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  1. First renders off the new laptop. Model by CG Trader - rendered with Corona.
  2. Some quick renders for Dermot Kennedy's current world tour.
  3. Everfresh basically summed up my experiences as well.
  4. University of Phoenix Stadium build out. Modeled in Vectorworks and clay rendered with Corona for Cinema 4d.
  5. A big part of my client work is to model live show venues in CAD. Park Ave. Armory in New York City.
  6. Redshift volumetric passes for some concert tour production design earlier this year.
  7. Soundstage build out for an upcoming Netflix documentary.
  8. Yes - I always do post work. Almost all images have an exposure adjustment layer to get the brightness/darkness balanced. I usually add a color balance adjustment layer as well to play with warming or cooling the image off more. Then lots of these have a Color Lookup adjustment layer (LUT) applied. The more you do it the more you know when you have to get it done in 3d and when you can do it in post. I save out everything as PSD 16bit from Cinema and sometimes I run the Camera Raw Filter, but I like to keep adjustment layers so I can keep tweaking with ease. Color grading can really push your images, so getting that into your workflow is important. I also have Magic Bullet Looks and use that sometimes. I find it's Chromatic Aberration to be superior to Photoshop. For lighting I suggest studying cinematography of film. I'm trained as a stage and opera designer and I'm married to a lighting designer, so lighting is a big part of my life all around. Take a look at Matthew Scotts' website - under lighting he shows commercial shots and setups and then diagrams the lighting - really great way to see it in action: http://mattscottvisuals.com/lighting And - as always - just make as many images as you can and put them out there in the world.
  9. Thanks - o big secrets over here. I use corona (which is awesome) and has a very nice denoiser. Most of these shots are rendered in about 6-7 minutes on a 10 core windows machine - so no magic there. I use area lights for everything and try to use lights more then HDRI whenever possible. Just gives me more control. When I have a few moments I'll post a scene file you can dig around in (though you'll need Corona). Thanks for looking and always happy to answer any questions. -evan
  10. Its there - you just have to scroll and scroll way down there. Not a lot of action in there since it is hard to find. Its the last option under the Lighting and Rendering (Native) section.

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