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  1. 3D-Pangel, I completely agree with first part of you post. I'm 63, lived a full life and have no family. if it comes down to me getting a respirator or a young person, its young person every time. They are our future. more than ever we need to ban together and help each other. yes isolate in attempt to contain this but help each other to get through this.
  2. like most, it depends on what I am doing. if serious 3D concentration then it is jazz, classical or Indian Raga (Ravi Shankar), if just plinking around then alternative rock.
  3. our store shelves get emptied of necessities every day. : meat, fruit, vegies both frozen and fresh especially toilet paper. toilet paper???? whats up with that? there are people buying 80+ rolls. in reality, just how many do people use? it has gotten so bad stores have put limits on how many can be purchased. even when we have had a hurricane bearing down on us it was never this bad. the governor has come out and said to STOP HORDING, there are enough supplies but people are not listening. I feel really bad for the elderly who cannot get out and about or have no one to shop for them. SMH.
  4. the CDC and NIH say to use alcohol as a disinfectant against COVID-19. So I stopped at liquor store and picked up a bottle of scotch and just to make sure a bottle of jack daniels whisky.
  5. news flash young lady if you work in any industry you ARE A COG IN THE MACHINE, it is their goal to make money some are less brutal about it, but nonetheless, generally speaking,you don't really matter in their grand scheme. most recruiters or interviewers will not let you in on the dirty side of work. you mention doctors, lawyers and such. entry level they get the sh** hours and jobs. so get over it and welcome to the real work-a-day world. if you don't like it go free lance then you are your own boss.
  6. I have scrolled through from top to bottom a couple of times and can't find where I can mark all forums read.
  7. I like the play on this . . . roaring 20's
  8. congratulations, it is really good to see your work get respect
  9. It is good to see Blender doing well, gaining a strong following and seeing Toby moving away because of subs should send shivers down Maxons back. Houdini latest release has a ton of features, they are improving their modeling tools, they release bug fixes, some times on a weekly basis and do release a .5 version (remember those?) about 5 months later. I am really starting to get hang of procedural modeling, it really makes sense and logical. SideFX support is amazing, I emailed an issue I was having Saturday night at 1900 hrs Central US, and within 20 minutes had a response. C4D is still a really strong package, but with weak release, costly subscription plan and people trying out other packages, MAXON had best up its game to stay in the game. to quote Dave: At the pace that Blender is moving, there may be no "long term" horizon that allows MAXON to recoup whatever losses they incur from moving to a subscription plan. That is a real possibility that MAXON cannot ignore.
  10. they could be waiting for next years release to hit it out of the park to get people excited and hooked on C4D, they you have to do SUBSCRIPTION to keep using it, then they can go back to lackluster releases like R21 because they know they have you with their subscription plan.
  11. Houdini drops a full version every fall and a half about 4 to 5 months after that and smaller updates/bug fixes throughout the year. so, yes MAXON can do it if they wish.
  12. I don't drink beer, but free beer with MAXON CEO I would try some.
  13. well said Dave. Yes it is earth shattering Mr McGarvan posted on the Cafe, this has to be a first for a head of MAXON .. or at least that we know of. MAXON could be deluding themselves if they think someone just coming into 3D or has been poking around the 3D arena for a while trying out different software would pay for "monthly" subscription when they can get Blender for free or Houdini Apprentice for free (not sure of others). Once the newbie gets fully into Blender, for example, they won't see the need to move on to something else, especially something they have to pay for. Freelancers would probably start with C4D if it were actually month to month. They could use it for a job or jobs then in lean times not pay for subscription. You have not entirely painted yourself into a corner but you are rapidly running out of exit space. this is all I will comment on about MAXON subscription path/plan. As Dave said they have invested a lot of time, energy and hardware to change because of some disgruntled users. I do not want MAXON to fail but I fear this path might not end well for them and C4D. **SIGH**
  14. me too. I made my decision, I did not renew MSA and won't pay subscription so I am out. edit: an ignominious ending or beginning to a once leading 3D software.
  15. for Houdini Indie I pay $269 for one year or $400 for two years.
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