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  1. Thanks, and agreed. My client picked this model for another project and it was seen from far away in the background. It's pretty low res all around. Needs a proper displacement map.
  2. More practice with Redshift. Bicycle model from CGTrader.
  3. Honestly - I think it's down to personal preference. You can do anything with any render engine if you work hard enough at it and practice. 99% of the work on my site is Corona. To say Corona is only for Archviz is an ignorant statement. Myself (and lots of others) make all kinds of things with that engine. I also use Redshift and Octane - they each have strengths and weaknesses, but in the end - it doesn't really matter. Corona is my main engine - it's so easy to use and I think it handles light better then anything else - but this is purely personal. If it works for you - enjoy it and try to master it without worrying what you are missing out on with other engines. For me, the only real weakness of Corona is Volumetrics, and for this, I use Redshift. It also has trouble previewing the materials in the viewport which is a bit of a drag, but not a showstopper.
  4. Really really nice!
  5. Getting up to speed with Redshift. Model by eon.
  6. Cut your scene into two halves and put each half into its own null object. Label one day and one night. Add the two light sources and tell the night light to exclude the day null in the project tab. Tell the day light to exclude the night null in its project tab.
  7. No - but in the render settings, you can set up as many render "profiles" as you like. You can even make one a child another, so it picks up larger changes to the parent e.g. pixel size or aspect ratio. See attached. If you right click in here, you can create a new or new child render profile. So you can set up one called FINAL and dial that in as you want. Then, right click on it, make a new child called TEST and lower your quality settings or pixel size, or whatever you want to dial in. Then, you just have to select the correct profile for whatever you are rendering via the cross hair (looks like the view through camera + icon). Make sense?
  8. Alexis - I just ran across this: https://www.cgtrader.com/vizforyou There are a few scenes in there that are ready to go for Octane. I haven't worked with these, so I can't speak to the quality or how well/poorly they are organized, but it reminded me of this thread. Hope that helps some. e.
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