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  1. Hello! I'm trying to create a scene showing the inside of a washing machine spinning with water ( front load ) I am using X-Particles to create my stream of "water" then applying Skinner to give it a body of water - the results are Okay, i'm not the most happy with it, if anyone can shine some light that would be very appreciated. Also when I start to rotate the water container ( basket ) . My particles starts to come outside the basket ? any tips on how to constraint them inside? thank you
  2. Ah perfect, I just found it. right there in the Turbulence modifier. thank you!!!
  3. CBR do you know of a good tutorial for XP curl noise? I was planning on using emitter + FLIP solver to create the smoke, but I would like to learn about XP curl nosie, it sounds simpler and faster? thanks!
  4. Hello got a noob question today Wondering what's the best way to go about creating a magic glass ball, with smokes or just particles bouncing inside? I was thinking of using X particles? if anyone here knows a better technique please feel free to lay it down
  5. impressive man, love your work - if you don't mind - can you share how you create the 2D look so seamlessly? thanks!
  6. Hey Cbr Thanks for helping out again, my bad i should have mentioned it earlier, still new to the website - i'll make sure to give a clear detail when I'm asking for help The camera is completely still, Im attaching the video clip here in this message. I was just looking for a very subtle movement on this paper/cloth that's why I went with soft body I'm not too familiar with tracking system in C4D, any tips on if it's possible to attach object to tracking data on the hands? any help would be appreciated! thank you hand_ref_01.mp4
  7. I tried the The first tutorial and I really love how the paper moves so realistically but it doesn't give me ability to animate a custom animation path ? would you happen to know a trick that would let me do such thing? im trying to add a 3D paper onto a footage of someone holding a 3D paper with both hands using index and thumb and they're swaying thank you for your help!
  8. How can i animate a single sheet of paper flying in the air realistically? I tried using soft body but have no control over the path of the paper, i need to be able to manually keyframes the path thank you!
  9. Hey Cbr thank you for the tips man! Appreciate you
  10. Hey cbr thank you! That is a good idea. I'll give that a try. When you say turn on dynamics...what do you mean by that? As in gravity effector? Thanks again!
  11. Hello c4dcafe im looking for ways to create a realistic moving pom-pom in c4D I'm thinking of using x-particles and trails? not sure how to complete the setup. Would anyone be able to shine some light and suggest a good technique to create something like this? thank you



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