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  1. hikarubr

    Give-Away of 4D Publish

    Hello Icecaveman, I would be interested in having the plugin, mainly for the painting feature. I'm from Brazil, currently studying in the US, so software is very expensive for me, so any useful free plugin would be great. My own version of Cinema 4D is Bodypaint 3D r18 because it was the only one I could afford (although I've been working with the Studio version for some years in the company I was working for in Brazil until last year). Now I'm in the US, finishing a Master degree in Digital Media Design. So If you gave me the plugin, I'd use it to help painting the textures of the 3D characters for my final project (it will be a 11 minutes scifi animation, anime-style). Although I'm not the most prolific poster here, I think I have contributed in the discussions I participated. Just check my past posts to see what you think. Best,
  2. hikarubr

    Cinema 4D R19 discussion!

    You can easily edit the V hotkey. I do that since R13, when I switched form Maya and edited the V menu to be similar to the Maya's hotbox. Just go to Windows>Customization>Customize Menus, then edit the M_GLOBAL_POPUP. That's the V menu. you can edit the current submenus or create new ones and add any command.
  3. 3D Coat is SUPER easy to use and to understand. And it has the best unfold algorithm in the industry. I used to HATE UVing but I actually enjoy now with 3D Coat. It's THAT good. It's better than UV Layout, what I used before. And a thousand times better than Cinema 4D UV tools.
  4. hikarubr


    Exactly. I don't even bother with the textures in Maya. I only rig, skin and animate (some scenes manually, some with mocap) there, then I export as FBX back to Cinema 4D. Then I use the retarget tag in a base character, also exported from Maya, but with the textures already applied in Cinema 4d. The retarget tag in Cinema 4D is not very good, but if the base character and the animated one have the same rig (in my case, a HumanIK rig from Maya), the retargeting is perfect.
  5. hikarubr


    Take a look at Maya LT then. It's super cheap and you could use along side Cinema 4D just for the Character Animation features, which are miles ahead of Cinema 4D. The project I'm working right now had the characters modeled in Cinema 4D, rigged and skinned in Maya, Animated in Maya, then rendered in CInema 4D.
  6. hikarubr


    That doesn't make much sense. Maya and Cinema 4D Studio are pretty much in the same price level. Maya it's actually cheaper in the first year. I know that Cinema 4D Prime is much cheaper, but any Character Animation improvement will be only for the Studio version.
  7. hikarubr


    Element 3D and HitFilm both use SSAO and you can disable/enable it per object. So I think it's not impossible. Oh, well :(
  8. hikarubr


    Do you now if the SSAO respects the compositing tags to ignore AO (Seen by AO = Off )? I've been using the Pixelberg plugin, which has both SSAO and reflectance on viewport, but one of the things that I find limiting it's that you cannot exclude some objects from it.
  9. hikarubr


    My take: THE GOOD This is a very good release. It's not a strong as the R12, R13 and R14, but it's miles ahead of R17 (which was a silly joke) and both R16 and R17. The viewport improvements are great. With Ambient Occlusion and Reflection I will probably be using Element 3D a lot less now (The Pixelberg plugin could do both, but it seems the MAXON version is better). The Knife tool improvements are impressive and very useful. The inverted Ambiente Occlusion is great, but frankly I think it's easier to use DDO (the old version is free, by the way), Substance Painter or 3D Coat to create wear and tear procedurally on the texture. The Voronoi Effect and the Object Tracker will be huge for VFX guys and MotionGraphics guys who work with live-action plates (like me) Nice to see OpenSubdivs. THE BAD Even though this is a good release in Cinema 4D terms (we are used to be disappointed by MAXON) it is, frankly, a very weak release if you compare with the new MAYA 2017 release (it was announced today too). I mean, a simple Maya Extension (they usually have two per version) has more features than a full Cinema4D release. I still love Cinema 4D and we've been using it a lot TOGETHER with Maya 2016. So it's not a question of one or another for me. BUT Autodesk is clearly trying to get some CINEMA 4D users (some of the new Maya features are directly copied form Cinema 4D) and MAXON seems to not care. And MAXON is still ignoring users input. I REALLY liked this version. But those features ARE NOT what the users are claiming for, year after year. THE UGLY I think MAXON should lower the price of Cinema 4D Studio. It's simply not in the same league of Maya right now.