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  1. I do both depending on the situation and project. I'm a production designer, so I model the set and custom objects, but an Eames chair or a drum kit are things that I would rather buy. Two things to think about : on client jobs, I build cost into the proposal for stock models on each job, but I am also happy to use models from my library if they are appropriate. All that said, there are limitations about use and distribution, so if you have to give your 3d files to your client, or share them in a larger pipeline, you have to be mindful of that. Some models have editorial only usage and can't be used in say an advertising campaign. You can read more about this on Turbosquid.
  2. Hi Phil, I think you're in a good starting place here. The thing that stands out to me a bit is I'm not sure where to focus. I feel like the composition needs some work - my eye isn't sure where to go. Right now, it's drawn to the white wall between the paint Graphic and the glass wall (there seems to be a ies light hitting there (above the plant) without a motivating light fixture. I can see the repeating pattern of the wood in your desk front - you can easily clean that up real quick in Photoshop with the healing brush. I'd opt for carpet to warm it up a bit, but if you're going with polished concrete, I think you should make a it a bit more reflective to try and give it a bit more depth. Keep going - light/white interiors are really hard! Great start. e.
  3. I admit to being really shallow and saying I would like this a lot more if that guy didn't look so much like Kenny G....
  4. Some work I did early this year for the current Spice Girls world tour. Just massing studies.
  5. ^^eveything that he said. Also - look at the phong angle of your glass objects. If they are just Cubes of glass (as they should be) - then you can remove the phong tag. Sometimes having phong on straight glass can mess it up. Glass should be about .63cm thick.
  6. One more with the deer. Moving on....
  7. 05.25 Terrain scan provided by 3dhdscan.
  8. This is great and the animation timing is aces.
  9. 1. Select the master (reference) object and all the instances. 2. Hit ALT + G to Group them (nothing should move when you do this) and now they should all be in a group call NULL. Rename to taste. 3. Select all the instances and make sure they are Instances, not RENDER instances. 4. Hit C to make editable (yes, you can do this to all of them in one go). 5. Now you select all the converted objects (even if they are smaller sub groups - just select the parent, you don't need to drill down and select each sub (child) object) and: 5a. Put them into one CONNECT object and then make the Connect object editable - this will just flatten everything into one mesh - you'll probably have to recenter your axis 5b. With Subgroups still selected - hold ALT and then add a CONNECT object - this will put each sub group into it's own connect object - then hit C to make editable and each subgroup will flatten into its own mesh - again you can do all this in one go on multiple objects and folders. Make sense? One snag can be that making a connect object editable can sometimes add a PHONG tag or change the phong settings - so if you are getting shading errors on your mesh, check out the phong angle. e.
  10. Quoted for Agreement. I'm also a big fan of ExtremeTextures.com. I would buy the Friendly shade stuff if I needed it for a specific client job and could bill it back to that. Poliigon gets me about 85% there on most jobs. Their quality isn't up to this standard, but speed and convenience (load all channels via the plug in) is killer.
  11. Here is the directors Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/tobiasgremmler The first project in there he says is Cinema 4D in the comments, but I don't know about the Bjork video. As Hroje says - could be anything.
  12. Found a great Model of a 1972 Datsun 240Z GT by Karol Miklas via Sketchfab. Rendered with Corona.



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