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  1. YES! that did the trick! I added a constant for each state and have my integer driving the switch. Thanks so much!
  2. I'm trying to change an objects position based on an integer value. I've got 3 states I want. So state 1 the object stays where it's at. State 2 the object moves over 188cm in X space and state 3 it moves over 376cm. Basically it's 1= +0, 2=+188, 3=+376. This is totally basic, I'm sure, I've looked through the manual and for online tutorials and am hoping someone can point me in the right direction to which node(s) can assist with this. Thanks for any help!
  3. If anyone is trying this IK Spline technique and your objects are pushing out the wrong direction out of the spline, you will need to reverse the point order for that spline.
  4. Hey, so today I solved the problem I was having and couldn't seem to find an answer to. The Cloner method wouldn't work because I needed one end to stay stationary while the other follows the gantry robot. I tried the IK-Spline tag that does the trick! I just add a pose morph tag on my spline and morph the top points, this works perfectly! Check it out.E-Chain Rigged.c4d
  5. Good thinking guys. I think I'll rig an expresso rig up with your cloner. Thanks for the help!
  6. Hi, I am trying to rig what is called e-chain, a common chain link cable housing in manufacturing. Using an IK chain makes the chain links act like a spine (rolling into itself), that's not what I need. I need the feed links to turn 180 degrees at the top and go downwards to the destination links. The two sides are always parallel, with the round 180 degree turn around at the top. This might be used for a gantry robot that needs cabling/hoses to be available when the robot head extends. I hope this makes sense. I'm attaching my chain link that is currently rigged for IK, but isn't giving me the results I need. Any tips to how I can rig this would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your help! E-Chain_Housing.c4d



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