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  1. Bodypaint Setup Wizzard

    Got you. Many thanks.
  2. In Bodypaint setup wizzard (step 1), what is the difference choosing between Objects or Materials? I tried both on the same project and could not see any difference. Am I missing something? Many thanks for your help.
  3. Many thanks for the link. Cheers
  4. I have a sphere with a ceramic material. In Bodypaint I added some colours- colours where added on a layer above the background layer. I would like to add a noise on the colour layer, not on the ceramic material, just on the colours. How can I do that? Many thanks for help.
  5. Bodypaint on glass material

    Many thanks Voytech, it is working. I have experimented with different Layer and Reflection strenghs. Attached is with 75 Layer Strengh and 75 Reflection strengh. Many thanks again. Cheers
  6. Bodypaint on glass material

    Many thanks. I will give it a go. Cheers
  7. Bodypaint on glass material

    Many thanks for your reply. I used a simple sphere with a Glass Material - Preset/Visualise/Material/Glass. For light I have a sky with an HDRI in the Luminance channel. For the attached picture I used Glass Murano then switched to BP UV Edit/Paint Setup Wizzard (Default settings) I painted some colours at random, When rendered It works although the colours are very faint. If I use for instance -Glass Simple- or -Glass Tempered- , painted colours are not rendered at all. In short I would like to be able to paint on any Glass Material to achieve the same effect as the attached picture of painted flowers. Many thanks for any tips. Version used: C4D R18
  8. I am trying to use bodypaint to paint on glass/metal material, it does not seem to be working although it works on leather material as per attached pic. What am I doing wrong? Any tip would be very much appreciated. Many thanks
  9. Bubbles in glass

    Thanks for all your replies. This is how I did the attached Bowl. 1 - I created two splines - see attached One called Bowl and the other one called Bubbles_Support - as you can see Bubbles_Support is positioned inside the Bowl Spline. 2 - Put each one into a Lathe NURBS and do a Current State to Object for each one. The Bubbles_Support Lathe NURBS should be inside the Bowl Lathe NURBS. 3 - Create a sphere with a 2 or 3 Radius and put it inside a Cloner Click on Cloner and choose - Mode -> Object and Drag The Bubbles_Support into the Object field (Make the Bubbles_Support invisible before dragging) Select: Distribution= Volume Volume Mode =Surface Count = 1000 or as needed Add a glass material to the Bowl and Cloner You could also drag a Mograph - Effector - Random into the Cloner Effectors tab - uncheck Position - check Scale and play with X for instance X=1 Et voila!
  10. Bubbles in glass

    Many thanks MJonny, I will give it a go. Cheers
  11. Bubbles in glass

    Many thanks.
  12. Bubbles in glass

    Hi Westbam, I followed your technique, but some bubbles are sitting on the surface of the bowl instead of being inside the glass. I used the following settings in the Cloner: Distribution: Volume Volume mode: Random Also, how can I get different bubble sizes? I tried the Mograph effector but it does not seem to do the job for me. Many thanks.
  13. Bubbles in glass

    Many thanks Westbam, I will give it a go. Cheers