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  1. yeah sure...just let me know if you have an idea..:) Thanks anyway
  2. Hi Guys, I recently stumbled over an issue by trying to retime cloth simulations! If I do so (if I really slow down the sim) the frames just kind of morph between each other but there is no interpolation! I tried it by retime pla animation with a special track/time track and retiming the cloth via point cache and the aweseome xreTIME by TCA Studios....seems to be the same problem so far! Is there a way to calculate/sim real subframes? Im sure im not the first guy trying to achieve Id appreciate every hint :) Thanks in advance!
  3. Hey Guys, I just stumbled upon an old tutorial by Luxx! He is using a "Point Cache Deformer" at some point and I didnt really find that piece :) I was wondering if they just somehow renamed or replaced it...or even totally took it out because there is a newer deformer with the same functionality! Do you know something about this? Is there a deformer to read in point cache data? Thanks in advance! Cheers, Jandro Allright....I just found it myself....its not under deformers as you would think! Youll find it inside the character tab :)
  4. EXACTLY what I needed...thanks a lot! I didnt even knew about the surface deformer...pretty much went under my radar...! Thanks man!
  5. Yes I have it! But I want to make the splines stick on the geo and move with the sim, not just project it statically onto geo, but thanks for the suggestion! Any other ideas??
  6. Hi Guys, I came up with a question since I realized the mesh-deformer doesnt work with splines..:) Thats pretty much what I wanne achieve: Attach an array of parallel splines flat (not like hairs!) onto geo/plane. Sim this plane as cloth and make the array of splines stick to the surface and move/deform accordingly! Pretty much what you would do with a mesh-deformer if the splines were geo! Id appreciate every hint! Thanks in advance! Cheers, Jandro
  7. Hi guys! I was looking for some neat ways to control the distribution of clones on an object. The perfect solution would be to drive/handle it with an vertex map, since you can easily animate those... I already tried to drop a vertex map shader into the luminance channel of a material and define with this black/white material, where the clones should appear (-> via shader effector)...This kind of seemed to be the most logic way to solve that issue...but unfortunately it didnt work at all...:D Here are some ideas...but im not sure if this could work in any way..:D Is there a way, to bring the Vertex Weight into the Proximal Shader? (The Shader Effector seem to work, driven by the Proximal Shader...) Or is there a way to drive a Mograph Selection with the Vertex Map Weight? there any xpresso setup/python effector out there, that you know of? Thanks a lot in advance...Id appreciate every hint..! Cheers, Jandro VertexCloner003.c4d