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  1. K doesn't bring up knife tool now

    CBR, yes on both. I did install the HB.res and I made a backup. I guess I glossed over the 'warning' it would overwrite the shortcuts. so I guess I'll call this solved.
  2. I loaded HB modeling tools and I either did something or HB tools did, but pressing K does not bring up the knife tools menu. I looked in the customization window, there is a knife tool there but not the same one as going K. any idea how to bring it back?
  3. thanks CBR. I forgot the double click, was hitting the delete key.
  4. how do I remove an item from menu bar? I have two instances of optimize tool and want to remove one
  5. My 2 latest film in a festival

    how very amazing, best of luck on the viewings.
  6. working on a project and I had a oil tank object which I had modified, but when I selected all polygons I had some normals which were reversed. so I selected all polygons and ran align normals, nothing happened. I tried several times, still nothing. curiosity got me so I opened a new project, selected tank object, made editable, selected polys, reversed normals, they turned blue, selected all polys, ran align normals and all beautiful golden color,so of course it worked just fine.
  7. I have a PC, R19 and use dual monitors without issue. did you save it as startup? (windows/customization/save as start up) or you could even save it as "new"
  8. holy moly that is some amazing modeling, especially that wicker basket and all quads to boot. very well done CBR. will you be able to show the finished product after it has been out?
  9. when you did your set selection, did you ensure the other set selections were not highlighted?
  10. The Birth of Motion Graphics

    that thing should be in the Smithsonian to hold for posterity
  11. not sure why I didn't notice it before but win 10 has a "night light" option to stop/reduce monitor blue light from affecting your sleep or so they say. anyway, I was playing around with it, I had the screen orange and it took me back to the early days of PC's with the monochrome monitors in the late 80's. wow time travel. lol so, do you use the night light and have you noticed any difference?
  12. how can Blender be free?

    I looked at Blender and everything it does got me to wondering, for all it does why are they giving it away? they could easily ask $100 for it and it would still be a bargain. it is a really deep program but not as intuitive nor has as easy an GUI as C4D.
  13. you are welcome. I am having an issue with the latest version of Houdini (trying it out) in that it doesn't load properly. I get to the "desktop" but there no icons, it doesn't work and during the initiation sequence it throws a lot of write errors. Their help desk sent several suggestions, the last one being my NVidia driver saying that the latest drivers are causing this issue and to roll back to 378.66 edit: . . . . .and of course that didn't work.
  14. Hey CBR, I tried you crash 3 times situation and it worked every time with 24, 48, 96 and 192 segments. I deleted the top half of points, then selected about 6 or so points at a go with rectangle selection tool and deleted. I went through all point deletions without any issues. I tried in front view and perspective view. i5 4670 3.4 GHz 16 gig ram NVidia GeForce GTX950 windows 10 Home 64 bit I have C4D on "D" drive by itself and not on C with windows
  15. what vfx software should i choose

    yes especially with Houdini apprentice being free and Indie $200.00 a cheap intro into that program to get proficient then you can purchase full blown version