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  1. of course nothing will ever suit everyone. but also what often happens is a solution will suit 95% but the 5% are the ones making all the noise and complaining and crying bloody murder and the sky is falling.
  2. I am really happy to see the CEO of MAXON in the forum and I really hope negative comments and personal attacks dont stop Dave from visiting and reading the forum. I have been using C4D for 12 years with a MSA. I was always hoping MAXON would switch to a subscription model. Im really glad they did.. And personally i dont care about owning a license.. im always online. I always want the latest update and release and never go back to an old version once the new one is released. I also purchased redshift 5 months ago and Im super please MAXON purchased redshift. I am also a long time adobe user and subscriber.. its great. much better then the old system of buying multiple various levels of a license. subscription is so much easier and also easier for my boss to approve $50/-$80 month. versus thousands up front. I did wish R21 had more new features, but I still like what was released.Keep up the Good work Dave, Stick around
  3. I have R21 license, and I have a work and home machine. When I use it at Work the license is locked to that machine and then when I go home. it says the license is already in use.. but from the License pop up screen in R21 it wont let me release the license on my work machine.. i have to go to maxons website and login and release it there.. why not let us release it in R21 directly. also why cant i have it actiev on two machines.. Adobe allows max 3 active installs. and forces you to deactivate one if you need another location.
  4. So far so good I have R20 with MSA so now I have R21 with unlimited time. essentially I get R21 on a perpetual subscription. Sweet I also really like the new Darker UI.
  5. Its no different from a cell phone contract.. $59 / month.. 1 year term. its still $59 month.. but with a commitment. If you don't like commitments? then pay more and go Month to month.. seems fair.
  6. I love Adobe. and I like Subscriptions.. so your wrong right off the bat.
  7. I really hope with the Subscription Model that MAXON will be releasing Monthly updates with Tweaks and new features. they no longer need to wait 12 months between releases. which is great. Looking forward to seeing R21.1 in October and R22.2 in November etc. MAXON also start using a Feature Voting system for your users to submit requests and have other vote them so the most popular features get developer resources
  8. if you own a license you don't loose it. keep it if your afraid of subscriptions.
  9. My Feeling. Subscription : YES Finally. really happy about this But im sure the transition from perpetual licenses will be problematic Redshift in Subscription: Double YES! New caps and Bevels. : sounds kinda boring,really glad about this. Im constantly extruding Field Forces, Looks really cool. cant wait to try it Denoiser: Nice Open API for Nodes: Sweet. cant wait for Redshift to use it AOV Node: Sweet as well. hope redshift uses this layout kinda underwhelming, I guess alot of time was invested into subscription and license changes.
  10. on the site. "BodyPaint 3D and Cinema 4D Prime, Broadcast, Visualize and Studio editions will be discontinued as of September 1, 2019. All features of BodyPaint 3D and the Cinema 4D editions are included in Cinema 4D R21 and will continue to be developed. If you currently have an active MSA for Cinema 4D Prime, Broadcast, Visualize, Studio or BodyPaint 3D on Sept 1, 2019 you’ll receive a perpetual entitlement to Cinema 4D R21. At any time before the expiration of your current MSA, you can purchase a 2-year Cinema 4D Subscription at a discounted price similar to MSA pricing for your Cinema 4D edition. "
  11. Some easier way to do retopology internally. reshift with new Node Interface (i assume on the way) removal of ProRender :) Super - Multithreading everyting! New Body paint Easy UV Unwrap Unreal Engine built in. VR Support for Editing
  12. If anyone is looking for free HDRIs with Backplates checkout https://hdri.ca/
  13. A better way to generate new simple low poly topology, similar to Topogun Faster Dynamics and Softbody Faster viewport Native 3DS max import compatibility better Boole (multithreaded) ofcourse new bodypaid and unfold
  14. I thought the series was great. but even though the photorealism was good. I was expecting better to be honest. I would have thought by now.. making totally lifelike characters would be easier and closert to reality.. also I wish they had less nudity to be honest. I would love to show these to my kids, but with the nudity, sex, language and ofcourse crazy violence i cant, atleast for now
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