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  1. Thanks, will be interesting to have a look. It's for an ongoing project so I could be asked for a view of Antarctica one day and then a view of Australia the next month. Therefore the scene needs to be watertight and ready to go
  2. The clouds look pretty 3D, well done. Was that using simple normal/bump maps or did you do something more fancy. I take your point on the size of the specular map. The challenge though is finding a decent specular map that matches your colour in the first place though
  3. The Blue Marble images are nice but only go up to 21k and I'd ideally like to be pushing more like 40k. Also there's no bump/specular etc and often you find that these maps don't match with others elsewhere. The specular map I have has huge areas of sea such as half of Hudson Bay not painted in as water.
  4. Hi guys, I'm creating a 3D Earth at around 30k - 40k resolution. I purchased this Earth as a starting point but the specular map is totally unusable and I can't find a decent set of textures anywhere else that is big enough. I hear a lot about the Celestia Motherlode textures but when I download these they come as hundreds of tiny tiles that make up a large texture. So my question is, does anybody know of a good resource for high-definition Earth maps including bump, specular, colour etc (I have budget) OR does anybody know of a way to tile multiple images on the same texture in C4D?
  5. dang. Well thanks for the help anyway, saves me wasting time trying to get it working
  6. I feared that might be the case but can't understand why it's listed as Atmosphere_R20_2019-01-10.zip. That would imply it was updated recently...
  7. Hi guys, I'm working on an Earth from space project and Welter's atmosphere plugin looks like it could help - http://www.welter-4d.de/fplugs/freeplugins_en.html#atmosphereshader When I open the zip I get a folder with xlib and xdl64 files and subfolder a .h file and bunch of other bits. Does anybody have any idea how I can install these files? I'm running R21 on OS High Sierra
  8. I figured out the issue. In the UK we work in PAL 25 frames per second. The scene itself was originally set up in 30fps and this was conflicting with the render settings. The issue is fixed when your render settings are also set to 30fps
  9. Thanks guys, I’m away form my computer but will try when I get back on!
  10. Any ideas anyone?? The flowing lines render in preview but not when you come to render to frames. Is there something I'm missing? I'm attaching the file FlowingLines.c4d
  11. Thanks Cerbera. Yes might be a way to trick it, just wish there was an elegant solution that would give me more control over the paths
  12. Hi guys, Trying to achieve the nice swirly contour lines like can be seen here - https://vimeo.com/117188360 by Territory Studios. I'm using standard particles and a tracer with hair shader to get the stroke lines. I'd like to use turbulence to get more randomness but would like the turbulence to only affect the X and Z axis but not the Y. Is there a way to do this? RandomLines_WindTurbulence.c4d
  13. Hi guys, My perspective camera is all inverted and different from if I opened a new scene. I'm sure this must be an easy fix but I've been unable to find a solution anywhere. Any advice? (scene attached) PerspCameraProblem.c4d
  14. I found a way to do this by placing a boole above and and below the cube then moving the clones up, see attached. Not as clean as I'd have liked but does the job I guess M FFD_Offset.c4d
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