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  1. So I just started getting interested in using Animation Layers, but I am having a huge issue in R19. Normally when I animate, I drag and drop the controls into the timeline and start setting the keyframes and curves. However, when I move under an Animation Layer, no matter what I do, drag it in, try to use base automatic mode, whatever, it never shows the keyframes or the curves in the dope sheet, instead always showing the keyframes and curves on the "default layer". It only makes them appear in the little timeline below the viewport, and only the keyframes, which is unacceptable for my workflow. Am I missing something? Is there any way to make the dope sheet show the animation layers and NOT just the default layer? I have adjusted all the timeline view settings that seemed to involve Animation Layers, but none of them seem to do anything. Please, can anyone help?
  2. So when I have a scene which is dominated by xrefs, if at any point I decide to move the project, the xref will lose it's links. No problem, I will just re-link the references, right? Nope. Ever since R18, any time I attempt to re-link an xref the whole program simple hangs. It will say it's loading the xref but will stay in that position for hours. It has made it so I can't move files around without using "Save with Assets", but the whole point of using the xref files was that I have a clean database of references to load from and thus not have thousands of duplicate files. This has also made it impossible to just archive my project files, due to the issue. Can anyone help me figure out what is going on?
  3. Right now I utilize two rigs for control, the joint rig that actually hold the weighting, and then a constrained control rig that drives said joint rig, from which I apply IK and such. I do this so that the main joints don't gain any extra tags or objects that will throw off retargeting. The issue is to make the second control rig I have to make a copy and constrain every part of the joint rig. Thankfully I have a python script that just copies my selection by making a spline control and auto-constraining the joint to it. However, it only lets me do single columns at a time and then I have to manually drag and drop for the proper parent to child relationship, and I can't find any list or change I can do to make it just do all my selected objects in a 1:1 way with proper hierarchy. I figure before I get lost in that process, I wanted to see it anyone knew a solution. Thank you.
  4. Turns out the naming tool had this function added and I just didn't notice. Disregard.
  5. So odd application. I have started doing some Machinema on the side and as such extract models from other sources, like games. One issue is that some of these extractions don't have very good joint names and the process of going through and renaming every joint is a bit tedius. I don't expect a script to magically fix that, but is there any way to setup a python script to run down a rig (starting from the parent joint, when selected) and rename specific lines to specific names? That way when I extract similar rigs in which the hierarchy is the same, I can just run a script and have it properly name them after a single setup of the first export. How possible would that be? So for instance it sees "JointName01" and renames it to "Inj_Root" rather then me having to go through every extract and manually renaming JointName01 Any help would be appreciated.



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