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  1. Hey everybody! I'm slowly putting together a library of free PBR textures and I thought you all should know! There are only 8 available as of today but I am committed to adding one a day for the foreseeable future. Hope you get some use out of them. Enjoy! http://devenjames.com/downloads/textures
  2. I made some updates to an Xpresso-based arcing camera rig I posted a while ago. Version 2 is available for free now. It includes a new offset axis to make the camera behave like it is on a tripod rig, as well as easy-to-use camera shake sliders with random seed options. It's kind of a specialized rig for specialized camera moves that are based around a central object (or just need to be really precise, or have that boom swing movement) but I built it because I couldn't find anything else out there like it. Hopefully someone else will find it useful too! More info on my website. Let me know wha
  3. Hey Guys I too contacted Dan just to see if he'd share the link and was dismayed that it was a product for sale. I honestly think it's a total ripoff and wouldn't buy it if I were you. I went ahead and made a simple scene setup that hopefully will get you started. Basically you've got a dynamic spline with a cloner in object mode cloning onto the spline. It is in "step" mode, so you can control how many clones based on the distance they are apart from one another. I also used a ball and socket connector to attach the bulb to the socket. Sorry the scene scale is all wonky. I made this real fast
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