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  1. I picked up Redshift from that sale.
  2. I would go for the new AMD Ryzen Threadripper 3990X is a 64 core, 128 thread processor. 64 cores??? I remember when a DX2 486 was top dog.
  3. To beat a dead horse and your auto narrative, the issue with C4D now is you only lease your Audi, you stop making payments they repossess it until you start making payments again.
  4. I have been asking Houdini for camera mapping since moving over. again, modeling is not their bread and butter but I persist
  5. this is a two part tutorial. he offers the materials on his patreon page
  6. nostalgia is what brings me back. to see old friends and such. if Cinema had not gone subscription I would have stayed and not jumped to Houdini but "all good things . . . "
  7. I use one drive. I have Office 365 so I have 1 TB storage.
  8. ah ok, now I see it on sub-forums, I only looked on forums home page not sub-forums
  9. here you go CBR, I split it up so I could enlarge it more. Thanks for the compliment. when I first started Houdini modeling tutorials many use boolean node as a quick and down n dirty method of getting quick result and they don't worry about geometry so much. I didn't model this as efficiently as I could and should have but the exercise was in using Houdini's polydraw node.
  10. about all the edit nodes, I used several because I jumped around from pushing points, back to polydraw, back to pushing points instead of pushing points toward the end all with one edit node. the cock was really an exercise in seeing how different modeling with polydraw was vs polypen. I am still learning Houdini and don't yet see need/reason to procedurally model a hard surface model like the clock. this took me about 45 minutes to model. it is still a learning process Houdini's bread and butter core is still FX, they are making inroads with modeling tools.
  11. I am glad I jumped too. Houdini Indie license is $269 per year or $399 for two years, node locked. Indie is a full copy just limits on some things and is restricted to making $100K a year with it. the beauty of Houdini is if you let it lapse and later come back it is same price, you don't get slammed and if you do it reverts to Apprentice which has a few reductions, mostly on exports and render resolution. for full disclosure I am a hobbyist so I can learn Houdini at my leisure as I move into retirement in a year or two. I looked into it also and would cost me $720 a year subscription, also if I quit paying I have a digital paperweight.
  12. I followed Make it Look Great tutorial on diamonds and his mantle clock in Houdini. Houdini has a PolyDraw node, which acts like C4D polypen but is much more cumbersome. I have attached the wireframe of clock and Houdini node tree so you have a idea what it looks like. while node tree looks busy, it is probably the same with C4D but which probably does it behind the scenes. the beauty of nodes is after the fact, if I want to change the bevel amount or select more/deselect edges, I can without screwing up geometry.
  13. yes that but it is not showing up on my screen. also, home page is broken. again, at least on my page.
  14. where is "mark all read" or will it be fixed in new version?
  15. there were/are people here which believe Corona virus started in Mexico because it brews(ed) Corona beer.
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