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  1. I am having troubles with S22 Mirror Tool. When I try to mirror an Object, it will not mirror across the center line (Object Coordinate System / Y axis in Front View). It mirrors, typically right up against the opposite side of the Object itself. If I do it in World Coordinate System, it mirror in a variety of places, almost at random, it seems, depending on where I click. There used to be a white line that would appear when in the Screen Coordinate System when the Mouse was clicked, and you could drag that to where you wanted the mirror to take place. Works a dream. Now I have t
  2. When using the UV Editor, it would be very useful to be able to see the UV Map clearly in the Canvas square/UV map space, especially when overlaying a background image. I have two questions about this: 1. Is it possible to make the black lines of a UV map in the Canvas either a different color than black or make the background of the Canvas a lighter grey so the lines can be seen more clearly? 2. When enabling an image in the 'background' of the Canvas, is it possible to dim it so it can still be seen but does not hide the thin, black lines of a UV map?
  3. I sometimes get 'spikes' in a render of a Bake made from a sculpted object. The baked object looks fine until a render is made, and then random spikes jut out from the surface in the render (plus the render usually takes a much longer time that normal). Does anyone know what causes this? Is it an issue with the UV map perhaps?
  4. In the BP-3D Painting module, when viewing the UV Map Canvas in the Texture window, it is very difficult to see the map against the background color, making it almost impossible to use the Texture view as a guide for painting on a model. The only way I have found to make the map visible in that canvas is to activate Polygon mode in the main menu. This makes the map visible and allows you to paint on it. However, you can't then paint on the 3D model in the 3D View without activating the 3D painting mode--which then makes the map unreadable in the Texture view, and so on. Does anyone
  5. Thank you very much for taking the time and going to the effort for this, CBR. You're a champ. I'll give it a try Professor Bob
  6. How can one make dusty glass like in this image of a wine bottle? File Removed (no extension). Please only upload jpegs. Also take care to post in the right section - I have moved this to materials etc...
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