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  1. SimonTheSorcerer

    crowds in c4d?

    Ok I see, it behaves a bit different in R19 than in R20. It seems it doesn't loop backwards. Go to the Effector tab on the Random effector, and in the Min/Max set the Maximum to 0%, so it won't offset the animation forward.
  2. SimonTheSorcerer

    crowds in c4d?

    Parakalo! Could you share a simplified scene file to take a look?
  3. PSR is Position, Scale, Rotation. Do the similar workflow with a few changes. Don't use "Merge Generated" on export so it won't merge the cloner into 1 object. Then drag and drop all alembic cubes into the timeline, and bake the Position and Rotation on the bake dialogue. You should end up with the PSR baked individual cubes. You can transfer the tags by copying them on the parent and using the "Copy Tag to Children" command. Write if you have trouble making it happen.
  4. SimonTheSorcerer

    Constraining cloning grid to a surface

    I didn't understand. Do you need a grid distribution or a random distribution? Are you trying to put trees on the steps? You can try to use a surface object and shape it with deformers, and then clone on that instead. Alternatively you can make polygon selections and clone on those. With R20 you can use procedural polygon selections or spline masks, but I tried to make it in a non-R20 way using a plane and a shrink-wrap deformer. I also used a formula effector to delete the clones were slanted. clone_on_surface_grid.c4d
  5. No problem. About the materials, this will depend if Elements 3D can support polygon selections. The Connect object can create the appropriate selections. Drop the Cloner under a connect object, and then disable the Weld and set the Phong mode to manual. Then make the Connect Object editable and you will get a merged object with the materials and the selection tags. Delete the tags from the object you baked to PLA and copy all of these tags to that object.
  6. Do you need PLA animation or PSR animation? An easy workflow for either, is to bake to alembic and then bake that to keyframes. To bake to PLA, enabled Merge Generated in the export dialogue to merge the cloner into one object. To bake the alembic to keyframes (psr or pla) drag and drop the objects you want to bake in the Timeline. Here's a video on how to do it: https://www.dropbox.com/s/cs0petrh3k17mnn/mograph_PLA_high.mp4?dl=0
  7. SimonTheSorcerer

    crowds in c4d?

    I recently made a tutorial on how to control animation with MoGraph. I used a crowd-like animation as an example, even though it's not a real crowd simulation, since the characters are not avoiding each other, but it might suffice for many crowd-like shots. Alternatively, one could push it further and make it particle-based to achieve a more crowed-like behaviour. For cloning multiple characters you could either clone multiple children or use multiple cloners that are cloned on the same matrix or points. You can watch the tutorial here:
  8. SimonTheSorcerer

    C4D R20 - what do you guys expect?

    Fair enough, thanks for reporting the issue Dan.
  9. SimonTheSorcerer

    Struggling with Motion Tracker

    The constraints are only to scale and orient your already 3D solved scene, they wouldn't be affecting the quality of the solve and match-moving. I'd say if it can't solve it, it might need a bit more work... It's rainy there and reflective surfaces aren't good for tracking since they are changing as the camera angle is changing. You would need to avoid reflective surfaces (mask them out), and try to have more quality 2D tracks until you can get a good solve. Maybe undistorting the footage can also help, depending on how much the lens distortion is from the iphone's camera.
  10. SimonTheSorcerer

    C4D R20 - what do you guys expect?

    Hey Dan, can you share scenes that exhibit the problem? Have you reported these to MAXON? Providing examples about the problems can go a long way towards getting them fixed: https://www.MAXON.net/en/support/how-can-we-help/
  11. Fantastic work, that's really a great likeliness model. It captures the personality of the character with great accuracy. I will disagree with most here though, I think the hair is the weakest part of the rendition. They look too soft to me, especially on the beard, as if the hair strands are too thin and too many. In the actual character they look more scruffy and rigid I think (open in new window to see full resolution): That isn't to say that there hasn't been an amazing job already. Thanks for the breakdown as well!
  12. SimonTheSorcerer

    Blackmagic Fusion contest

    Hi all, my buddy and ex-coworker Vito LaManna started making tutorials for Blackmagic Fusion (ex. Eyeon Fusion) recently. He's a great 2D/3D artist, and the high-end knowledge that he shares, especially in the Le Buck's Ring tutorial, is quite rare to find in the tutorial scene. For those who don't know Fusion, it is a nodal compositor similar to Nuke. It's quite powerful for 3D workflows, and the Free version is good enough for many single-seat freelancers, supporting up to UHD resolutions. Long story short, there is a running competition with prizes from Blackmagic: The rules are to follow Vito's Lightbulb tutorial using your own 3D design, and using the free version of Fusion. The tutorial will be released in a few days, but it's already available for his Patreon supporters. It runs until February 8th. I think Fusion makes a good combination with C4D, so feel free to try your luck, learn some nodal compositing and maybe win a prize on the way.