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  1. This is the Autodesk Roadmap that I'm talking about, for 3ds Max: https://area.autodesk.com/blogs/the-3ds-max-blog/3ds-max-public/ I'd love to see something like that for Cinema 4D.
  2. Hi everyone, I remember some years ago, especially during the release of Cinema 4D r17, that there was a lot of talk about MAXON releasing the roadmap for Cinema 4D. But MAXON employees and some users argued that was impossible, that no company could do that, because it would be dangerous, it would give too much info for the competition, etc... Well, Autodesk recently released a roadmap for 3ds Max. If Autodesk can do it, why not MAXON? I think it would be very useful for users to have a Cinema 4D roadmap, so we can plan our upgrades better. What do you guys think?
  3. Hello Icecaveman, I would be interested in having the plugin, mainly for the painting feature. I'm from Brazil, currently studying in the US, so software is very expensive for me, so any useful free plugin would be great. My own version of Cinema 4D is Bodypaint 3D r18 because it was the only one I could afford (although I've been working with the Studio version for some years in the company I was working for in Brazil until last year). Now I'm in the US, finishing a Master degree in Digital Media Design. So If you gave me the plugin, I'd use it to help painting the textures of the 3D characters for my final project (it will be a 11 minutes scifi animation, anime-style). Although I'm not the most prolific poster here, I think I have contributed in the discussions I participated. Just check my past posts to see what you think. Best,
  4. You can easily edit the V hotkey. I do that since R13, when I switched form Maya and edited the V menu to be similar to the Maya's hotbox. Just go to Windows>Customization>Customize Menus, then edit the M_GLOBAL_POPUP. That's the V menu. you can edit the current submenus or create new ones and add any command.



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