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  1. bobc4d

    The raven

    looking good. where did you get the green chinese tiger model which is on mantel? I actually have a real one about that scale size but in a redish color
  2. bobc4d

    new animation - side effects

    that was really cute, well paced and love the character. reminds me of when I was stationed in England in the 1980's, my landlords wife would go into hysterics over the word ZIT. she thought it was the funniest thing she ever heard.
  3. bobc4d

    Architectural interior

    over all, very good. I have two observations and they are nit picky: the center light on right side is not in line with other two, being OCD, that bugs me and the second is the tiles on floor, usually they are not in a line, they are off set from each other.
  4. bobc4d

    Cineversity Live stream September 11th

    yes, gotta watch this because: the Nose knows.
  5. bobc4d

    C4DCafe - Introduction to R20 Nodes

    will this training work with Prime?
  6. bobc4d

    R20: Install / Setup Questions Thread

    I had that with R19 and still have an issue where, when I start C4D, it is fine, close it and I get an error, restart and C4D wants to send in an error report. I did nothing other than start and close C4D
  7. bobc4d

    Solidify Generator/Tool

    I will go out on a limb and assume it will work with R20?
  8. bobc4d

    if N-Gons are bad why have them ?

    if you want to learn good tips to quad modeling this is a great tutorial series, he goes into detail why you do not want tri's and ngons and how to avoid them. it is not cheap but very well worth it. https://motionworks.net/shop/making-it-look-great-11/
  9. bobc4d


    Rick, why do you have Prime as an option for product? I looked at the comparison chart and the only difference I could see between Prime and BodyPaint is that Bodypaint INCLUDES SCULTPTING (which is also missing in Broadcast and Visualize). they both cost the same, have same cost for upgrades and MSA.
  10. bobc4d


    Nigel, I agree about the VDB and Prorender but I guess that's the price for being way up in the cheap seats. I really thought this would be THE ONE with core and UV update hence one of the reason why I came back with Prime. I will keep this version,R20 as the cost of MSA will nearly get me two years worth of Houdini Indie updates
  11. bobc4d


    Thank you Rick.
  12. bobc4d


    Is VDB part of Prime? I like it in Houdini but care must be used because you can quickly gets loits of volume and SLOW your machine down What about modeling tools updates, prime gets love or not? What about s one of new rendering modes? What about material nodes, prime or not?
  13. here is file with texture. I will bet lunch it looks just fine on your system. texture issue.c4d
  14. bobc4d

    Isn't R20 Just Around The Corner?

    I wish you a return to complete health as I can totally relate to an uncertain future Dan. we will be around for a long time.
  15. bobc4d

    Isn't R20 Just Around The Corner?

    as a Prime user, other than core and maybe hopefully a UV rewrite, my expectations are low for R20 only because I probably won't see most of updates. I do hope it is THE one as that will be good for MAXON.