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Hey, you need a renderfarm? If that's the case, make sure you check this topic for more info! 


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  1. Ealexander Sketch Book

    Thank you! If you saw the topo (imported from CAD) you'd punch me in the face :)
  2. Ealexander Sketch Book

    08.10 More Hard surface work. Modeled in Vectorworks. Based on a concept from Andrew Averkin and using some of his kitbashing kit too.
  3. This is shaping up really nicely. Looking good. Maybe slight imperfections or smudges. Looks too perfect. Curious to see where this lands. Keep going!
  4. Ealexander Sketch Book

    08.09 Hard Surface doodles. Modeled in Vectorworks and rendered in Cinema with Corona.
  5. Ealexander Sketch Book

    Hey Phil, Don't be too hard on yourself. I do a lot of CAD work too - though for entertainment and not CAD/CAM for manufacturing. It takes a lot of concentration and brain space. On days when I'm in CAD all day, I don't know that I can just jump over to Cinema and make something. I tend to try to get to my studio early and make something first thing instead of fitting it in at the end of the day when I'm spent. I also have slowed down my personal work a bit - it's hard to stay inspired and productive - especially around client work or if the sun is shining beautifully outside. I think there is a slight backlash to the whole daily render thing - people think if they aren't Beeple or if they miss a day (or two or seven) that there is no point in doing it.... it's just not true. Set realistic goals for yourself and keep the projects simple - stupid simple. Download a free model from turbosquid. Texture it and light it in a studio setup. One a week. One a month. That's all it takes. I would also add there there are plenty of started quick projects that I abandon, or even take to final render and not post anywhere. I've learned what I needed to, but the final image wasn't great. Don't beat yourself up before you even get started.
  6. Yes! A huge YES from me. Great shape and proportions.
  7. Fetch

    Amazing as always. Nice drool dynamics! I can't believe how clean your topography is - so efficient - very inspiring. e.
  8. Ealexander Sketch Book

    Thanks Phil! Actually, I have a 6 year old daughter and my wife has a crazy busy career. :) I just try to keep it quick which is why most of the work tends to be pretty simple and using models from others. My client work is much more involved and built out. Thanks for looking! e.
  9. C4D R20 - what do you guys expect?

    Yes! My prediction was spot on ;)
  10. Ealexander Sketch Book

    More lighting doodles with Kunatee's Gundam model.
  11. Ealexander Sketch Book

    Super slow summer continues. Gundam model by Kunatee.
  12. Pin Up Girl

    I agree with everything Everfresh has said. I also think if the camera was lower and slightly angled up into the characters you'd have a more powerful shot. Play around with subtle camera positions - they can make a huge impact. Read more about this in regards to film making.
  13. Pin Up Girl

    Okay...I'll ask.... Why is everyone topless? I mean, I get pinups, and I have no issue with sexy, but it seems to get in the way of the storytelling and doesn't really enhance the images. Falling into champagne - I get it. Fighting dragons in the snow...not so much. I suggest you work on your skin shaders. They look a bit plastic - especially this last one with the dragon - she is pink. I think you should also study composition and photography principles for framing shots. I think you can get more dynamic framing and poses that will enhance the images beyond the 3D work.
  14. Studio Wet Floor and Lights

    Hi, It feels as if it is too contrasted between dry and wet. I think even the "dry" areas would have some reflection and be slightly damp and there is probably a less crisp edge between the two. Keep going!
  15. Mind Your Own Sh*t.

    Amazing as always.