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  1. 1. Select the master (reference) object and all the instances. 2. Hit ALT + G to Group them (nothing should move when you do this) and now they should all be in a group call NULL. Rename to taste. 3. Select all the instances and make sure they are Instances, not RENDER instances. 4. Hit C to make editable (yes, you can do this to all of them in one go). 5. Now you select all the converted objects (even if they are smaller sub groups - just select the parent, you don't need to drill down and select each sub (child) object) and: 5a. Put them into one CONNECT object and then make the Connect object editable - this will just flatten everything into one mesh - you'll probably have to recenter your axis 5b. With Subgroups still selected - hold ALT and then add a CONNECT object - this will put each sub group into it's own connect object - then hit C to make editable and each subgroup will flatten into its own mesh - again you can do all this in one go on multiple objects and folders. Make sense? One snag can be that making a connect object editable can sometimes add a PHONG tag or change the phong settings - so if you are getting shading errors on your mesh, check out the phong angle. e.
  2. Quoted for Agreement. I'm also a big fan of ExtremeTextures.com. I would buy the Friendly shade stuff if I needed it for a specific client job and could bill it back to that. Poliigon gets me about 85% there on most jobs. Their quality isn't up to this standard, but speed and convenience (load all channels via the plug in) is killer.
  3. Here is the directors Vimeo: https://vimeo.com/tobiasgremmler The first project in there he says is Cinema 4D in the comments, but I don't know about the Bjork video. As Hroje says - could be anything.
  4. Found a great Model of a 1972 Datsun 240Z GT by Karol Miklas via Sketchfab. Rendered with Corona.
  5. Some good, some bad - something to learn in all of them https://cgi.tutsplus.com/tutorials/environment-creation-in-cinema-4d-part-1--cms-20803 https://helloluxx.com/product/interiors-in-cinema-4d-bundle/ https://www.patreon.com/vudu https://youtu.be/FxMtdlLuptM https://youtu.be/IaXPIBiHwPo https://youtu.be/PpFfutR6KI0 https://youtu.be/oiF60PKHEVk
  6. Simple sconce idea I've been thinking about lately. Modeled in Cinema and rendered with Corona.
  7. Well, I maxed out my attachments to the forum with my first Sketchbook so I deleted it and am starting a new one. I have been totally off the radar, jammed up with client work for weeks. 2019 has been relentless, but I can't complain. Here are some volumetric tests with redshift as I'm working out a new system for doing concert renders. Random shots on a set I just made up. -evan
  8. What if you model it straight and get the geo where you want it and then use a spline wrap to get the bends....?
  9. Aces! What's the technique for the stitching? Plug in or good old fashioned sorcery?
  10. I will play devils advocate here. I am a fan of the tiered system. I run Broadcast and for my work, it covers everything I need. I work in Entertainment (live music and television) and don't need Hair or Dynamics or Cloth (have Marvelous). So I'm thrilled that I can buy in for $1695 instead of $3695 for features I don't use. That $2K savings has bought me Marvelous Designer, Corona, Redshift and tons of models, material packs and training. Also - my MSA is only $400 a year. Everyones workflow and needs are different - just offering a different point of view.



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