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  1. That took care of the issue. Thank you once again. maybe in the next 1,000 years I might get the ins and outs of this program.
  2. I am following a animated GIF tutorial, he outputs to quicktime which is no longer an option. so how do I render my animation as individual frames? I tried the not so helpful help and I went into render settings: save/typed file name/clicked the right arrow and selected frame range 000_000. it always renders the current image not any other frames.
  3. ah, thanks. I was told it was possible but could never seem to get it. now I know.
  4. how do I change the default size/scale step from 1 to 0.1 when you click the arrow? I made a change but the SET AS DEFAULT was grayed out.
  5. cool, nifty little tip and much needed.
  6. I agree about thu still thread being locked
  7. very nice design
  8. oh yes.
  9. I was fortunate to travel the world while I was in the USAF. I got to see things most "tourist" don't get to see because it is off the beaten path.
  10. From the album bobc4d

    from a Nikomedia tutorial
  11. I just started playing with compositing and camera mapping. It is a new realm, fun and addicting.
  12. this is really incredible and well worth the time to watch. how the professor set this up is inspiring.
  13. count me in as well.
  14. Thanks Cerbera and JLeaburn, I appreciate the input. this is why I asked at such an early stage instead of getting well down the road and finding out it dead ends and hafta turn around.
  15. this is early stages but would like opinions on which looks better before I get too far into this. I am kinda leaning toward the left. reference pics look more like right but blue prints kinda go toward left one.