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  1. Hello all..

    1. Research
    2. 3DKiwi
    3. bobc4d


      hey man, it has been a while.. how are you?

  2. ah a little time to play with C4D

  3. Hello all.. trying to take some time off work thing.. to get back into Cg stuff.. YEAH!!!!

    1. Richart


      Good to hear OD1....

  4. What is going on.. with everyone?

    1. bobc4d


      hey OD1, long time no see. what's going on, oh the usual

    2. 3DKiwi


      This and that :)

    3. OD1


      thanks guy.. just life.. and things.. just to busy for my love of Cg.. going back to school.. but I drop by as much as I can..

  5. Back to modeling now.. still have to finish setting up room..

  6. being sick, sucks

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. 3DKiwi


      Sorry to hear this

    3. bobc4d


      I feel your pain, I just got over a week of being sick while I was on call for work. I hope you get to feeling better quick

    4. OD1


      thanks all.. feel better now..

  7. man hair is hard to do...

  8. poly, poly, a polying away we go.. I hope I spelled that rt..

  9. I wish it was cold here....Hot and Hot

  10. Well I am back from Vacation.. got to see the Coral Castle.. very cool

  11. I hope they find her...

  12. I just finishing uploading my low rider tutorial to you tube.. enjoy.. still working on adding file needed for tut... enjoy

  13. Home again..

  14. Ahh the new year.. more work and no time to play...


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