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  1. Thank you Cerbera. I think you are right, that is the only way I could thing of, make it editable and bridging the gap. It is good on open splines, but not on closed splines. Many thanks anyway. If somebody is interested, this is the link to download it, it is free and works very well for things like ropes. Cheers http://www.codeworkers.de/garage-plugins-reeperx_eng.html
  2. Is there a way of connecting the 2 ends of a coil in reeper, making it seamless? This is the best I could achieve... - see attached picture. Many thanks for any help Cheers
  3. Hi Guy, Is there a radial symmetry in Bodypaint like in ZBrush as per attached picture. Many thanks for any tip.
  4. In Bodypaint setup wizzard (step 1), what is the difference choosing between Objects or Materials? I tried both on the same project and could not see any difference. Am I missing something? Many thanks for your help.
  5. I have a sphere with a ceramic material. In Bodypaint I added some colours- colours where added on a layer above the background layer. I would like to add a noise on the colour layer, not on the ceramic material, just on the colours. How can I do that? Many thanks for help.
  6. Many thanks Voytech, it is working. I have experimented with different Layer and Reflection strenghs. Attached is with 75 Layer Strengh and 75 Reflection strengh. Many thanks again. Cheers
  7. Many thanks for your reply. I used a simple sphere with a Glass Material - Preset/Visualise/Material/Glass. For light I have a sky with an HDRI in the Luminance channel. For the attached picture I used Glass Murano then switched to BP UV Edit/Paint Setup Wizzard (Default settings) I painted some colours at random, When rendered It works although the colours are very faint. If I use for instance -Glass Simple- or -Glass Tempered- , painted colours are not rendered at all. In short I would like to be able to paint on any Glass Material to achieve the same effect as the attached picture of painted flowers. Many thanks for any tips. Version used: C4D R18
  8. I am trying to use bodypaint to paint on glass/metal material, it does not seem to be working although it works on leather material as per attached pic. What am I doing wrong? Any tip would be very much appreciated. Many thanks



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