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  1. Interior Design Video training?

    http://helloluxx.com/product/interiors-in-cinema-4d-basic-modelling/ This is one of 4 parts. e.
  2. Help me pick the right 3D program

    Another vote for the Vectorworks to Cinema 4D workflow. Can't be beat. I do the exact type of work you do and I think this is a good workflow.
  3. render time

    These are good: https://www.3dfluff.com/video/r16speed/
  4. Thinking about switching to Arnold...

    People will tell you it's the holy grail of render engines. People will tell you it sucks and is slow/noisy/clicky/dumb/expensive/etc. Everyones work flow, hardware, and preferences are different. They have an excellent demo and there is good training materials out there (enough free ones to get you started) - your best bet is to take it for a spin yourself.
  5. Physical sky presets?

    I always try to get the lighting to look right with either physical sky or an HDRI on the scene, but actually hide it from camera with a compositing tag. Then, by using an alpha mask, I comp in an appropriate backplate in Photoshop. It helps to have the backplate first, so you have an understanding of sun height, direction and tone. This way, I can be a bit sloppier with the physical sky :)
  6. ArchiCAD Import - Add Realism with Bevels

    Can I ask why you aren't doing the bevel in Archicad? Does it mess up your snapping and dimensioning too much? I run a Vectorworks to C4D workflow, so I imagine we get the same kinds of geometry imports. I do my beveling/filleting to the native CAD geometry. Obviously, makes making simple size changes in Cinema more tricky, but not too bad. In VW I can undo the fillet so when I go to do drafted plates, I can remove the bevel where needed. It's an extra step, but again, not too bad.
  7. is this CG or real?

    I'm gonna say real, but retouched.
  8. Viewport performance

    I work with Stadiums all the time. I suggest you save a copy of the original (in case you need to edit later) but then work with a version where you can Combine and Delete as many elements as possible. Make sure you are using instances when ever possible- repeating truss, light towers, seating, etc. Reducing overall number of elements and making generators editable when possible yields the highest return on viewport performance (in my experience). If a stadium is truly symmetrical, I will model half or a quarter and use instances to complete the full stadium.
  9. Viewport performance

    Read this: https://matt-frodsham.squarespace.com/c4d-scene-speed-index/
  10. Polygon-Object into spline

    In edge mode - select the edges around the outside of the object and then run the "Edge to Spline" command.
  11. import 3d CAD file in C4d

    Hello, Try the .3DS or the .OBJ format. You should be able to get those out of AutoCAD. e.
  12. Beeple: zero day short film, scene give away

    Seriously? You realize that Beeple is selling prints in his Store, right? And that he has given almost everything he makes to the community for free with no strings attached. ...so then no links to Nitro4D, Greyscale Gorilla, Video Co-Pilot, The Pixel Lab, HelloLuxx, School of Motion, or Holger Biebrach will be allowed either, even though those sites offer extensive free resources and tutorials? I'm not usually one to complain or get involved in board politics - and It's your site to do what you want with; but that really seems to go against the idea of building a learning community you guys are expressing interest in creating here. I hope you'll reconsider this. e.
  13. C4D Render Engines

    Thanks for the Video Vozz. I'm evaluating Thea right now. I live and die by Object Buffers in my workflow, as the 3D is really just setting me up for success in Photoshop - have you found a way to make this work with Thea at all? EDIT: I'm dumb and found it - Thea calls this MASK and you just have to enable it in the render settings. Moving on!
  14. There is no formula for number of lights - ever scene or shot is different. That said, less is usually more, just so you can fine tune and see what is doing what easier, but sometimes scenes need lots of lights or "specials" for pin spotting or focus control. Area lights simulate soft boxes from photo studios. If you aren't getting punch out of it (or any light) you probably haven't enabled Falloff. This is cirtical for good lighting in C4D. Try Inverse Squares (physically accurate) to start.