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  1. Tell Tale Heart

    that file did not play, unsupported format????
  2. Tell Tale Heart

    I know this will be good, you have a great way to bring these to life. another Poe favorite of mine is The Cask of Amontillado. One music group from the 80's who did a commendable job on his stuff was The Alan Parsons Project - Tales of Mystery and Imagination . I don't know what happened to that CD, prolly lost in all my military moves.
  3. I must have missed this one. I like it, cute and moves along at a good clip. I love the character
  4. yes it was. GaryT in this post said he had same issue :
  5. I was able to get my password reset by sending a message but when I tried to use the "I forgot my password" I never did get an email to reset it. Another users said the same thing in the WIP forum.
  6. wh40k terminator

    this is really great stuff. I like the design. I reformatted my drive, forgot password and tried the "I forgot my password" link and never did get the email. so there must be something up.
  7. For the Engineers Among Us

    yes Dave, that was my thought very Animusic in script/design
  8. Subdivision Bevel

    you might look into Make it Look Great tutorial, he does a great job on keeping things quads. http://motionworks.net/shop/making-it-look-great-11/
  9. I love the character and animation, had to laugh on the topic. spot on.
  10. You CAN high detail model in Houdini

    he does admit the topology is not as good as it could be as he used VDB's, still learning so not to sure what that is but I know it does create dense mesh and for the most part he mostly used quads. Houdini is not used as a modeler so much but it is moving toward that direction.
  11. for those who believe you can't do any serious hard surface modeling in Houdini, look at this. NO, I didn't model it just posting to show Houdini can do hard surface modeling the detail is amazing so is the node tree for it. C4D has a node tree behind the scenes too you just don't see it.
  12. The Same Song

    LOL, yeah that about sums it up and bad things always seem to come in threes.
  13. Leaving C4D-Land.

    I would really look forward to that tutorial. as spiralstair said, Houdini Apprentice is free, it does have limitations in a few areas but overall it has all the same function as Indie and if you don't renew you revert back to Apprentice AND you don't get dinged if you wait a year or two to jump back into Indie. ;-)
  14. Leaving C4D-Land.

    in general, yes you can make a change in first node and it will propagate that change through the rest of the nodes. a lot depends on how you modeled the first node. I hacked up the sphere as you did and that would cause it to not work but if I had gone through and removed the unused parts of the sphere using different and somewhat more complicated method then yes I could make changes and it would work its way through the nodal tree. thanks for the compliment, it was a fun exercise to do and it helps learning Houdini.
  15. Leaving C4D-Land.

    Dan, yes Houdini does have direct hands on polygon modelling. long time Houdini-ites would say something like "if you change this and that" you could make it procedural I have this in another thread, it is based on Cerbera column GIF tutorial and the resulting Houdini nodes. most things were pretty much the same in Houdini as C4D.