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  1. EAlexander

    Ealexander Sketch Book

    More practice on Product Renders. Bottle from Turbosquid.
  2. EAlexander

    Ealexander Sketch Book

    More architectural work. This one is feeling dark and I think I overworked the post processing. Have to relight this one and try again....
  3. EAlexander

    Ealexander Sketch Book

    Robot Fashion Week.
  4. EAlexander

    Fractured alignment effect

    Thanks for the ideas guys - still digging around. I'll let you know where I land with this. Thanks for the file Fastbee - I'll take a look when I get back to the office. e.
  5. Hi all, I'm looking for some guidance on a project - we are trying to create something similar to these effects, but in the real world: We want to try it with objects making up a larger visual, but also with fracturing an object into random shapes and then having it make a whole upon camera alignment. My searching is coming up short as I don't have the right vocabulary or wording to find help. I've seen this done in Cinema, but if anyone can point me in the right direction on how to explore and learn more about this technique, I would be grateful. We're hoping there is a way to explode an object into fractured pieces that then come together - this would be for a real world object installation, not an animation. Many thanks, e.
  6. EAlexander

    Yes! CORONA can do C4D Hair!

    Agreed - the best render engine going I think.
  7. EAlexander

    Bedroom Interior

    Hi - looking very nice! Two things stand out to me: 1. The floor looks very waxy - almost chocolate like. I wonder if your reflection map needs to be inverted or if the roughness is too high. 2. I don't get sense of the light actually coming from the window/exterior. The shafts of bright light indicate it, but the rest of the room feels a bit flat and low contrast. For example, the door wall and the ceiling look almost identical. See the attached example (just an image I found on Google) as examples of what I'm talking about. I feel like your weights and the Hamper side of the nightstand should be darker and more contrasty. Hope that helps some - keep going! e.
  8. EAlexander

    Ealexander Sketch Book

    Fake rigging.
  9. EAlexander

    Ealexander Sketch Book

    Thank you sir! Product design practice: camping lamp
  10. EAlexander

    Ealexander Sketch Book

    Been on vacation for a few weeks. Slowly getting back into rendering as I plunge into client work. Just trying to rough in the shapes in my head with this one. Could use a million more details and kit bashing, but I'm moving ahead to a better base mesh before trying that.