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  1. Hi jbatista Thank you for your help! BUT I am afraid, this plugins does not work with my R13 version...
  2. I did an animation inside of Cinema 4D (tutorial of animation you can see here: and I want to export the result to Element 3D (OBJ Sequence). My question is: how can I convert it WITH animation to editable polygons to make OBJ Sequence? Can I convert to polygons INSIDE Riptide Pro or I have to convert BEFORE using Riptide? I didn't find option inside Riptide. I tried 2 ways: - inside C4D: if I convert simply selecting all objects ->Convert to editable polygons = loosing animation - Riptide Pro: if I export with Riptide (without converting to editable polygons), the objects inside of OBJ Sequence imported to Element 3D are invisible. Please, help me, that is very important for me! Thank you, nandoki
  3. Hi, I want to do animation with cutting out objects from a box model. Here is a video where you can see what I want to do (1:41): Is there any way to animate appear of cutting in C4D?