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  1. Seamless background R n D with Corona Renderer.
  2. I think your assessment is correct - looking at Alex's image, the areas above the fence are bright and contrasty, but the main area of road is pretty flat and dull (from a lighting POV). I don't need (or want) every HDRI to be full on sun, but this feels underexposed a bit. I'll have a play with it when I get some time. Hope your leg is mending! e.
  3. Thanks! This isn't a backplate, it's a laser scan of a French building from Sketchfab and the road is a plane. I spent 4 seconds setting it up, hence it looks pretty mushy.
  4. 01.05 All eyes on Georgia here. Trying to learn more sculpting, so took a quick stab at a Peach (Georgia is known as the Peach state for their fruit production).
  5. Here's some quick test shots using just your HDRI - no other lighting. I'm using Corona renderer here and this is just a quick test setup. Very nice - I would love to see more from you and would definitely love backplates as well. Great work. e.
  6. There is no plug in to get you from Corona to Redshift materials. Each engine can go from Native C4D materials into their own format, but not from one to another engine that I know of. You will have to update lights and camera (tags) as well.
  7. It's just too good to be stuck in a photo studio - release the beast!
  8. Really nice as usual. I love that you always push your style in different directions.
  9. Sweet! Love that brief cornering video. Can't wait to see the full feature length animation
  10. More work with the lightbulb. Looking more to Chad's render for inspiration and guidance.
  11. 12.17 Redshift. Chad Ashley posted a beauty of a lightbulb render the other day. Took another crack at one myself. I like his better.
  12. Igor - we really need a like button for Admins Duo challenges sounds like fun! Working on Champagne glasses and liquids/bubbles for another project.
  13. Thanks! I thought that was the worst of the series, but everyone has commented on that one. I guess I should get away from black on black renders all the time.
  14. Thanks Igor! Here's two more with the Porsche model.
  15. There is also a great plug in called Topowire which makes a great starting place for cable clusters.
  16. Ben emailed me a new key. Thanks! Looking forward to trying this out - especially interested in volumetrics. Will report back with my progress. Thanks, e.
  17. Hi Ben, I wanted to try this out. Requested a trial and got my activation code via email 2 days ago. When I entered it, it immediately says my trial has expired and is dated May 19th, 2020. I wrote to support but have yet to get any response other then the stock auto reply. Any tips on how to get the trial working? Thanks, e.
  18. Great start. I think you need more details on some of the flat surfaces (perhaps the textures will do this). Urban environments never have untouched flat walls, there is always a pipe, or wires, or cracks, etc. Keep going! Details, take the longest, but pay off so much.
  19. I like where this is going, but think it needs more contrast. The shiney floor with the shiney car makes it all blend together too much. Keep going!


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