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  1. Ealexander Sketch Book

    More hard surface practice. Modeled in Vectorworks, rendered with Corona.
  2. Roland JD-800

    Nerds! (beautiful model tho...)
  3. Ealexander Sketch Book

    Thank you Voz! Yes, I changed my Instagram name and forgot to update the website link.... Thanks for catching that. Here it is: https://www.instagram.com/_evan_alexander__/ e.
  4. Roland SH-09 Synth

    Did you make the label textures e. g. Harvest them from photos? Layout in AI? Buy them? Looks great.
  5. Ealexander Sketch Book

    Playing with more moving light designs and practicing some hard surface stuff. Modeled in Vectorworks and rendered in Cinema with Corona.
  6. Ealexander Sketch Book

    Wow, 5000 views - Thanks for looking everyone! Always open to critique or happy to explain anything. e.
  7. Ealexander Sketch Book

    Moving Lights from the Future No. 07
  8. Ealexander Sketch Book

    Been super busy with client work, but here are some of latest experiments. Tumbler from Turbosquid.
  9. Demoreel 2018

    Great work! Love the mechanical stuff. Nice to see a wider use of Corona.
  10. Showdown at Europa Moon

    Cool project! What stands out to me is that the whole thing looks composited together and there is a uniformity of tone and lighting that it's lacking. I didn't think about it in the stills, but seeing the animation makes me wonder where and what that smoke is coming from... Hope that helps, Keep going! e.
  11. Ealexander Sketch Book

    Sam Smith and Logic have a video out now for Pray. I don't know where they filmed, but there are shots on a huge staircase that were beautiful. I thought I'd try to recreate it, taking some liberties, of course. Modeled in Vectorworks, Cinema and Corona for the rest.
  12. Ealexander Sketch Book

    Some Concept practice. Nyra model provided by Paul Tosca.