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  1. Some easier way to do retopology internally. reshift with new Node Interface (i assume on the way) removal of ProRender :) Super - Multithreading everyting! New Body paint Easy UV Unwrap Unreal Engine built in. VR Support for Editing
  2. If anyone is looking for free HDRIs with Backplates checkout https://hdri.ca/
  3. hmm when i create a new spline it all stays on same plane. but I am tyring to edit a spline i exported from illustrator. and it acts funny.
  4. Im drawing with the PEN Tool in FRONT view. when I draw it looks fine in front view, but in perspective view each point. is at a different Z Depth How do i limit the Points to the same plane/depth Turning off Z Axis doesnt seem to work fo rme. Tried snapping tools. so far havent found a setting that works. searched for video tutorials on this. havent found the right one yet Would appreciate some suggestions
  5. A better way to generate new simple low poly topology, similar to Topogun Faster Dynamics and Softbody Faster viewport Native 3DS max import compatibility better Boole (multithreaded) ofcourse new bodypaid and unfold
  6. I thought the series was great. but even though the photorealism was good. I was expecting better to be honest. I would have thought by now.. making totally lifelike characters would be easier and closert to reality.. also I wish they had less nudity to be honest. I would love to show these to my kids, but with the nudity, sex, language and ofcourse crazy violence i cant, atleast for now
  7. Looking for GPU renderer for Mac Pro. I have been using octane on my pc and its been great but the mac pro has Amd GPUS and Octane on supports NVIDIA GPUs Pro render seems in beta, not ready for prime time.
  8. Considering an upgrade for my pc. I run octane as my main renderer. my main question/thought is, with Octane needing GPU's (Dual 1080ti) to do the heavy lifting. I feel a high performance Single threaded (4 core) CPU may be better then a High Core (Threadripper 16core) CPU. 4 cores at 4.5Ghz vs 16 cores at 3.4ghz. if you were building a new PC which way would you go?
  9. There is a site that has a bunch of free HDRI with backplates. they also have some cheap ones for sale. check it out. hdriprobes.com



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