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  1. WOW, that is truly amazing. the detail and modeling is simply humbling. very well done.
  2. Leaving C4D-Land.

    another aspect of Houdini is their tech support. I used to think MAXON's was great but SideFX is superior. after hours and weekends you can get answers usually with an hour if not much more quickly. they have amazing bug reporting , send it in and you'll get a response saying "thanks we'll look into it" or "this is how you can work around it until we get it solved" or "not really a bug, this is how you do it", not silence.
  3. Leaving C4D-Land.

    there are old-school C4D "masters" who scoff at using plugins (like GSG topcoat) to accomplish something which "could" be done without plugins. when I used C4D I used those plugins because: 1 - I was a hobbyist and would go many weeks without firing up C4D and 2 - it saved me time. I am learning Houdini, it is a steep learning curve but I like the procedural modeling.
  4. wow, that detail is stunning. very well done, you have far more patience than I.
  5. amazing modeling and so very good. this is a link from a post in the general section at CGTalk, shows concept art from 1975 by Ralph McQuarrie on his ideas for The Star Wars. https://movieweb.com/star-wars-trailer-concept-art-ralph-mcquarrie/
  6. Leaving C4D-Land.

    there are things in Houdini which should be a normal tool(s) but require an asset, like a making a helix. the helix is not part of the tool set but you can create a helix with a couple of different tools to achieve the same effect or you can use an already existing helix asset. I have been playing around with Houdini for about 3 weeks, it is really starting to gel and am getting faster accomplishing things. from what I have gleaned, it takes a lot more forethought and planning to model something in Houdini than C4D but then modeling is not Houdini's bread and butter.
  7. I received an email from PixelLabs , it had an interesting meshbool tool. from watching the demos it looks great and it changeable on the fly.one thing is they never showed the NGons so the effect on geometry is unknown . . . . . take a look, it is pricey but for all it does it might be worth the cost if you're not all concerned about geometry and getting the output quickly. I would love to get CBR's take on this. http://www.thegreatsummit.com/product/meshboolean/?ref=2
  8. Leaving C4D-Land.

    I sold my C4D license for reasons completely unrelated to costs of MSA or the seemingly lack of quality upgrades. I believe C4D is unequaled in its intuitiveness and ease of use. My leaving was a very personal reason which only a couple of people here know. I looked at Blender, I just couldn't get into it it just didn't feel right to me. Then I tried Houdini. Something about Houdini just clicked for me. Maybe it is the complexity and having to jump though a dozen hoops to do simple things in Houdini but it feels comfortable to me, frustrating, but comfortable and with what I have going on in my life I needed the focus and patience it takes to do those simple things. If it weren't for what I have going on I would still have R19 and be banging the drums of R20.
  9. Leaving C4D-Land.

    I sold my C4D license couple of weeks back and started learning Houdini Apprentice. this FREE version is not really a "lite" version aside from you can't use an outside renderer and is great to learn on. After learning it I will be getting the Indie license and at only $200 a year is a hell of a deal. It has taken a lot of effort to "unlearn" C4D's way of doing things and get into the procedural mindset. Once you get used to it, it really does make a lot of sense. Yes some things take a lot more effort to accomplish in Houdini than a series of clicks in C4D. There are random crashes but their tech support is pretty quick to follow up. If you have a suggestion for a tool, a quick email to their support and they do get back to you. they had two releases this year H16 in February and just released H16.5 From watching the H16.5 release they seem like they are moving focusing on FX to all aspects of CG. All in all I like Houdini.
  10. Industrial Plug Model

    while his comments might seem harsh to some viewing this thread, listen and take to heart what CBR says, he really know his stuff when it comes to proper modeling techniques. His intent is to help you and others become better modelers.
  11. Emperor Royal Guard Helm

    really nice work as always and all quads :-)
  12. Time travel back to 2000

    I still have my copy of R9 on 5 or 6 CD's, core and all the modules (remember those?) which I got when I took an online C4D class.
  13. K doesn't bring up knife tool now

    CBR, yes on both. I did install the HB.res and I made a backup. I guess I glossed over the 'warning' it would overwrite the shortcuts. so I guess I'll call this solved.
  14. I loaded HB modeling tools and I either did something or HB tools did, but pressing K does not bring up the knife tools menu. I looked in the customization window, there is a knife tool there but not the same one as going K. any idea how to bring it back?
  15. thanks CBR. I forgot the double click, was hitting the delete key.