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  1. Same thing with Autodesk. They have around 3 major point releases each years and they usually have more new features than a whole release from MAXON. Just check Maya 2019.2 which included the new Bifrost visual programming language.
  2. Not many to be honest. I would say Cinema 4D is ahead in terms of UI, UI customization, Mograph tools, Object Manager (it seems a small thing, but C4D has the best OM of all 3D apps), Artist friendliness (yeah, that's a thing) and that's about it. Meanwhile Blender 2.8 is on par with Maya. Cinema4D, not so much. As I said in the other thread, Cinema4D NEEDS plugins to do stuff that Blender does out of the box. Particles? You need X-Particles. Fire? TurbulanceFD. Fluids? Realflow. Proper UVs? Seamilar II or an external app (3D Coat, etc...). GPU Render? Octane or Redshift. Blender has all of these out of the box. Cinema4D is by far my favorite 3D app, but I'm frankly having a hard time explaining to other users (and new students) why they should learn or keep using C4D. with the current prices. With the current feature set lacking in so many fronts, a C4D subscription should be around $250 (like Maya indie) and a perpetual license around $1.000. But Adobe-guy made MAXON greedy and now I fear for their future.
  3. Yes, I totally agree with you. Blender is a real danger for MAXON and Autodesk. But Autodesk realizes this, as we can infer by the Maya and Max indie versions. But MAXON seems to be totally blind about this. I'm software agnostic, even though Cinema 4D is my favorite app. Professionally I use both C4D and Maya, usually together (Maya for characters and animation, C4D as a hub for everything else). And I always tried to use Blender but it was UNUSABLE before 2.8. But with Blender 2.8 I just needed to change the keymap preset to "industry compatible" and, in 10 minutes, I was able to quickly model, texture and render a figure in a very similar way to what I would do in C4D (similar right-click contextual menus). And as I you noted, Blender is actually MORE powerful than C4D. it's actually on par with Maya - but now is friendlier. I fear for MAXON future if they don't lower their prices ASAP. Sure, they will survive for some years because they are the standard in motion graphics but this won't last without either a lower price or more features.
  4. Exactly my point. And it's also illegal in some countries. False advertising.
  5. Maya is actually $250 ANNUALLY if you make less than 100k. And Cinema 4D is NOT $67 (or $59 in the US). This is disingenuous false advertising by MAXON. Cinema 4D now is $720 annually or $81,99 annually. You cannot just divide your annual price and claim that's the monthly price if you do not let the user actually pay that price ($59) monthly. Otherwise you could just say that Cinema4D only costs U$2 daily! And as I said before, this type of false advertising is illegal in a lot of countries. Maybe MAXON will get away with this because 3d is such a niche market, but it is illegal in Canada, Brazil and other countries. I love C4D, but between Maya Indie and Blender 2.8, MAXON will need to revise their prices. They are alienating their traditional users while they won't get the new users they hope, simply because Maya Indie and Blender 2.8 made the new "cheaper" Cinema 4D price look like very expensive. No UV tools, no decent particles, fluids or fire, no integrated GPU render. Cinema 4D needs to be cheaper than Maya. It makes no sense to be more expensive.
  6. The difference is that Cinema4D NEEDS plugins to do stuff that Maya does out of the box. Particles? You need X-Particles. Fire? TurbulanceFD. Fluids? Realflow. Proper UVs? Seamilar II. GPU Render? Octane or Redshift. But Maya does all of that out of the box, no plugins needed. So, yeah, it is more important for Cinema 4D to not break plugins than for Maya.
  7. I would have liked MAXON getting Substance. They could integrate it with Cinema 4D and call it the new Bodypaint 3D. I think that would make more sense and that would fix the most puzzling omission of MAXON in the last 10 years: the total abandonment of Bodypaint 3D.
