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  1. Wow thanks for all the extensive examples and explanation CBR, i really appreciate it! it's very helpful for me to get these insights into the hair system and how it behaves. I now realise the limitations and am able to finish the project with this knowledge in mind. You're a lifesaver, and im super grateful. Cheers!
  2. It would be something along the lines of this reference (attached), which is why i was using the thicker strands. Everything i've tried so far to add more detail/fuzz ends up in massive render times. Especially when zooming out to show more of the design, with more strands+fuzz things get heavy very fast. Would hugely appreciate any type of pointers in the right direction!
  3. Thanks for the quick reply CBR! I've reduced the amount of hairs to a minimum( while still keeping it dense enough to feel like a rug) - There's still some banding though (more noticeable in zoomed out view), but it's definitely less. This does tell me that maybe density is not the core of the problem? I'm curious what you think i could do to improve realism on the individual strands and overall scene! i've been struggling with this thing for a while :) scene2.zip
  4. Great thanks CBR! I have it reoccurring in all my scenes. I tried different lighting setups, but all lights seem to create this effect to a degree. Maybe it's a setting in the hair/hair texture that can render it more smoothly? I'm purposely not generating geometry on the hair to keep things light, but it seems to add artefacts here & there. Like banding in the black hair gradients in this example as well. I noticed global illumination gets rid of this problem in particular, but would be great if i could avoid it. Also if there's anybody with tips out there to increase the realism without adding geometry/displacement to the hairs that would be super awesome. Thanks again!
  5. Hi CBR, sure thing, here's the scene file //S scene.zip
  6. Hi guys, i'm generating these large patches of hair but i'm experiencing a banding effect, see attached. Any idea where this might come from and how to get rid of it? i've tried everything Your help would be much appreciated, thanks in advance! Stevijn van Olst
  7. I'm actually getting pretty ok results with displacement, just not getting the proper fuzzy wool feeling. I'm also a bit worried about rendering an entire rug with this method. Wondering if there are better looking methods and ideally more agile options out there?
  8. Hi Hrvoje, thanks for the R20 version, unfortunately i'm not able to view it as i don't have this version of Cinema. I've got the animation set up working, so far so good. Another thing i'm now struggling with is how i can get a wool/fuzzy look on my individual strands without adding any more geometry. My computer is already having a lot to deal with if i'm crafting a larger rug patch. Would you maybe have some pointers on how to simulate this effect somewhat with a shader? i've been playing with wool textures, displacement, noise bumps, etc but it's not getting the fuzzy feel i'm going after. I would be super grateful if you could share your thoughts. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hi HSrdelic, I have R19. Hope that doesn’t over complicate things
  10. Hi everyone, i'm trying to create a tufting effect on a rug where the wool/hair appear sequentially as it's being drawn like the attached example. I've been trying a few things with hair/mosplines and effectors but i can't seem to find the correct approach. Could anybody please point me in the right direction? knowing which method to use will really help me out. Thanks a lot!

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