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  1. for Houdini Indie I pay $269 for one year or $400 for two years.
  2. after stewing it over for several days, even with the thought of getting R21 studio for cost of my Prime MSA, I came to the conclusion that in the long run it just is not viable for me to stick with C4D. I will not renew my MSA, keep R20 prime loaded on my PC and continue my journey in Houdini. One of the big factors with sticking with Houdini is it has a water/sand simulator as well as really good particles and pyro without the need of $$ plugins. Modeling tools are coming along but Houdinis bread and butter is FX and thus their focus but they do see people are clambering for modeling tools and they are working on them. Their support is terrific, even on weekends you can get email answers. I wish MAXON well and hope this works out for them, truly I do. Peace
  3. when R21 rolls out you'll need to change things a bit on what version one is running: you just need R21 (no studio needed cuz R21 is all there is) and add Sub (subscription)
  4. @Raischub thank you for the well reasoned reply. I have been playing with Houdini for about two years and really learning it over the last 8 months, I am coming along but there is SO much to that program I feel like I did when first starting out in C4D. I have made decent progress and would hate to give up/in that progress. I may keep learning it and dust the cobwebs off C4D and use both but then that'll probably put my brain in complete meltdown. @Icecaveman I don't really see it as bending over more like being given an ice cream cone when it is 10°F outside. It left me with a cold feeling. I was pissed off at first because when the announcement that "that guy" from Adobe was coming on board a couple of years ago there was much teeth gnashing that C4D would go subscription. If I recall our fears were allayed not "officially" but in general terms that it most likely would not happen. well it did and after cooling my feeling now is: Dr. Strangelove: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Subscription.
  5. I've been on the fence about coming back into the fold and renewing my MSA. While the thought of getting R21 Studio for the price of my MSA has many perks this whole subscription nonsense has me questioning that choice. too many unknowns. Just how perpetual is perpetual; 2, 3 , 5 years? also the phone home every two weeks scheme doesn't sit well with me, what happens if I forget to fire it up for a month? I would imagine it shuts down until it contacts MAXON? is there a penalty or does it just press on like before? I have two weeks, hopefully some more information will be forthcoming before then.
  6. I'm in the same place. the power of Houdini is incredible BUT if you need to bang out a quick detailed model it ain't gonna happen in Houdini or at least from my meager perspective I do love the node aspect. for instance you don't like the bevel you applied you just go up to the node, make your change and it cascades down. Sometime Houdini does through a curve ball, sometimes you don't get expected results, try again and it works, you didn't make any changes yet the second go it works.
  7. I have been coming to the Cafe for a very long time and it has always been a great place to learn and ask questions. the people here are the best, a great group.
  8. Rick, another question. in the past, if I recall correctly, we could install C4D on a thumb drive. can that still be done with R21?
  9. Thank you for clearing that up Rick. there is much disinformation going around.
  10. even though I don't stop by as much as I used to I like the new look of the Cafe. it looks clean, crisp and uptown. well done.
  11. I paid $400 for a two year license for Houdini Indie. if I decide not to renew in two years it reverts back to Apprentice, still fully functional but can't use third party render, export FBX and a size limitation in animation/visual. Also, and this was big for me, SideFX doesn't hammer you if you skip a few upgrades, still same price if you renew year to year or skip a few. Also they listen to their users. I found a bug, submitted it and two months later they pushed an update with the fix and a few other fixes. Houdini isn't all unicorns and rainbows it has quirks but they are working on it. My worry with C4D would be will increase in subscription cost. would MAXON guarantee no price increases to subscriptions for several years? doubtful. I'd hate to have all my eggs in the subscription basket for $60 a month then a few years down the road it goes up to 70 or 80 or 100 and you get priced out. if it were truly month to month, which my understanding it isn't, you could pay for a couple months to get your work in and export it then let subscription lapse and move on.
  12. not to bash but thats what they said couple of years ago and nothing came of it.
  13. overall really good, the only thing is left side of desk where it turns and heads back to wall. there is something about it that just feels "off", I dunno what, can't put my finger on it, just something that seems not right about it. what you need now is background noise of the whining, buzz of the drill as the dentist tortures . . . I mean works on the patient.
  14. yes on needing an Indie license or some such. Houdini Indie (which I now use) is only restricted if you make less than $100K with it. its cost is annual fee of $269 a year or $400 for two years. if you lapse, the software reverts back to Apprentice (free) and you are restricted in exporting to FBX, render resolution and I believe watermark. if you go two years then renew you don't get screwed, it is still $269 to get back into Indie. I feel this is where MAXON should really change its policy by not punishing so expensively if you skip two or three years of MSA.
  15. bobc4d


    I agree Dave and the clean version is good. regardless of which version they are needed, we don't have a planet B to go to.
  16. nicely done. would you show the wire frames?
  17. Houdini's UV tools are superb, easy to use and do a great job. I mean I was able to use them after a 5 minute tutorial . . . LOL
  18. Houdini just had presentation for what is in 17.5 has some really great things for a .5 update. PDG - Procedural Dependency Graph which in a nutshell parallels, among other things simulations and physics, into one CPU cycle - work flow and pipeline efficiency. MAXON better start stepping up its game to keep in the eye of FX houses.
  19. well done. I really like the ghostly image of Lenore and the Raven. pace is good and story telling as always spot on. oh side note: did people really speak that way in mid 1800's? I know some of the Raven is prose, still there would have to be a similarity to speech patterns of the time, or I would believe so.
  20. I like the shader on wrench, it looks like a tool which has seen its share of weather and less than taken care of. only thing I would change is a bit of texture wearing on handle
  21. I have received 2 text messages from the two credit cards I have. both have similar message about there is an urgent issue needing my attention blah blah blah and to click link in text. firstly that link is HTTP not HTTPS and secondly CC companies won't send you a text and have you click on a link. What is more worrisome is HOW did these scammers get my cell number associated with the cards? A friend said she has received 3 of the same phishing text this week.
  22. No good can come from this, from a user standpoint that is. more times than not when you get under Adobe's umbrella you cease to exist. I'll hold out hope but will expect the worse. there is already 28 pages on Allegorithmic's site announcement forum and no one is giving this a thumbs up. people are really PO'd
  23. I like the idea of the snow, for me snow (few times I have seen it) give a comforting sense yet at same time the cold dark of winter.
  24. this is coming along really nicely Nigel. I am starting to get my head around Houdini's procedural modeling and am finding it the way to go I am really starting to like it. Hard surface modeling tutorials are few because that is not Houdini's bread and butter but they are starting to take it a bit more serious.

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