
  14. hello!! I have an animation, with sort of cubes textured by a texture of boxwood (in texture, no geometry), with some bump... The sequence is rendered by the physical render, setted to low, due to time of render... But the rendered animation show the texture of boxwood like vibrating, sort of "tingle"... there is no global illumination... How to solve that?? thank you for help!



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