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  1. overall really good, the only thing is left side of desk where it turns and heads back to wall. there is something about it that just feels "off", I dunno what, can't put my finger on it, just something that seems not right about it. what you need now is background noise of the whining, buzz of the drill as the dentist tortures . . . I mean works on the patient.
  2. yes on needing an Indie license or some such. Houdini Indie (which I now use) is only restricted if you make less than $100K with it. its cost is annual fee of $269 a year or $400 for two years. if you lapse, the software reverts back to Apprentice (free) and you are restricted in exporting to FBX, render resolution and I believe watermark. if you go two years then renew you don't get screwed, it is still $269 to get back into Indie. I feel this is where MAXON should really change its policy by not punishing so expensively if you skip two or three years of MSA.
  3. bobc4d


    I agree Dave and the clean version is good. regardless of which version they are needed, we don't have a planet B to go to.
  4. nicely done. would you show the wire frames?
  5. Houdini's UV tools are superb, easy to use and do a great job. I mean I was able to use them after a 5 minute tutorial . . . LOL
  6. Houdini just had presentation for what is in 17.5 has some really great things for a .5 update. PDG - Procedural Dependency Graph which in a nutshell parallels, among other things simulations and physics, into one CPU cycle - work flow and pipeline efficiency. MAXON better start stepping up its game to keep in the eye of FX houses.
  7. well done. I really like the ghostly image of Lenore and the Raven. pace is good and story telling as always spot on. oh side note: did people really speak that way in mid 1800's? I know some of the Raven is prose, still there would have to be a similarity to speech patterns of the time, or I would believe so.
  8. I like the shader on wrench, it looks like a tool which has seen its share of weather and less than taken care of. only thing I would change is a bit of texture wearing on handle
  9. I have received 2 text messages from the two credit cards I have. both have similar message about there is an urgent issue needing my attention blah blah blah and to click link in text. firstly that link is HTTP not HTTPS and secondly CC companies won't send you a text and have you click on a link. What is more worrisome is HOW did these scammers get my cell number associated with the cards? A friend said she has received 3 of the same phishing text this week.
  10. No good can come from this, from a user standpoint that is. more times than not when you get under Adobe's umbrella you cease to exist. I'll hold out hope but will expect the worse. there is already 28 pages on Allegorithmic's site announcement forum and no one is giving this a thumbs up. people are really PO'd
  11. I like the idea of the snow, for me snow (few times I have seen it) give a comforting sense yet at same time the cold dark of winter.
  12. this is coming along really nicely Nigel. I am starting to get my head around Houdini's procedural modeling and am finding it the way to go I am really starting to like it. Hard surface modeling tutorials are few because that is not Houdini's bread and butter but they are starting to take it a bit more serious.
  13. looking good. where did you get the green chinese tiger model which is on mantel? I actually have a real one about that scale size but in a redish color
  14. that was really cute, well paced and love the character. reminds me of when I was stationed in England in the 1980's, my landlords wife would go into hysterics over the word ZIT. she thought it was the funniest thing she ever heard.



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