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  1. Ben emailed me a new key. Thanks! Looking forward to trying this out - especially interested in volumetrics. Will report back with my progress. Thanks, e.
  2. Hi Ben, I wanted to try this out. Requested a trial and got my activation code via email 2 days ago. When I entered it, it immediately says my trial has expired and is dated May 19th, 2020. I wrote to support but have yet to get any response other then the stock auto reply. Any tips on how to get the trial working? Thanks, e.
  3. Great start. I think you need more details on some of the flat surfaces (perhaps the textures will do this). Urban environments never have untouched flat walls, there is always a pipe, or wires, or cracks, etc. Keep going! Details, take the longest, but pay off so much.
  4. I like where this is going, but think it needs more contrast. The shiney floor with the shiney car makes it all blend together too much. Keep going!
  5. I don't know. Ideas usually hit me at weird times and then I can't get it out of my head for a few days. Then I start building. Usually the idea I start with and the final result vary a lot. I think you have to stay open to changing things while you are building.
  6. @Igor I don't know why I'm so dumb with Galleries. I went to add these to my existing gallery, but it says I can't add anymore images to the gallery. Any idea why? I'm not over on attachments.
  7. I maxed out my attachments again, so I dumped the old thread and starting a new one.
  8. Yes.....Now I want to see the environment for this.....
  9. EAlexander

    Evan Alexander

    Some R&D and personal explorations, some client work.
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