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  1. Scene file is attached. The problem is specifically in the feet area... weird_animation_scene.c4d
  2. Hello! I am currently working on a character animation. I have modelled and rigged a character and have created some animation. Everything worked fine until yesterday when i re opened the project and wanted to tweak some leg movement. The previous keyframes i set are stil there but the movement path/line is now a green line instead of the regular blue-ish. When i scrub or play back the animation in the regulate viewport timeline the animation is not working: It is just standing still. When i select a certain point in time, the animation does snap to that point i time, but playing back does not work. In the timeline window, if i scrub i DO see the animation in my viewport, but again if i play through the timeline it is freezes somehow. Did i click on something that explains this behaviour?