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  1. So simple great Thanks a lot you save me.
  2. Ao example is useless but ok thanks a lot.
  3. Ok thanks, that was the problem using Standard render.
  4. I tried it with a custom scene, I'm not a specialist but for me it worked without problem. I put my scene so that you can look at it. I didn't do anything special. Hope I understood it well.Sphere.c4d
  5. Yes I know but where do y connect that image in the "Bsdf" emission port and erasing the diffuse is that the way to do things. And for the AO ?
  6. The rendering is really noisy sory I can't be more specific :-) 24 sec of rendering. The only way I found was checking the " use Color Channel for Node material" the rendering becomes faster but not the same result. So how can I get rid of that noise, without hours of rendering. It's a basic standard render without any modyfication. Not sure of that solution. By the way because your are the Node master :-), could you give me some tips about my other question about HDRI and AO couldn't find anything neither in the help neither in your training. Maybe I'm doing the things the wrong way. Thanks
  7. Hello Again, I checked the web but could not find an answer to that question , How do I connect an HDRI image to a node based material ? Same question for AO Maps. Thanks
  8. Hello, Is there an efficent method to get rid of the noise in Nodal textures without needing hours to render of course. Thanks. Philippe
  9. Hello, In fact it's a mac osx mojave security problem. You have to activate in the system preferences security ( the little house) and allow c4d in the confidentiality part to control your computer . Sorry i'm not a regular user of mac osx and when I used it the interface is in French hope you understand what I mean. Robotnik
  10. Yes I know but still cannot be comfortable with the last ones about R20 . It's not only about money I would have appreciate some words telling us that news before we made the investement. Because I can't believe the decision was made from one day to the other. I really though that C4D cafe had another manner to treat customers and I'm a old one having followed Vertex Pusher from the first time. Sad to see as for MAXON the customer isn't so important ( When will they move the progarmmers to get a usuable UV tool). But anyway I will have to live with that but really sad about it.
  11. My question is, does it seems normal for people like me how paid for those trainings ?



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