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  1. Wow. I'm impressed! Pretty awesome stuff. I'd love to watch a tutorial about the cartoon explosion, fire and water without plugins or particles.
  2. It's really weird when the management of a company does not understand the best features of their own software. Cinema 4D had the BEST help in the CGI industry. I always wished Autodesk would implement a similar one in Maya. WHY would you change that? Online is not always the best. But this is not the first time MAXON breaks something that was working pretty well, just remember how the reflectance channel made the simple and elegant standard C4D material a mess (powerful but a mess nevertheless). I just hope they do not change the Object Manager in the near future, which is also the best of all 3D Software.
  3. hikarubr


    Thanks for the examples. I'll analyze them with attention this weekend. I think they'll give some inspiration for my next project.
  4. Hi Dave, Thanks for your answer and sorry about my late reply (I had to grade the midterms on my classes this week so I was super busy). I'm happy that you're building a new team to work on the educational strategy. Having said that, I'm not sure if your reasoning of "a company that makes money teaching software, should pay for the software they are using" makes much sense. I think it would be more interesting for MAXON to become the standard (or one of the standards) in 3D animation and then make money from companies using your software than trying to get money from a few educational institutions. Isn't you new motto "3D for the whole world"? With Blender 2.8 on one hand and Maya/3ds Max indie on the other hand, I think the motto is not really being applied by MAXON. Also, you should check which school you are charging. My school (University of Tampa) is private but it is a non-profit institution (as most good private Universities in the US are). Maybe you should consider not charging non-profits at least. On my side, we just bought the educational licenses that I asked for and I'll be using Cinema 4D in my intro classes for at least two semesters. I think the students will love it but I still fear for MAXON's and C4D's future with the current strategy. I simply don't see how Cinema 4D can compete having half of the features but charging more than anyone else, including educational institutions.
  5. hikarubr


    I'd love to see your other examples if you don't mind. I did some tests with game inspired real-time animation last year that I planned to use in a TV pilot. I the end I didn't use them but I think it's a promising to animate stuff.
  6. Thanks for this @RBarrett, I appreciate. Now I understand a little bit better the reasoning. I mean, as you said, there is a lot of work to be done here. And I'm not sure if this strategy of "playing hard to get" is the best to reach educators but I see there is a logic behind at least. I'll take a look at the grant then (I'll have to check if the IT department already ordered the licenses or not) - more than the discount I'm really interested in building a relationship with MAXON as an instructor.
  7. I'm not berating anyone. In my OP I said would like to hear MAXON's reasoning for this because maybe I'm missing something here. In the case of @RBarrett post my comment was warranted because he answered something that wasn't asked. I wasn't asking for a discount or grant, I was asking about their strategy here, which seems to contradict their own new motto. By the way, yesterday the department approved to buy the licenses I asked anyway. But I have to say that MAXON's reluctance to engage with educators is troubling.
  8. Exactly! Thanks for understanding my point.
  9. @bentraje Please refrain from using childish insults against me. If you didn't like the thread and have nothing to add, just ignore it. You are not adding anything to it. And, by the way, check your dictionary. There is no whining in any of my posts. Unless you consider any constructive criticism of MAXON whining. Also, it is not disrespectful to ask the reasoning behind someone's business model, specially when you are a client.
  10. Guys, you should read the post before answering. I'm not begging for a discount: the price is low enough for my department to buy the licenses needed. What I'm trying to do is create a conversation with MAXON about why is this even a thing. Any money that you guys make from educational licenses is offset by the fact that TONS of universities and schools are not gonna be using Cinema 4D in their courses because they have to pay while Maya is free (Blender 2.8 too). Specially because you can have a whole 3D curriculum in Maya without plugins (from Modeling to advanced simulations and scripting) but you can't do the same with Cinema 4D without plugins. So MAXON charges for a software that can only do 50% of what the (free) industry standard does. As I use both Maya and C4D professionally I know for a fact that C4D is the better one for teaching so I asked for the paid licenses anyway, but this is a conversation that I should not be having. If MAXON is serious about the "3D for the whole world" motto, the cost of the educational license should be ZERO. As I said in the post above, the schools are literally creating clients for you. Cinema 4D could, and should, have been much bigger. I always wondered why Cinema 4D is not more popular with students; now I know why! The whole point of this post is to try to understand MAXON reasoning for this policy. I actually fear for the future of my favorite 3D software.
  11. Hi Bentrsaje, you totally ignored the context of my post. I'm not buying the licenses for me or my students, the University is buying. The price seems that expensive, as I said, but IT IS EXPENSIVE when the industry standard in 3D, Maya is offered for free and can do way more than Cinema 4D. When you work in a big non-for-profit organization as a University you have a limited amount of political capital to negotiate certain things. MAXON is forcing me to have tons of conversations that I should not have if I want to TEACH their software. I'm LITERALLY creating new costumers for MAXON and they are penalizing me. If their new motto is 3D for the whole world, why charge for the educational license? It makes zero sense.
  12. You are not really paying attention to Autodesk's products, are you? The new Bifrost Visual Programming language is definitely not something to be classified as "not that much happening". It's basically Softimage ICE + Xpresso for Maya. And it was released in and a point update of Maya! When was the last time we had an update with a new feature this big in Cinema 4D? I'd say only in R14 with the sculpting tools.
  13. Here is a question for MAXON's CEO McGravan: Why are C4D educational licenses so costly? I thought your new motto was "3D for Whole World"? I have been recently hired as an Assistant Professor of 3D Animation at the University of Tampa (Florida) and I'm revamping their 3D animation curriculum. We use Maya for the 3D animation courses but I suggested using Cinema 4D for the intro classes, because it's more user friendly and I think the students will get the main concepts faster this way (and I'm well versed in both C4D and Maya). Then our IT department contacted MAXON and we discovered that 20 C4D seats will cost us $1500, or $75 per seat. Which seems cheap until you realize that Autodesk gives us all their software for free. Now I have an almost impossible battle to convince my department to pay for C4D when we can have Maya for free. Why not give the C4D educational licenses for free too? In a world where Blender 2.8 and Autodesk educational licenses are free, it makes no sense to charge for C4D educational licenses. I would love to hear the reasoning for this from someone from MAXON.
  14. This answer makes no sense. MAXON already has a monthly plan for $94.99. Why would a monthly plan of $59.99 be any different?
  15. Yeah, but Autodesk did these substantial releases even before they went with subscriptions. I love Cinema 4D but since I started using it (with R12, some months before R13 was released) I couldn't help noticing how much more robust Maya releases are. You would need three Cinema 4D releases to reach a similar number of new features of just one Maya release. By the way, i don't wanna start a flame war of Maya vs Cinema 4D, especially because I use both professionally and like both. But I hope that MAXON starts releasing substantial new features like Autodesk now that they are trying to emulate them.
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