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  1. Is This Bad Geometry ?

    I really appreciate your doing this. I will store this in memory banks, hopefully I can remember it. LOL yeah I gave you the old original mesh where I inner extruded. the red and green in render shot had the inner extrude removed and use of bevel in an SDS.
  2. Is This Bad Geometry ?

    thank you CBR here is the file, you are the best. I want to know how to do it correctly. I do have it looking "ok" as far as rendering goes. I cheated by using bevel then into SDS but as I said, I want to learn to do it correctly instead of just "ok" gray is original mesh, corners are jittery green is solid bevel in SDS red is chamfer bevel in SDS AT-PT_mesh help.c4d
  3. Is This Bad Geometry ?

    capitalization, what's that??? LOL it is going under an SDS and I get jagged corners and hence the reason I posted. I have tried different things but nothing seems to makes the corners sharp without having a ton of mesh in SDS
  4. is this bad geometry? everything is quads, all are 4 poles. does it matter if edges/polys do not loop? it will be flat, no curvature on mesh
  5. MAXON Quick Tip #200

    I have not tried MOP's yet I've been working on a C4D model. Have you? Glenn Frey played for a group called the Eagles from early 70's to 1980, then reformed in mid 1990's
  6. Automotive Modeling in Cinema 4D

    3D Passion also has car tutorials https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXjq8Bgt4iFb6lhI-kUIT0A/videos
  7. MAXON Quick Tip #200

    this Glenn Frey is a MAXON employee, right? the other who played for Eagles died in 2016
  8. What direction to go now?

    I know some of what CBR will say. His suggestion on how to model the ship would usually apply to most every model you make: a blender, toaster, lamp, car etc.
  9. Roland SH-09 Synth

    really nice, especially texture of faded once was white keys and modeling is amazing as always
  10. WOW Dave I did that search and man some of those people really are off kilter
  11. Just when I thought I was out . . . .

    VaroMix came up with a polygon pen tool in Houdini, start with a grid add a topobuild then attach grid to righthand input on topobuild.
  12. I did not mind the prequels and if you think about it the originals had their wincing moments too. Jar Jar, that bumbling nincompoop was annoying as hell but if you step back, he was the cause of Palpatine's ascendance to emperor by nominating him for chancellor. then the child Anakin, - cherub faced, always giving, thinking of others completely selfless grows up to be Darth Vader. I found them fun and different. the last jedi was ok but I hated Finn's character, he was completely useless. Kylo, come on - he force froze a blaster bolt for like 5 minutes but got his ass kicked by a janitor with zero light saber training SMH. Kylo could have and should have force froze Finn then sliced and diced him when those two fought. haven't heard good things about Solo
  13. How to Model This?

    CBR you are so incredible awesome to go through this step by step, you help so many people here. thank you.
  14. Thanks to the Cafe...

    this is what is so great about our little community, we are all in it together and help each other.
  15. IG-88 "Dominate"

    I like it. I see a different message than what others might see. but I like it