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  1. Like all art, it's open to interpretation.
  2. Yes - lighting is much better. I agree with Al's notes above - I think the DOF is really working against you here on scale. I don't think a photo like this would have that much blur. Keep going - it's much improved! Check your wood texture on the desk - those posts have the grain going horizontal and they should be vertical.
  3. Early development work for BLISS, a new musical at the 5th Ave. Theater in Seattle. Just massing studies to see about lighting the set as a paper model. Modeled in Vectorworks and rendered with Corona for Cinema.
  4. Very nice! Love the first one a lot.
  5. Outcome from a lighting metal surfaces demo with Corona.
  6. Hi Phil, That looks like a nice plugin for Illustrator. I don't actual do much work with illustrator anymore and do almost all of my vector work in.....Vectorworks Not sure if it's still being developed, but there is a version of Lightwave CAD for Cinema4D: http://www.lwcad.com/html/main/new.php Though this won't help with you VW workflow, but worth mentioning. Good luck on your journey - let me know if I can answer any questions along the way. e.
  7. Hi again, You have to keep in mind that Cinema is a polygon based modeler and Vectorworks is a NURBS based modeler. You will find that moving your Cinema models into VW beyond frustrating. They will only import as generic meshes which are heavy and will bog VW to a grinding halt. Altering those models within VW is almost impossible. Sorry for more bad news. The general workflow is to model in VW - use that model for your drafting plates and move it to Cinema for texturing, lighting and camera work. VW moves models into C4D pretty well - it still triangulates a lot of stuff, but it works. Going the other way is a nightmare. Modeling in VW is a totally different game then Polygonal box or hard surface modeling in Cinema. VW was a 2D CAD program for a long time and then added 3D. Cinema is a 3D DCC app that can import Cad data. Apples and Oranges. I'm not saying it's perfect - far from, but I haven't found a better combo for drafting plates and getting good renders from the same model (without going to Autodesk (see below). Agreed on AutoCAD. My frustration with VWs direction has made me re-evaluate AutoCAD recently and....no way.
  8. Try adjusting the Camera exposure before you add additional lights. Not saying you won't need them, but a photgrapher will balance exposure first.
  9. Some quick thoughts: The background and the fire ground don't quite line up in scale and perspective, so that feels slightly odd and the added depth of field does help that. I see the outside light from the dome, but don't feel it as the motivating light source. I think you have too much artificial ceiling light.... So it's like studio lighting in a naturalistic setting. The other thing that stands out is camera position and lensing. The camera is floating wierdly above head height and I'd suggest a higher mm lens. Rare to see a realistic shot from this height. I imagine the white floor just bounces so much light around that it's hard to get good shadows and contrast. You might try a darker floor and just the hdri first. Then add in ceiling lights for reflection slowly. Car paint might be too perfect, so add some micro bump to it to break it up in a subtle way. Also check your light balance : roof of yellow car is dark compared to the other. It's a good start, keep working on it! This is how you improve.
  10. @Freemorpheme - this is all built in Corona using its native material system.
  11. @DasFrodo Thanks very much! Here's another with the Mini.
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