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  1. Kmaxer

    Viewport completely locked

    Thanks for the quick reply, Bezo. No it doesn't have any extra cameras or anything, happened mid editing an object. It fixed itself after a full system restart (Just restarting Cinema 4D wouldn't do anything). Not sure how or why it fixed it, but I assume it must've been a C4D bug and not a setting toggle that I first thought it was. I'll mark this as 'solved' now.
  2. Hi, My viewport doesn't let me rotate, move or even zoom in any view whatsoever. Not even using the default view tools in the top right. I was just modelling and all of a sudden, I must have mashed some key combination that completely locked everything. I can't even move the objects I can see, and starting a new project doesn't help. Does anyone know what's causing this? To clarify, I am using R19.
  3. And another thing, is there any way to export with textures AND import to MeshMixer? I use it to make my objects hollow and add escape holes etc. But MeshMixer doesn't accept .wrl Only accepts OBJ, PLY, AMF, STL Or are there any alternatives I could use?
  4. Thanks so much! Tested this on my own and it worked out just like yours, with full colour. Also thanks for the tip (gonna add that the 'embedded texture' option was called 'With file' in r16)
  5. I would like to know how to export a model with all textures applied, so that those colours are recognizable by 3D printers. In this case, to check if my colours are integrated or not I use http://i.materialise.com/ And upload a model to it, and choose the multiColour option. Even tried importing it into MeshMixer and none of the colours are there. I tried exporting as .obj .wrl and .stl And none of those keep the textures for me. Could someone enlighten me as to how I could keep the textures when exporting? (I attached a basic cube model with a different colour on each side) Test.c4d