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  1. The White House

    Modeling is looking great. Nice work!
  2. Ealexander Sketch Book

    Alas - I am just a still guy :)
  3. Ealexander Sketch Book

    Thanks! Most of them take about 7-8 minutes @ 1920x1080 on a Windows 10 i7-6950 Ten-Core Overclocked 64 GB RAM (2) GTX 1080TI. I let the architectural ones cook a bit longer, but no more then 12 minutes at most. Corona has a brilliant denoiser built into the engine and you can adjust the amount of denoise after its rendered.
  4. Ealexander Sketch Book

    11.13 Corona Render. Working on Curtains.
  5. craig crookedile

    So great. I'm a Corona advocate, but red shift trial is next for me. Beautiful work.
  6. Ealexander Sketch Book

    11.10 Corona Render. More architectural lighting practice. AC Cobra 269 model provided by Bruckner Alexander. I modeled the rest based on the Perez Art Museum by Herzog & de Meuron. Artwork by Mark Rothko, Carroll Shelby, and Robert Longo.
  7. Keep looking at research. Take note of composition, contrast, it seems the nature around the castle is just as detailed and important as the building structure to get the right vibe. Golden lighting? What is the mood? If my research isn't the right vibe, then find the one that is and study it. Make a list of elements. Keep going, you've got a good start here.
  8. Ealexander Sketch Book

    11.08 Corona render. Trying out the rigged people sample from Humanalloy.com.
  9. architecture model with alot of windows

    I've done this a few times - New York, not Flatiron. We found it best to buy a decent model on Turbosquid and then add in the custom needed buildings. The model was about $1200, but compared to the man hours of building something out, this seemed a fair trade. Search for FraP on Turbosquid - he/she sells Manhattan by district./zone. Lots of decent manhattans on there, but the quality of the textures varies greatly. Also - you could start with this: https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/flatiron-building-3d-x/837761 and then model in more detail as needed. CBR is right - best to think of it as stories and then clone them vertically. Good luck! e.
  10. Ealexander Sketch Book

    11.03 Corona Render. Trying out the Art Deco sample kit from kitbash3d.com. Also trying some atmosphere in Corona. Geez - can you guess which movie I saw this week.....
  11. Ealexander Sketch Book

    Thank you!
  12. Ealexander Sketch Book

    10.23 Corona Renders. Bending lighting truss experiments.
  13. Ealexander Sketch Book

    10.19 Corona Render. Getting brighter. Working on archviz seriously for the first time. So much to learn and much room for improvement, but progress. Furniture models by dimensiva.com. Tentacle by me. Feels a bit blue overall and lacks focus. Practice Practice Practice.
  14. Ealexander Sketch Book

    10.18 Corona Render. More lighting work here. Trying to do something that isn't just black on black and more architectural in it's light. A bit heavy handed in the post processing perhaps. Furniture models provided by dimensiva.com, Fritz Hansen, and model+model.com. Using textures from poliigon.com. Tentacle by me.
  15. C4D Corona - Paris Apartment Scene

    That is not right :) I don't know what is going on there, but my machine gets to Pass 04 in 35 seconds. All I did was switch cameras from the one it opened with to the view you see here (attached). Nothing else. My machine specs: Windows 10 i7-6950 Ten Core, 64GB RAM (2) GTX 1080ti. What hardware are you running?