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  1. Love the pace that they innovate and update. really impressive tech. Wish they would make a new plugin to deal with node based procedural modelling, similar to Houdini would be awesome
  2. Im really hoping that MAXON & Redshift Developers can co-operate to allow this interaction. apparently it a C4D limitation. super frustrating. DMcGavran please force these guys to fix this
  3. wish the release notes and Service Pack update release notes would have alot more detail. instead of something vague like "update to calibration tag", say what the fixed,added,improved. what was the problem.. in 2-3 lines
  4. Just wanted to say that I realize that sometimes I and others in the forum come across as very critical of what MAXON does or does not do. I feel personally invested in MAXON and its software. I really care what happens with it so. I am very grateful to the developers and management in what they have been able to create over the years and I have enjoyed the software and it has helped me with my career and personal creative development. So thank you MAXON & Team for everything you guys do and please try not to take the criticism too personally, we speak up because we care.
  5. When I installed S22 on my windows PC and went to the Start menu to launch it. I noticed that the name didnt have the "S" in front of 22
  6. As someone had suggested to me the release notes are in Help section. What’s new in Cinema 4D S22: New UV Unwrap command for a workflow based on edge selections (Seams). New, comprehensive settings for the UV Editor, incl. display of UV Seams, Overlaps, Distortions, etc. New, automatic UV mesh unwrap and relax function: Packing. Separate menu in the UV Manager for packing UV Islands. Two new commands: UV Weld and UV Weld and Relax. UV Pins to permanently affix UV points. There are no longer separate UV Point and UV Polygon modes (instead the modes Use Point, Use Edge and Use Polygon with which both geometry and UV elements can be edited). Re-arranging and use of view filters - presets can be created and other features. New Hair shading model for the Viewport Improvement of Viewport display. New glTF export for real-time web applications New command for mirroring selections. New functions for the Viewport Renderer (previously Hardware OpenGL). For the Viewport Renderer (previously Hardware OpenGL) you can now define in detail which scene elements should be included for rendering. Go ZBrush for the exchange of information between ZBrush and Cinema 4D. Cineware settings are now in the Project settings (and the new Cineware material settings). Automatic recognition of touch-screen devices and deactivation if they malfunction. Re-organization of the Viewport Display. When importing Alembic instances you can now select the type of instances that Cinema 4D should generate. The FBX import can make either FBX material values available as Nodes. Cinema 4D can now also export materials defined via Material Nodes in FBX. New color settings dialog for the Texture UV Editor. … The Viewport preferences are now all local. Similar Viewports can be configured together. Many new settings for Viewport effects (especially shadows). Extrude direction is ascertained automatically for the Extrude object. Use Edge mode: Dbouble-clicking on an edge color will select all adjacent edges. The Loop (and Ring) Selection tool have several new options. Selection conversion can now be done with tolerance. New command for switching between the last two tools used. Various minor new features for modeling. The Create Point command has several new settings. The Close Polygon Hole function has a few new settings. 2 new settings for the Bridge tool. Subdivision now also offers subdivision patterns. New Resolve Non-Manifold command to remove invalid geometry. The Edge Cut tool has new settings for creating n-gons. Additional options have been added to the Untriangulate command. The Iron tool can now preserve mesh edges. The Magnet and Brush tools were reworked so their settings are similar and both have been given new settings. Neues Kopierverhalten von Animations-Keys und -Spuren. Normal tags can now be created directly in the Phong tag. The initial state of contraints can now be recorded. The Substance-Engine now supports textures up to 8k in 16/32 -bit.
  7. Wish I could see the S22 Release notes: to see everything they updated Since R21. While I really like the UV updates, I feel this release seems very light on features. and definitely not something that justified a full point release.. max 21.5 . when I see Blender post an update, the list of changes is huge.. check out the 2.8 release notes.. the features MAXON posts about is fairly skimpy IMO and given the size of the team and resources this company has. they should be able to really knock out a lot of improvements in 6 months. BTW I am a subscription fan. Blender Team, updates are being released every 3 months or so. lots of detailed info into whats happening https://www.blender.org/download/releases/ Houdini team has almost daily change logs of bugfixes and improvements. from the Houdini team. When I see something like this I feel wow this company is really pushing to improve. https://www.sidefx.com/changelog/ Fusion 360 team. posts blog and video updates every 2-4 weeks it seems. and make really great constant improvements with alot of user driven requests. https://www.autodesk.com/products/fusion-360/blog/april-2020-product-update-whats-new/ MAXON please I love you guys. Love C4D been using it for 15 years, pick up the pace. be open about the roadmap for features coming down the pipe over the next 18 months, have a user voted feature area. so we can help influence whats happening and feel like we are being heard. Lets make it so every month there is an update.. R21.1 for January.. R21.2 for Febuary and keep it coming. lets be agile and nimble and open about happening. I do want to give credit as well. MAXON is increasing the update speed.. 2 per year is a 100% improvement so nice job!, looking forward to more and more updates.
  8. I tried out your test file.. with S22 i was getting 0.8-1 FPS average and with R21 I got. 1.0 - 1.2 FPS surprised R21 was faster when running. but it was slower to initially load up. BTW my system is Dual 8 Core Xeon 3GHZ. total 16 cores/32 threads/32GB Ram, SSD, 1060 6GB GPU using Calculable FPS to determine rate
  9. I did another test with Just multi-instancing in cloner. R21 was 5.7 FPS and S22 was 80FPS with 8000 cube instances
  10. I also ran Calculate FPS and I get 39 FPS in R21 and 18 in S22
  11. So i decided to Run the Viewport Benchmark on R21 and S22 to see if there is a difference. I got 596 under R21 and 496 under S22.. hmmmm not what i was expecting. https://www.cgdirector.com/cinema-4d-viewport-performance-benchmark-scores/
  12. IMO. I think this new version should have been called S21.5 with the release in the fall called R22
  13. I assumed that a thread about R22 Wishlist already existed but after 10 seconds of searching, nothing was found. So Please list your TOP 5 things you would like to see added or improved in Cinema 4D R22 in order of priority (1 being most important to you)
  14. I made a Dynamics chain with ball and socket connectors.. this works fine.. but I need to add a spring that connects in the middle of the chain, like an elastic band. that pulls the middle of the chain together.. I added a Spring connector to Link 5 and 23 as shown. but it doesn't seem to have any affect. looking for advice on how to get this to work. R21 Scene is shared. chain test 2.c4d
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