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  1. Whos seeing Hobbit 1 & 2 in theatre, can't wait!

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    2. 3DKiwi


      I'll wait for the DVD. I found the first one excessively long.

    3. Cerbera


      This one is much more of a ride. And you HAVE to be in a theatre for that dragon's voice - a true audio event if there ever was one...

    4. Shazbot


      Wow, glad I saw it, blew me away. Come step into the light!

  2. Arrg, now I can't wait for R15. Maybe i''l get the Deloreon out.

  3. Iron Man 3, Star Trek, Man of Steel, Monsters University, I think I'm going to have a sezuire!

  4. Moi 3D is simply awesome!

  5. Modo 701-The most versatile unfinished 3D software for your needs! fine print: and buggiest...

    1. 3DKiwi


      Yup, they're charging users to be beta testers.

  6. ended up getting a $700 Toshiba Satellite laptop, its pretty nice.

  7. Buying a new quad core laptop for a trip, I hope it suffices.

  8. When baking textures, is it best to keep it 375 degrees? srry couldn't resist!

  9. Version (version 1.0)


    The Cornell Box Test What is a Cornell Box Test? The Cornell Box is a test to determine just about anything when it comes to 3D, whether it's how realistic your renders are, or if any problems may be occurring, and it only goes further as years progress. The test has been around since 1984 and has been widely regarded as one of the best and most versatile for many different needs. The traditional way includes a box that has a red left wall and a green on the right, along with a white ceiling, backwall, and floor. Light is usually emitted from the ceiling, but can also be on the back wall. Shapes are included to better see details and test a variety of materials, whether it's glass, water, subsurface-scattering, reflective, diffuse, etc. Why should I use it? 1. Test render quality. 2. Test render time. 3. Benchmarking. 4. To learn how light works. 5. To test materials. 6. To troubleshoot problems in anti-aliasing, materials, global illumination, and shadows, which can include flickering, banding, splotches, jaggies, etc. 7. Test fps rate needed for your animations. 9. Test export settings. 10. Optimizing render. 11. To show differences such as ambient occlusion vs. global illumination. (Note this list is nowhere near all the uses) Inside Cinema 4D you'll find a variety of presets to use which include different objects in the Box. I've also included my unique Spinning Diagnostic, which is for testing animations. If you have questions or suggestions, send me a message. A simple thanks in the comments can go far! (: Rules: 1.You cannot claim this as your own and give credit where it may be due! 2. You cannot upload this to another site, this is strictly for C4D Cafe! 3. Have fun! (:



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