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  1. Yeah, Im cloning it using surface mode, since I need objects on surface not edges. Also if I clone 2 or more different objects under single cloner, is there a way to adjust percent-wise how many of each get cloned?
  2. Hi, since R20 has powerful Multi-instance feature, Im trying figure it out how to use it properly to clone grass, bushes etc. To randomise I use random effector, to make sure nothings overlapping I found push-apart effector, now Im trying to figure out hot to set distance from edge for cloners, anyone could help?
  3. Takes noticably more than in R20, how do I delete prefs?
  4. Hello everyone, I just istalled R21 to test it out on my iMac 2019 i9 running MacOS Catalina, overall performance in viewport is fanstastic, only problem I have is when I try to switch views, lag is very noticable compared to R20. Anyone have experiences something similar?
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