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  1. Yes I know but still cannot be comfortable with the last ones about R20 . It's not only about money I would have appreciate some words telling us that news before we made the investement. Because I can't believe the decision was made from one day to the other. I really though that C4D cafe had another manner to treat customers and I'm a old one having followed Vertex Pusher from the first time. Sad to see as for MAXON the customer isn't so important ( When will they move the progarmmers to get a usuable UV tool). But anyway I will have to live with that but really sad about it.
  2. My question is, does it seems normal for people like me how paid for those trainings ?
  3. Very very bad news hope they will not kill all the good things at Allegorithmic .
  4. Great idea realy pleased with the initiative
  5. The plug-in of Salvatore are really the thing to have
  6. Many Thanks to you and a very happy New Year
  7. Each year the same , my questions why making different languages if the client that doesn't speak german can't get access to the info the same day. For the french translation same thing for years I don't know how it's organised by MAXON but it'es really a mess
  8. The more I'm watching the training the more I'm amazed by the quality of it. A lot of people out there should learn from it .
  9. Hello, Just testing that training a little bit, great work as usual but could we please get access to the working files . It's for me something fundamental to get exactly the same result .
  10. As said before no UV changes so sad



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