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  1. More work with the Aston Martin.
  2. 05.26 Aston. Model from CG Trader.
  3. Thank you! Hope to see some new work from you soon too.
  4. Ha. Trying to build up my portfolio in other areas.
  5. 05.21 More product shot practice.
  6. More interior work with Corona renderer.
  7. 05.17 Some product shot practice with Redshift. Model from Turbosquid.
  8. I run my whole business and workflow through Dropbox. When I am the only artist on the project I do not make local copies of tex files, all of which are on Dropbox as well. When I switch machines, I update the path prefix via the texture manager/asset inspector which just take a minute to do. I keep a text file with all the correct paths for all our machines and just copy and paste. If I need to deliver a Cinema source file with tex folder, I just Save Project with Assets. When I am part of a bigger project team via shared Dropbox folder and Slack, we dup all texture files to a tex folder with the master Cinema file. It all lives together.
  9. Quarantine Self Portrait No. 02
  10. 05.14 Quarantine Self Portrait. Forester and Redshift.
  11. 05.12 Trying Forester with Redshift.
  12. P L A G U E D O C T O R. And back to Redshift.
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