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  1. Nice analogies but I think C4D is more like a Toyota C-HR: very practical for day-to-day things, super easy to drive but also considerably stylish. Unfortunately the price is not the best and there is some features lacking...
  2. Hi Everyone, I have a question about the character builder and I could not find an answer in the help system. Basically, what is the bind method used when we drag a mesh to the Bind tab in the Character Builder? Is it the Distance, Heatmap or the Volumetric method? Can you choose which one the Character Builder will use?
  3. Maya is not a "bit" better for rigging. It's ten times, maybe twenty times better than C4D. No comparison. C4D is my favorite 3D application by far but Maya simply crushes it in terms of character rigging, skinning and animation. I usually rig everything in Maya, animate there (or in iClone) then I bring back to C4D.
  4. I totally disagree with you. It's fair game to compare MAXON super slow speed of development with pretty much everyone else in the 3D Industry. Every Maya or Blender version has the amount of features of 3 to 4 Cinema 4D versions. Also, MAXON has a history of making absurdly crazy decisions about development, like letting BodyPaint 3D basically die, even though it was for a while the industry standard for 3D texturing.
  5. Element3D is not simply a "3D Lite" plugin. I'm guessing you never used it to say that. It's pretty much a high quality game-engine (like Unreal) inside After Effects plus a procedural animation system similar to Mograph. It's years ahead of quality in comparison to Cinema4D viewport. You should check it out. You can get high quality 3D renders in real-time with Element3D, something that you cannot in Cinema4D. Element3D has been used in Star Wars The Force Awakens and other big films. As for not happening, MAXON just bought REDGIANT whose main product is an After Effects Plugin, T
  6. It won't happen like subscription would never happen?
  7. If MAXON is in such a good mood to purchase other companies, I have two suggestions that would make more sense than the RED GIANT purchase: 1) Video Copilot Element 3D - Just buy this and put inside Cinema4D. It will work as an improved viewport AND as a real-time render engine. The plugin already reads C4D files, so it's a no brainer. 2) HitFilm Pro - Which is basically a (very good) Adobe After Effects-Premiere-Element3D clone but all in one, This would be an amazing companion for Cinema 4D if it could read C4D files natively and had the same 3D navigation commands.
  8. That would make sense if MAXON and Cinema4D existed in an alternative world where Maya, 3Ds Max and Blender did not exist. But they do exist and are FREE for both schools and students. So it's a no brainer for a school or a professor to choose them and not Cinema4D. If Cinema4D was the industry standard you would have a case for charging, but it is not (other than in Motion Graphics, maybe). As I said in my first post I'm a tenure-track Assistant Professor at University of Tampa. It was not easy to justify purchasing Ciinema4D when we already had Maya for free. To be honest, if wer
  9. 3DS Max is cheaper because Autodesk does not charge the SCHOOL for the copies used in the class. Meanwhile MAXON does. There is no point in giving free C4D copies to the students if the teacher and the school won't be teaching C4D because they have to pay for C4D while Maya (which is the industry standard, not C4D) is free. Try to convince a chair department otherwise - it's really hard. Nevertheless, I actually have convinced my department to buy the licenses from you guys but I felt that the feedback from MAXON to my question was so weak (you guys basically ignored the poi
  10. Wow. I'm impressed! Pretty awesome stuff. I'd love to watch a tutorial about the cartoon explosion, fire and water without plugins or particles.
  11. It's really weird when the management of a company does not understand the best features of their own software. Cinema 4D had the BEST help in the CGI industry. I always wished Autodesk would implement a similar one in Maya. WHY would you change that? Online is not always the best. But this is not the first time MAXON breaks something that was working pretty well, just remember how the reflectance channel made the simple and elegant standard C4D material a mess (powerful but a mess nevertheless). I just hope they do not change the Object Manager in the nea
  12. Thanks for the examples. I'll analyze them with attention this weekend. I think they'll give some inspiration for my next project.
  13. Hi Dave, Thanks for your answer and sorry about my late reply (I had to grade the midterms on my classes this week so I was super busy). I'm happy that you're building a new team to work on the educational strategy. Having said that, I'm not sure if your reasoning of "a company that makes money teaching software, should pay for the software they are using" makes much sense. I think it would be more interesting for MAXON to become the standard (or one of the standards) in 3D animation and then make money from companies using your software than trying to get
  14. I'd love to see your other examples if you don't mind. I did some tests with game inspired real-time animation last year that I planned to use in a TV pilot. I the end I didn't use them but I think it's a promising to animate stuff.
  15. Thanks for this @RBarrett, I appreciate. Now I understand a little bit better the reasoning. I mean, as you said, there is a lot of work to be done here. And I'm not sure if this strategy of "playing hard to get" is the best to reach educators but I see there is a logic behind at least. I'll take a look at the grant then (I'll have to check if the IT department already ordered the licenses or not) - more than the discount I'm really interested in building a relationship with MAXON as an instructor.


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