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  1. I think I saw ToolFarm had an offer for us US cousins but no such love for us here in the EU yet. I did not see any use of bad words on my part, maybe some frosty opinions - I did not intend to offend so apologies if I did. ( I have also edited my original post to be more concise on fact and less of my more colourful quips)
  2. The different tiers are make little sense. As a now pretty new freelance motion designer/3D Generalist I pretty much need studio which should be a tier only set up for Studios. (Dynamics, Hair, Character tool are tools I use regularly) I feel like Studio and Broadcast should have feature parity but Studio have access to 4k or some other "Studio" type restrictions like unlimited Team Rendering or some such. Since I left my last job I'm getting by with Houdini Indie and Blender for personal projects and using whatever in house Cinema when I work on site. I'm holding off till I get my next big work at home job that requires Cinema for my purchase but I'd rather not, especially as each year release features get less impressive (Where's updated UV tools?). Feature for feature Blender leaves Cinema in the dust and it's a real shame that Cinema is industry standard in my field but I'm glad I'm not tied to Maya. I was hoping for a good black Friday deal as well, still there could be Cyber Monday.... (EDIT: Phrasing)
  3. Again thanks for your help. I have given up on the 3 rig setup for the moment, I will post updates if I revisit it and solve it. For now for our IK based animations we might look into Rodenburgs People in Motion R2, this will let us use an IK rig quickly on the mixamo rig which we can bake down to motion clips and combine with mocap motion clips. It looks like it might support mocap in the future also. For cleaning and retargeting custom Mocap the software IKinema webanimate seems to be the best bet. This isn't the exact solution I was looking for, its either/or but it will work well enough for our upcoming project
  4. Thanks for your help. How do you find the workflow with MODO/ACS? Ive seen that it supports re-targeting for Mocap and IK/FK rigs, sort of exactly what I am after but I am wary of MODO as its regarded as a specialist modeling tool with a few generalist features from what I can see. i suppose in the same regard C4D is an awesome Motion Graphics tool with generalist features. I worry about how good its general/character animation tools are to complement the ACS. Sometimes I think we should bite the bullet and just get Maya for our character animation work but I am not sure if I can convince up top to buy the licences since we are pretty heavily invested in C4D. Modo might be more palatable, blender even more so. My work for a solution continues!
  5. Goal: To set up a rig/rigs that would enable a character blend both Mocap/Mixamo animation and IK animation in C4D. Also if possible joint by joint eg. turn on IK just for the arm and hands. Problem: Numerous. I think I am on the right track I have a few other theories to try out(PSR Tags). Currently I am using 3 rigs all with the same bone structure and hierarchy. The Mocap rig with Motion Clips(Driver), The IK rig with keyframes(Driver) and the Target Rig(Driven) and using a Pose Morph tag and some expresso to blend between the 2 (See user data control on Driver Null). This method looks like it would work for an either/or situation between the 2 driver rigs but does not seem to allow control on a per joint basis. The biggest problem I am having at the moment is the blend between the 2 is incorrect (gimbal issue?). I cant seem to freeze the coords of the joints to 0 on the Mocap rig as this ruins the Mocap data positioning from Mixamo(Perhaps the work around would be to bake the motion clips down although that would not be ideal). Advanced: In terms of using our own BVH Mocap data, I think I have figured out a way possibly using Ikinema Webanimate to clean and transfer the Mocap data to the Mixamo rig we have been using as a base and then bring it into cinema. If anyone has any insights on a better workflow i am all ears, project is in R19. Cheers! I had to remove the mesh but the rigs are in the file. Orange=Mocap Yellow=IK White=Output 3_rig_test_nomesh_01.c4d 3_rig_test_nomesh.mp4
  6. Have a look into Arnold, there's a sale on 5 licence bundles at the moment. Its CPU based, pretty slow so youll want a small render farm up and running but just looks beautiful out of the box.
  7. Very Nice! Still getting my head around the changes Can I ask you some more about Pro Render? What kind of settings are you using here and how long did it take on what type of gfx card?



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