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  1. Hello, How would I setup the multipass render if I want "text placeholder" on Layer 1. Buildings on Layer 2? What I'm trying to do is apply Camera Blur with Depth Map in AE in post. I tried using Object Buffer 1 for text and Object Buffer 2 for buildings...it kinda worked but it only works when I use it with the overall RGBA image as a base. What I want is buildings to have colors, texts to have colors not just a white matte? thank you
  2. this triangle consist of 3 parts that are all from different perspective, how would I model something like this ?
  3. Hello! I made a coin in zBrush and now want to apply texture on it in C4D. When I import my texture into C4D and use Camera Projection for my UV, the artwork does not match the object, what am I missing here? I have to keep tweaking the U & V and offset to get it to match, but shouldn't there be an easier way? would UVW mapping be the best way instead of Camera projection? When I Imported this .OBJ from Zbrush to C4D, it made my computer very slow due to million polygons from zBrush.....Should I create a "Low-Res" model and use that for Texturing?


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