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  1. The early bird discounts we've made available are entirely optional for those that want to jump to X-Particles 4 on release. There are many groups of X-Particles users, each have their own discount. The two you have quoted are 2.5 to 3.5, not 2.5 to 3.0 and both during very limited periods that are not early bird discounts. The discounts runs until just after release so that you can get X-Particles 4 on the 5th Dec or wait and see what the final features are. X-Particles 4 is a huge update.
  2. If you are not sure you can contact our sales who will be more than happy to help, or you can now check this yourself in the X-Particles License Manager. It displays what type of license you have, if it doesn't say Locked, you are already on the Unlocked license.
  3. I fear we are going in circles here, so please do contact us directly. That this has caused such confusion just highlights why we dropped the split licensing with X-Particles 3.5. All X-Particles users will be getting their early bird discount offers next week. This Unlock offer was to cover any users wanting to stay on X-Particles 3.5 that will then find they don't have the option to Unlock after X-Particles 4. At the same time it also benefits users looking to upgrade by offering a cheaper upgrade path by already being on an Unlocked license. Users from X-Particles 2 who were not on the more expensive Floating license were transferred to the same type of license with X-Particles 3/3.5 (Locked), new users of X-Particles 3.0 had the choice to buy the cheaper Locked. At the time of X-Particles 3.5 this license type ended for new users (not upgrades). X-Particles 4 does not have such a license type so there are two upgrade paths from Locked to XP4 and Unlocked to XP4. It would be entirely wrong of us to simply move all users on the cheaper Locked licenses to X-Particles 4 at the same cost. Users that had paid out for the more expensive Unlocked/Floating or upgraded their Locked to Unlocked could be rightly pretty miffed by that. I'm sorry you feel we are somehow forcing you to do something you don't want to. We made this offer to give users a choice. It seems that as long standing users of X-Particles you were not aware there were different license types or that these changed a long time ago. We have sent out this information a number of times and at the time of X-Particles 3.5. This confusion seems to be for X-Particles 1 and 2 users that may not have realised they were on the cheaper license type. You are not being asked to pay more than newer X-Particles users, the original extra cost was £100 for the Floating/Unlocked type. So at the current 50% offer you have saved, not lost. I hope this helps to give more context.
  4. I'm sorry you feel that way and can understand that as an X-Particles 2 user you may not have been aware of the differences in licensing or changes. The 'Locked' licensing stopped with X-Particles 3.5 and was announced along with pricing change to reflect it. I'm afraid it is not practical to tailor each purchase to only have the features each user needs at a price that fits just those features. It would not have been fair or right to "silently" do something like you suggest.
  5. There seems to be some misunderstanding over the licensing of X-Particles. There has not been a Locked version since X-Particles 3.5, this license type was a relic from X-Particles 2. X-Particles 3.5 and Cycles 4D licenses are a 'floating' license, they are not tied to Cinema 4D or any computer. All X-Particles 4 Licenses will be Unlocked as were all new X-Particles 3.5 licenses. We are offering this promotion as the last chance to move licenses to the Unlocked (Floating) system before it ends with X-Particles 4. Users remaining on X-Particles 3.5 who will never need to use X-Particles with other Cinema 4D serials can continue to use their Locked license, we are not forcing anyone to change. Once the Locked to Unlocked option is no longer available in December, there will be a combined upgrade path from a Locked X-Particles 3.5 to X-Particles 4. Customers who chose to buy a Locked License paid a reduced rate for their License. If you intend to upgrade to X-Particles 4, the cheapest way to do this is to take advantage of the reduced price to Unlock and then upgrade to X-Particles 4 whenever you wish. As of today we've also updated the X-Particles License Manager to make it easier for users to see what license type they have and if Locked, what it is locked to. I hope this helps.
  6. Xparticles 4 release date

    X-Particles is purely CPU based at this point, we are developing GPU code for X-Particles but this won't be for XP4. Full details of XP4 will be shown over the next few weeks via our site and social media. The teaser at IBC is a small part of what XP4 can do so keep watching :)
  7. Xparticles 4 release date

    We will be showing XP4 at IBC, the current teaser is for newsletter subscribers. Full information, images, videos and sneak peaks will be along from October onwards. This is our biggest XP release, it has been a major development investment.
  8. Plugin Development - What Happened?

    I'll bite a little on this one, I can only offer a brief reply... those that attended NAB saw first hand what we've got coming and detailed news will be along in due course. Integration of ExplosiaFX will not disappoint, it is a fantastic and fast system with render support already in the latest Cycles 4D. If you really want to know what INSYDIUM has coming, sign up to our newsletter, like our FB or follow us on twitter. You clearly missed that we announced during NAB that the massive XP4 is coming Q4 2017.
  9. (Plugin) Cycles 4D Release Date 15th November

    It is the same as X-Particles ; if the offline expires (it shows in the Console/About how long it has) it will need an internet connection to validate again, then it can go offline. We do allow customers to contact us for extensions of the offline where required, so if you are travelling and need up to 6 months offline we can change your license offline period (before it goes offline though, once offline, it is fixed until the next online connection).
  10. (Plugin) Cycles 4D Release Date 15th November

    It is a completely new site and the accounts have not been transferred over. The account was only for accessing the downloads and video manual, we've opened these for everyone to access as it simplifies it for customers.
  11. (Plugin) Cycles 4D Release Date 15th November

    Yes, I've added it to the Downloads. HTH.
  12. (Plugin) Cycles 4D Release Date 15th November

    We have two collections of Cycles 4D and X-Particles scenes from the reel in the downloads (including the lava): http://insydium.uk/downloads/ and if you want to see all about Cycles 4D and X-Particles the video manuals are now available for everyone to view: http://insydium.uk/video-manual/ HTH.
  13. (Plugin) Cycles 4D Release Date 15th November

    You may also find the Roadmap for Cycles interesting, they are pretty ambitious: https://wiki.blender.org/index.php/Dev:Source/Render/Cycles/Roadmap
  14. Cycles for C4D

    You can always sign up to our newsletter to be kept informed :) http://3.x-particles.com/newsletter/ We'll be releasing more information about Cycles 4D over the next few weeks.