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  1. Nice work, agree with standing on broken skulls
  2. I like the evil look of it, nice touch. and very smooth geometry as always.
  3. Thanks Cerbera, I figured I was having a senior moment but wasn't sure. It was probably they were using a plane with the images on it that I was remembering.
  4. was/is there a way to see your background images in perspective view? I thought I have seen it before in tutorials but can't seem to find it. then again it could just be I imagined the whole thing.
  5. As for a last,meal, ask for Northern Minnesota fried cicadas, they only pop up every 17 years and they came outta hibernation two months ago and gave died, so it'll be another 17 years before the current ones come back out. ;-)
  6. I stumbled on it few months back but now I haven't been able to find it again. where is my gallery and how do I edit its content?
  7. this is what is so great about this site, always has been.
  8. shrinkage, its a guy thing. ;-)
  9. I believe you are and it's subtle, not over done.
  10. it is hard for us in the 21st century with hacker/slasher movies to think in terms of 17th/18th century people who didn't really know much about the world around them and would be terrified by things which go bump in the night. Mary Shelly and Bram Stoker did.
  11. WOW this is really good, creepy and old world terrifying. Very well done.
  12. I was in much need of a laugh, thank you. Superb work and animation. The gerbil was my favorite.
  13. thanks guys, so many of you seem so in tune with 3D in general and C4D specifically I figured you'd blast through a project with a few hick ups and would not have the need to say heck with it and scrap the thing. It seems I am in good company.
  14. Have you ever gotten about 25% into a project, not like the direction it was headed, scrapped it and started afresh? using the back ups isn't an option because you want to change directions
  15. how about specs on machine? doubtful it is a 4 core ;-)