  8. That's not the real price. You cannot pay $59.99 monthly. You will have to pay $720 AT ONCE. If you want to pay monthly you will have to pay $94.99 per month. People are getting confused about this because MAXON is using blatantly false advertising. Note how Rick and the other MAXON employees here totally ignored my post about this. And I repeat that false advertising is illegal in some countries. It is illegal here in Canada where I live and illegal in my home country, Brazil I love Cinema4D, so it is very disappointing to see MAXON doing this. Be honest guys and stop with the misleading advertising. You don't need this, no need to lie. $720 annually is still a good deal.
  9. Yes, but the monthly price is $94.99 not $59.99 like you guys are advertising. There is no such a thing as monthly price billed annually. It's just disingenuous to say that the $720 annual price is $59.99 monthly. And it's also false advertising and illegal and some countries where you guys sell Cinema 4D (Brazil comes to mind). I would suggest MAXON to either stop saying is $59.99 monthly or to actually give this option to the costumers, something like $59.99 monthly in a 12-month contract. Personally, I think the $720 is a good deal but that doesn't justify the disingenuous advertising.
  10. Actually they are. They are advertising as $59.99 MONTHLY and it is not MONTHLY. Period. This type of false advertising is actually illegal in some countries. The annual $720 price is not bad, it's actually a good deal. But do not advertise as $59.99 monthly when it's not that.
  11. Unfortunately this is true. It's on MAXON website: "Billed Annually". That's why I said in this thread that MAXON's advertising is disingenuous. There is no such a thing as a monthly U$59.99 subscription. There is only a U$720 annual sub and a U$94.99 monthly sub.
  12. Because that's what is gonna happen. The perpetual license (which is not perpetual anymore, with the every 14-day activation thing) will be gone in one or two years. That's what happened with both Adobe's and Autodesk's perpetual licenses. And we have a former Adobe guy as MAXON CEO. Just do the math.
  13. Yes, they added new auto weighting algorithms. Heat mapping and Body Glow mapping (which is a much improved Heat mapping). Now Auto weighting in Cinema 4D is as good, if not better than Maya. For me that was actually the best part of R21 so far. It was pretty ridiculous not having Heat map, at least, in Cinema 4D, considering this is based on open-source code. Same thing with Body Glow.
  14. That's not true. It is indeed a trial before the rolling out for other regions, but you won't have to pay the full price after one year. Autodesk explained that. You only have to turn-off auto-renewal and them apply for a new indie license each year.
  15. MAXON really needs to go back to the drawing board. The whole "3D for the Whole World" looks like a farce considering that: 1) Studio users will have to pay more than they paid for the MSA 2) Prime and Bodypaint users will have to pay THREE TIMES more than they were paying for their MSA. 3) Disingenuous pricing: the $59 per month sub is not really that, but a $720 annual fee. 4) The annual fee is almost THREE TIMES more expensive than Maya and Max Indie ($250) 5) People don't like Autodesk but now that MAXON is acting like them, Autodesk becomes an option. 6) Cinema 4D R21 is very weak in features, so I don't see why people would move from R20. 7) The above fact makes me think that MAXON will soon kill the perpetual license as they realize the old users are not migrating (Autodesk did that). 8) Finally, the perpetual license is not really perpetual anymore, with a silly 14-day internet activation. How to fix this? My suggestions: 1) CInema4D Indie version for $20 per month (like Octane). Really monthly, not upfront. 2) Keep the perpetual license and the MSA for existing users, without silly 14-day activation. But they only get the upgrades and new features annually. 3) Subscription-to-perpetual option for new users. Something like: After 3 years of subscription, if you stop, you get the current perpetual license. Otherwise I think we will see BOTH the existing users AND the new users migrating to Maya and Blender. I teach 3D Animation at the University level. At this price point, with Maya and Max Indie a reality, it's really hard to recommend Cinema 4D for my students. Keep in mind that I LOVE Cinema 4D, but this Adobe-fication of MAXON is really a mistake.
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