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  1. Thanks Unstable for trying! Your description has put me on an idea, I will try and see if I can fake it this way. If anybody knows a way to do it properly, let me know!
  2. For the life of me, I can't find any scene file that even remotely does what I want. I know how to bounce particles of objects, but I can't seem to fill a hollow object with particles. This needs to be part of a bigger story, to show a certain action. I do see a scene called Splash that has a container filled, but the particles are generated from a square object. If I change the shape of the square the shape of the 'waterbody' also changes. The particles do interact nicely with each other, however I need to pour the particles in an object. Not have them appear out of nowhere. I tried to use a circle Emitter and change the xpDomain to a hollow box (1 side invisible) to see if this helps... The result looks pretty OK at first, but again does not fill the cube. Attached is an image.
  3. Hello! I am kinda struggling with X Particles 4. I am trying to simply fill a square-ish object with a luquid (More like a foam sort of material). Buy whatever I try, Particles are 'allowed to live' in the same place: They never fill the object. Even with the xppCollisions tag I cannot get the liquid to 'rise' higher and higher as more particles are thrown in the object. I kinda sorta had a way of doing it by use the xpScale modifier and scale up the mass of the particles but this creates a very weird effect that s not what I am after. I just want a foam liquid with some viscosity to fill up a container. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
  4. Scene file is attached. The problem is specifically in the feet area... weird_animation_scene.c4d
  5. Hello! I am currently working on a character animation. I have modelled and rigged a character and have created some animation. Everything worked fine until yesterday when i re opened the project and wanted to tweak some leg movement. The previous keyframes i set are stil there but the movement path/line is now a green line instead of the regular blue-ish. When i scrub or play back the animation in the regulate viewport timeline the animation is not working: It is just standing still. When i select a certain point in time, the animation does snap to that point i time, but playing back does not work. In the timeline window, if i scrub i DO see the animation in my viewport, but again if i play through the timeline it is freezes somehow. Did i click on something that explains this behaviour?